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Black Supervillain: Quincy McIver - Bushmaster II

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 "When last we met you helped save my life Captain (America), a pity I cannot return the favor"

Quincy McIver - Bushmaster II

Like his brother John, Quincy grew up in extreme poverty. John once beat him for telling about a robbery they committed. What John didn't understand, is Quincy wasn't bragging. Quincy just had a weak will. The shopkeeper had captured Quincy and threatened to call the police if he didn't confess. Quincy probably would have been a good guy if it weren't for his brother's influence. John was the only one who looked out for him and he aspired to be like John. John was the definition of good in his life. 

Quincy wasn't anywhere near as good as John in the criminal world. Mainly because he still had a heart and cared about people. He would steal, but he wouldn't kill and he wouldn't steal from people who had nothing. While John preyed on people's fears to build a gang, Quincy lived in squalor stealing just enough to get by another day. John eventually convinced Quincy to do some work for a gun runner named Herv Argosy. During the first smuggling run Quincy was spotted by the police. He attempted to flee them but he flipped his boat and lost all of his limbs.

While Quincy was in the hospital John came to visit him. He expected some loving words, but in the end he got nothing but coldness. John talked about how Quincy had always held him back and was always the weak one. John laughed at Quincy for being a horrible criminal and pointed out he should get a regular job because crime didn't pay for Quincy. John reprimanded him for always following him and never learning to be his own man, which he claimed would have been a failure anyway, because Quincy is a failure in his eyes. That was the last time John and Quincy ever spoke. It broke Quincy, the only person who had ever showed him any loved wished he had died in his accident. He did want to die for a long time.

Quincy tried to get by life on prosthetic limbs but it was difficult, and a life of crime would be out of the question for the future. However he was given the opportunity to leave the hospital and have his criminal record wiped clean. So he took it. It turned out Roxxon Oil company wanted to perform a new procedure on him. The procedure provided him with no cybernetic arms, that had swords in them, and instead of legs he got a snake like extension. While he could now move and live a semi-normal life he continued to hate himself, feeling like a freak of nature.

Almost a decade later a man going by the name of The Swindler asked him to join The Serpent Society. I assume they were attempting to prove they weren't racist because they had a black employee now, but to be fair they weren't right wing racist nutjobs back then, just normal criminals, they didn't become racist until the early 90s when a lot of the villains with morals quit or got forced out. He felt like the Serpent Society was a great opportunity for him. It wasn't honest work, but he didn't have skills for honest work. It also provided a steady paycheck so he wouldn't have to struggle to feed himself. 

His first mission had the Serpents hired by AIM to capture MODOK, who had gained an extreamly large head, genius level intellect and other powers after their forced experimentation on him. On the first mission his arms reached their maximum potential and shut down on him before MODOK easily destroyed them. He was saved by Diamondback and later got some new and improved arms. Then he had some good years with the society. 

When Viper took over the Serpent Society making them a more brutal and open group Quincy was still loyal to Sidewinder who had been the leader when he was accepted into the group. For his disobedience Viper poisoned him but he was saved by Captain America and his friend Diamondback who attempted to convince him to join the side of good. He didn't but he told them where she was hiding. The society accepted him back and he was sent on a mission to capture Ghaur and Llyra. However Diamondback asked him not to fight in the battle and he withdrew since he owed her his life. 

After Sidewinder regained control he felt betrayed since so many had sided with Viper so he gave control to Cobra. Sadly the first thing Cobra did was go for revenge against Mr. Hyde. Eventually the Serpents captured Diamondback and placed her on trial for her betrayal. Quincy voted for her to live and be set free. In return the next time he saw her she was with Captain America and Paladin, and they punched his face in before taking him to jail.

This is around the time he left the Serpent Society and they started moving towards kidnapping and torturing illegal immigrants. During Civil War Quincy was forced to work for Baron Zemos when he was broken out of prison. Later he was forced to be part of a zoo made of animal themed heroes and villains created by Alyosha Kravinoff (the 1st Kraven's son). When Punisher sabotaged the zoo Quincy was shot and left face down to drown in a pool of water but he made it okay.

Later he attempted to rob a bank with some other former Serpent members. They were captured by the X-Men. Later they failed to take out Nick Fury Jr. (the black one from 616 but not ultimate universe). It didn't go well. Crime has never gone well for Quincy. Later he attempted to create Villains for Hire which worked out until they were shut down. He later joined The Club With No Name, which was a group of thieves. Unlike his brother he's still alive but it's not much of a life.

Abilities and Equipment
  • Bionic arms - Super strength
  • Cybernetic tail - Move to 40 MPH and jump 18 feet
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Black Supervillain: Quincy McIver - Bushmaster II


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