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Ae Dil Wo Aashiqi Ke Fasane Kidhar Gaye

ऐ दिल वो आशिक़ी के फ़साने किधर गए। (Ae Dil Wo Aashiqi Ke Fasane Kidhar Gaye) - O! Heart Where Stories Of Love Has Gone - Akhtar Shirani 

Akhtar Shirani is a famous romantic Urdu poet. His many ghazals are used as songs in Hindi movies and others have inspired lyrics writer to pen some beautiful songs. This is a ghazal in which he is describing the void of failing in love. He is questioning where those love stories, those beloved and lovers has gone. He said that everything appears deserted, every happiness is silent and everything seemed dull and boring to him. I have tried to translate it. Hope you will like it. 

ऐ दिल वो आशिक़ी के फ़साने किधर गए,
वो उम्र क्या हुई वो ज़माने किधर गए। 
Ae Dil Wo Aashiqi Ke Fasane Kidhar Gaye,
Wo Umr Kya Hui Wo Zamane Kidhar Gaye.

O heart where stories of love has gone,
What happened to that age, where that time has gone.

वीरां हैं सहन-ओ-बाग़ बहारों को क्या हुआ,
वो बुलबुले कहाँ वो तराने किधर गए। 
Veeran Hain Sahn-o-Bagh Baharon Ko Kya Hua,
Wo Bulbule Kahan Wo Tarane Kidhar Gaye.

Yard and garden are deserted,what happened to the springs,
Where those nightingales and those songs have gone.

है नज्द में सुकूत हवाओं को क्या हुआ,
लैलाएँ हैं ख़ामोश दीवाने किधर गए। 
Hai Najd Mein Sukun Hawaon Ko Kya Hua,
Lailain Hai Khamosh Diwane Kidhar Gaye.

Highland are calm, what happened to the winds,
beloved are silent, where all lovers have gone.

उजड़े पड़े हैं दश्त ग़ज़ालों पे क्या बनी,
सूने हैं कोहसार दीवाने किधर गए। 
Ujde Pate Hain Dasht Gazalon Pe Kya Bani,
Soone Hain Kohsar Diwane Kidhar Gaye.

Forests are deserted, what happened to gazelle,
Mountain ranges are desolate,where lovers have gone.

वो हिज्र में विसाल की उम्मीद क्या हुई,
वो रंज में ख़ुशी के बहाने किधर गए। 
Wo Hijr Mein Visal Ki Ummeed Kya Hui,
Wo Ranj Mein Khushi Ke Bahane Kidhar Gaye.

What happened to the hope of connecting in separation,
where excuses of happiness in sorrow have gone.

दिन-रात मय-कदे में गुज़रती थी ज़िन्दगी,
'अख्तर' वो बेख़ुदी के ज़माने किधर गए। 
Din-Raat May-kade Mein Guzarti Thi Zindagi,
'Akhtar' Wo Bekhudi Ke Zamane Kidhar Gaye.

Life used to pass in the tavern,
'Akhtar' where time of intoxication has gone.

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Ae Dil Wo Aashiqi Ke Fasane Kidhar Gaye


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