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Black Supervillain: John McIver - Bushmaster I / Power Master

"Let's test your convictions and my and my abilities at once, shall we?"

John McIver - The Bushmaster

On the Caribbean Island of St. Croix the brothers John and Quincy McIver were born in the lowest of low classes. They were exceptionally poor and had to survive on street smarts. Eventually they began stealing from shop keepers as teenagers. John preferred to keep a low profile but Quincy liked to brag. When John found out Quincy had told a shop keeper that they were the ones who robbed them John became enraged. He beat Quincy then murdered the shopkeeper to keep their secret.

While John was working a man named Herv Argosy in his gun running business he managed to get Quincy some work. However, on the first day Quincy crashed the boat and lost all of his limbs to the propeller and wreckage. John showed up at the hospital to let Quincy know he was going to Europe, that Quincy was an idiot, always had been and got what he deserved for trying to follow John. Then he made some jokes before leaving and boarding his flight to Europe.

In Europe he took up the name Bushmaster as a fresh start. He began using Argosy's business to begin his own gang. Eventually he carved out a portion for himself and became a minor gang leader. However he soon forged ties to the Maggia, or European Mafia. Within a few years he managed to take control of the operation. He occasionally came into contact with Danny Rand, better known as Iron Fist but he always managed to escape and ovoid jail, occasionally picking up a win.

While attempting to expand to America, John started drawing attention from organizations like the FBI and CIA. Misty Knight was sent in using the alias of Maya Korday to infiltrate the criminal empire and bring it down. John was aware of this and tried to bring misty over to his side. However Misty was aware of his ploys and even faked being in love with him for several months, bringing new meaning to faking it. In the end she managed to bring him down, but only temporarily. Once back in power he agreed to put a hit out on Iron Fist for a man named Shrieve. This caused Misty to lose her cool and reveal herself in order to save Iron Fist.

Brokenhearted and looking for revenge John sent his men to capture Claire Temple, a doctor and past love interest for Luke Cage. He used this as blackmail in order to force Luke into killing Misty and Iron Fist. He also promised to give Luke videotape that proved he was innocent of the crimes he was originally framed for. John also sent known enemy of Luke Cage, Shades, as an accomplice to make sure the job got done. However Luke defeated Shades and teamed up with Misty, Iron Fist, and Coleen Wing.

When they returned to they were shocked to find that John had forced Dr. Noah Burnstein, the man who performed Luke Cage's operation, to perform a greater version of the process on him. John easily took care of the heroes and out powered Luke Cage. John started calling Power Master in this fight because he was stronger than Luke Cage, then known as Power Man. John got jokes. When Luke was fighting John they ruptured a vat of chemicals which became electrified and exploded. Luke walked away from the explosion and John was transformed into what seemed to be a pile of metal. Thinking he was dead the heroes walked away, while John was just unconscious.

John sent his people to kidnap Noah's wife so they could force him to reverse the process. However, Luke Cage was needed for this. To capture Luke, John sent hordes of minions to commit crimes non stop until Luke Cage and Iron Fist were worn down, crazy because Luke Cage can function at 100% for 72 hours without sleep, eventually they were able to capture Luke. After capturing Luke they placed him in a vat of chemicals and began reversing John's transformation. But, Iron Fist showed up and destroyed the tank to rescue Luke, turning John into nothing but a metal skeleton and leaving Luke powerless.

Later John's son Cruz attempted to resurrect him. The resurrected John was to be used to give Cruz powers similar to his father. However he simply gave his father more power and allowed him to drain Iron Fist of his ability to absorb energy. His first act was to kill his son Cruz for not being his own man. Once again he was giving a now more powerful Luke Cage the work, but Luke Cage is smarter than people think. Luke ripped a large electrical wire from the ground and stab it into John. This forced John to absorb the electrical energy to the point where he exploded.

Abilities and Equipment
  • Street Fighter - not a trained fighter but good enough to defeat most and keep up with Iron Fist
  • Money - it's a power and he had a lot of it
  • Criminal mastermind - plans often ruined by rage
  • Super Strength - after Noah's procedure
  • Increased durability - after Noah's procedure
  • Energy absorption and projection - temporarily when revived
You can hear Darrell on the CP Time and Powerbomb Jutsu podcasts. He also plays classic arcade games on The Cabinet
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Black Supervillain: John McIver - Bushmaster I / Power Master


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