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Fairy Tail anime schedule February 2016 + news + manga spoilers

Fairy Tail anime episode release dates February 2016


fairy tail anime

All your doubts and fears can be put to rest as this is boding already to be a great year for this series.

This month we continue with Fairy Tail Zero saga as expected.

Episode 270 “Moonlit Lake” (FAIRY Tail ZERØ 月明かりの湖) February 6, 2016 —
Episode 271 “Blue Skull” (FAIRY TAIL ZERØ 青い髑髏) February 13, 2016
Episode 272     “Conveyer of Magic (FAIRY TAIL ZERØ 魔道を伝える者)           February 20
Episode 273        “Treasure Hunt”   (FAIRY TAIL ZERØ 宝物)        February 27

More details on upcoming Fairy Tail Stage Play Adaptation

There’s plenty of great buzz already on this upcoming stage adaptation directed by Akiko Kodama (Naruto stage play), with plenty of speculation on how the female cast will look *ahem*

However, there will be great abs too.

Scheduled to premiere on April 30, all the way through May 9, at Ikebukuro Theatre in Tokyo, here’s Natsu’s first look!

fairy tail anime stage adaptation

D-BOYS’ Shuuto Miyazaki

Even RocketNews24 dedicated an article entirely to his abs, and noting the artist’s preparation for the role.

This is quite interesting, as we tend to think that live-action adaptations of manga could never work.

Well, it depends on how the script is done, frankly. Despite the contrary, looks aren’t eveything. The thing with theatre is that it obligates you to deliver a good performance and story, otherwise there aren’t big explosions and CGI to cover it up.

Anyways, here’s now the official cast list:

  • Atsushi Shiramata as Gray Fullbuster
  • Naoya Gomoto as Brain/Zero
  • Yamato Furuya as Midnight
  • Ikkei Yamamoto as Cobra
  • Kento Ono as Hibiki Lates
  • Ren Ozawa as Lyon Vastia
  • Hirofumi Araki as Jellal Fernandes

Here’s Kento Ono as Hibiki and Hirofumi Araki as Jellal:

fairy tail animefairy tail anime stage adaptation

Hubba hubba o.o

As for the female cast:

  • Ayu Manaka as Lucy Heartfilia
  • Minami Tsukui as Erza Scarlet
  • Misaki Momose as Wendy Marvell
  • Anju Inami as Angel

Can’t wait for more reveals!

Funimation and NGames form an alliance to  bring us new Fairy Tail games!

Funimation, NGames and GameSamba have teamed up in a cooperation to develop and release Tokyo Ghoul and Fairy Tail mobile games.

Of course, it’s very early yet to know more about the titles and release dates, but NGames are the developers of the infamously but awesomely known title of One Piece’s Pockie Pirates.

Fairy Tail and Hajime no Ippo Crossover in Mobile Game

This was an special ordeal for players of the Hajime no Ippo mobile RPG game. If you cleared 10 missions and logged in for 10 days straight, you could get a SSR boxer Natsu.

And if you cleased 20 missions and logged in for 14 days, you can get UR Erza.

Here’s how they looked:

fairy tail anime hajime no ippo crossoverfairy tail anime hajime no ippo crossover

Fairy Tail Blu-Ray and Manga Volume releases February 2016

The long-awaited Volume 52  will be out on February 23rd, yes it was delayed again :/

fairy tail anime - manga volume 52

The preorder price is just $8.28

Volume 53March 22nd, 2016 – finally we have the cover:

fairy tail anime
Volume 54 – due to be released on May 3rd, 2016

Volume 55 – due to be released on July 12th, 2016

Volume 56 – due to be released on September 20th, 2016

As for Blu-ray releases,  Fairy Tail part 19 is due to be avaliable for purchase on March 22nd, 2016:
fairy tail anime blu ray 19

It’s currently at a price of $49.48, it has been lowered to $39.99

Fairy Tail Spoilers chapter 471 -472 -473 – 474 and speculation

Sorry everyone for the delay, I’ve been sick these days :(

I will still cover the spoilers for 473 and 474, just give a few more hours…

Update February 12: ok, making a recap of Chapter 471 and 472, it’s official now that Acnologia entered the battle after God Serena was Aizenified.

Natsu is still unconscious, finally we see some more of Erza, but everyone has to take a break and sleep

Laxus is still suffering after having absorbed Demon particles, but there’s quite a twist to it.

The next day the battle continues and of course Dimaria picks on someone else, ripping Sheeria clothes off, but she’s saved by Wendy.

Gray and Juvia killing it as always.

Erza and Kagura charge in with renewed forces, Wahl is watching but Laxus hits him hard and begin a new fight!

But there’s quite a twist to Laxus and it could be that he’s already dead o.o

That’s why he said that not even death would stop him protecting the guild.

The thing is, won’t Juvia die too if she also absorbed Demon particles?

As Wahl analyzed Laxus, he freaks out.

Sheeria gets covered by Charlie, but Dimaria steps up and clicks her teeth

However, Wahl begins his full annihilation mode, and Laxus begins to have other attack due to his disease.

So, is Laxus done for good? or is that disease more than what it is?

Could it have something to do with Natsu?

Chapter 473 spoilers – due to be released on February 15th – seemingly titled Crimson Thunder

What is Red Lightning? Will Laxus die? Not at all

Wahl begins his final move, apparently he has an etherion cannon

But Laxus seals him with a spell that he learned from Freed

Wahl breaks it somehow and is about to fire at him

But Laxus uses a spell that was passed to him from Yuri, called Crimson Thunder

Apparently Wahl is easily defeated, the final panel reads: “From parent to child, and from that child to his child, that life that is inherited… its a miracle of power!”

The thing from this chapter is that it deviates further away from Natsu’s situation and Acnologia

Chapter 474 spoilers – due to be out on February 22nd, seemingly titled In time of Silence

It seems we get back to Erza and Kagura who rush back into the port once  they heard the Red Lighting explosion, they meet Jellal there.

I’m still getting the word that Laxus will die :( I will wait till last minute to confirm

Wendy and Sheeria do all they can to escape from Dimaria, maybe this chapter and 475 will focus on what her magic is about.

Maybe space/time spell every time she clicks her teeth?

Update February 21: Yes, indeed Dimaria can control space time and 475 is titled after her.

Sheeria and Wendy are saved by Ultear at the last minute.

fairy tail 474 spoiler

A new fight brews up and we are left hanging on Laxus’ fate  :( Wahl was obviously done for good

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Fairy Tail anime schedule February 2016 + news + manga spoilers


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