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Corvette C7 Z06 buyers belittling Corvette C7 Grand Sport buyers - battle of diminished wits continues and it is very entertaining!!!

Corvette C7 Z06 Buyers Belittling Corvette C7 Grand Sport Buyers - Battle Of Diminished Wits Continues And It Is Very Entertaining!!!

Corvette enthusiasts are a very peculiar group of car enthusiasts, bound by its very predictable behaviour and rituals, yet, continuously and with appearance of the seventh generation of +General Motors finest, increasingly entertaining.  In polite terms, the Corvette enthusiasts are very much like the crew of the Special Olympics, requiring special compassion and understanding to be appreciated for what they are.  

Although already well visible in the previous generation, the hostility between specific variants of the latest Failure equipped with pushrod antique and leaf springs appears to be especially overstated, causing plenty of flame wars.  The schism manifested itself first when so called "track ready" z51 marketing option became available to the buyers.  Those who purchased the option expressed their opinion regarding the inferiority of the base model very openly, making fun of buyers settling for the "base" version of the latest Corvette.  

Later, after introduction of the car +Tadge Juechter claimed to be the end to all Corvette developments, the ultimate track weapon, Corvette C7 Z06, the fight became a three way venue, with Z06 buyers rubbing noses of Z51 owners and base car owners.  Ultimately, due to the astonishing failure of the "bargain supercar", crippling overheating issues and embarrassing Nurburgring fiasco, the buyers of the self proclaimed "certified supercar" became a butt of majority of Corvette C7 jokes.

Even though GM pretended not to acknowledge the failure of the supercharged turd on four wheels, the impacts of the failure were rather profound, resulting in GM's predictable move to build a certified supercar look alike.  What is different about this generation of the look alike variant from the previous generation is the performance failure as the great motivator, instead of poor sales with the widebody previous generation's car.    

What is not different is of course the inferior nature of the look alike for the seventh generation of Corvette.  Just like with the previous generation, the look alike is heavier than the "narrow body" version, with inferior aerodynamics, higher rolling resistence and absolutely no gain in horsepower.  The result of course, like with C6 is a slower car overall, although considering the "real thing" falls on its ugly face typically after one or two laps on the track, perhaps faster than Z06 car on the track after all?

Nevertheless, since the look alike is available for sale and predictably, Corvette "enthusiasts" are buying, those who pulled the trigger buying the failed "best Corvette ever" feel obligated to justify their choice and continue the snubbing cycle, this time, directed against the buyers of the look alike.

As shown in this funny video, the owners of C7 Z06 failure consider the Grand Sport a fake or in other words, a knock off of their great ride.  The funny part of this kind of attitude is the fact that their great Z06 is notably the biggest piece of shit GM managed to produced in a very long time, comparing unfavorably from the 70's and early 80's when the best part of Corvette ownership consisted of gold chain wrapped around semi visible kneck of the disco loving schmuck driving one.

To the credit of this idiot, he is young enough to measure the size of his dick using the horsepower yardstick, not the sustainable horsepower but the one claimed on the dash plaque and in sales brochures.  The video consists mainly of this idiot's ramblings, clearly indicating that he has no comprehension of the subject he discusses but neither do considerably older owners of these pieces of junk, proving the point that age is no guarantee to knowledge and cognitive abilities and the size of wallet signifies absolutely nothing except the size of the wallet.

Now, discounting the stupidity and ignorance of this self promoting tool, the real question would be why would anyone even consider buying a look alike of a failed car?  The answer to this question is actually not necessary, raising this question alone is entertaining enough as it is.  

However, those who insist on answering this RHETORICAL question may want to ask themselves why would anyone being presumably of clear mind vote for the cunt named Hillary Clinton when her main selling point is pretending to be Barrack Hussein Obama Jr.  part deux?  Obviously, the same logic applies.

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Corvette C7 Z06 buyers belittling Corvette C7 Grand Sport buyers - battle of diminished wits continues and it is very entertaining!!!


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