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Black Supervillain: Kenji Obatu - Doctor Spectrum

"If perchance you are unaware of my power WITNESS"

Kenji Obatu

Dr. Kenji Obatu was the Ugandan Finance Minister. It goes without saying he was corrupt and had been for a long time. When the villain Grandmaster created the group Squadron Sinister to battle the Squadron Supreme Kenji jumped at the opportunity to participate. Kenji was presented with the Power Prism. The Power Prism was actually a Skrull named Krimonn that allowed whoever wielded the power to transform. Kenji's role was to combat Squadron Surpeme's own Dr. Spectrum.

The Squadron Sinister came to it's end when Grandmaster bet Kang The Conqueror they could defeat The Avengers. Squadron Sinister was designed to beat Squadron Supreme, and they did on several occasions. They were not designed to beat The Avengers. This was a merciless beating. This beating was so bad they disbanded afterwards because the name Squadron Supreme become a synonym for epic defeat.

Afterwards Kenji attempted to go solo and had some mild success at first. While Tony Stark was working on a new project in Detroit he was attacked by Kenji. The fight came to a draw with Kenji escaping and Tony left trapped in equipment. Spectrum attacked again while Tony was receiving the key to the city from the mayor of Detroit. However Tony countered him with ultraviolet light.

Kenji then hired Ironman as his bodyguard and appeared to be captured by the villain Rokk. Ironman faced Rokk in a fierce battle but just as he was about to win Rokk vanished and Dr. Spectrum appeared stating Rokk was just a light construct. He then beat Ironman, however Tony managed to escape. When he finally found him the Skrull Krimonn decided he wanted Tony to be the new host of the Power Prism. Leaving Kenji powerless. Meanwhile Thor managed to defeat Ironman who had been possessed by Krimonn.

After Ironman's defeat Kenji reclaimed the Power Prism and battled a tired Thor. However before he could deal the killing blow a second Ironman appeared. No, not War Machine, just a second Ironman. Kenji was beaten by the combined might of Tony, Thor and the second Ironman. Then he was unmasked and arrested.

Kenji had his diplomatic immunity stripped and was deported to Uganda. There he was sentenced to death for his crimes. However he managed to escape prison with the help of a witch doctor. Unluckily for them they ran into the team of T'Challa, Dr. Voodoo and The Thing. During the battle Kenji tripped and fell over a balcony where he broke his neck and died instantly. I'm not joking. He was killed by being clumsy.

Random Thought: Let me be clear, there are a shit ton of people named Dr. Spectrum or Doctor Spectrum throughout just about every Marvel version of Earth. Some are heroes, some are villains. It also doesn't help that most never reveal their actual face, or gender in some cases. It's a cool name but no more using it outside of the current Squadron Supreme book.

Abilities and Powers
  • Power Prism
    • Flight
    • Create light constructs
  • Martial Arts
  • Manipulative
  • Strategist
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Black Supervillain: Kenji Obatu - Doctor Spectrum


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