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Bleach manga spoilers guide May 2016 + news

Bleach manga release dates May 2016 + news roundup + spoilers

bleach manga

If Bleach anime ever returns, could you imagine this guy’s voice?

Nothing new under the sun, sales for the manga have reportedly gone down on April.

Apparently the competition from One Punch Man has been tough, since it’s the new hot thing with a successful anime.

And certain developments may hint that Kubo-sensei can be beginning to wrap things up.

Will Bleach end on a low note?

It will probably go down with a Kenpachi smile. And the HUGEST TROLL moment in the story of manga.

Bleach manga spoilers chapter 673

You know, as the Gerard fight gets more and more ridiculous, the speculation can only point out to Aizen reappearing, or some captain with this ability to annul or swallow Gerard’s ‘hope’ and ‘miracle’.

Ywach is resembling Orochimaru more and more with his idea of the Child of Darkness. Luring Ichigo to take over his body? Or letting Ichigo pull a Kabutomaru?

On the other hand, this could be a revealing chapter on Haschwald. What could the ‘B’ letter ultimately mean?

If it means ‘borrower’, doesn’t Ichigo have the same letter as well? Being a Hollow, Arrancar, Shinigami and the son of a Quincy?

Bleach manga spoilers chapter 674

Bleach manga spoilers chapter 675

Bleach manga spoilers chapter 676

Bleach chapter synopsis for April 2016 – chapters 669, 670, 671 and 672

These were the chapters that I skipped due to my daily job taking up too much time.

So I’ll go over them briefly.

Kenpachi’s Bankai is the devil himself, but he can’t contain it. It has some parallelisms with Ichigo’s original Bankai is that it’s such power that it can’t be compressed that much.

Even the Zanpakutos are similar!


It’s a sight that back in the day would have made Ulquiorra shit his pants.

Incredibly enough, Gerard is not defeated.

Is he the worst character in the manga’s history?


Anyways, Yachiru has to stop the bankai, poor Hitsugaya can’t believe what’s happening among the ruins.

But we finally see an evolution of his Bankai by the maturing process of Daiguren Hyorinmaru


I don’t know, Toshiro pulling out a Gon from HunterxHunter doesn’t convince me much, but the fangirls can fan themselves at this sight.

The obvious move ensues as Gerard is frozen, even Zaraki cuts his legs, and Byakuya pulls out his 1000 thousand blades.

But nope, not enough.

To think that this has been going on for weeks and weeks.

We cut to the Uryu vs Hashwald fight, he has been holding his own very well.

What the highlight is here is that dream that Yhwach had of Ichigo in his SS form cutting him in half.

What does he ultimately want? isn’t that what Aizen has been wanting too?

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Bleach manga spoilers guide May 2016 + news


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