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Past week on Erannorth: The Unfinished Tales

After over 6 months and hours of relentless coding, I am very thrilled to announce that Erannorth: The Unfinished Tales, has finally matured enough to start slowly opening it’s gates to the public for alpha testing.

Erannorth at it’s core is a free to play, open ended RPG game that plays out as a Choose your own Adventure game. You don’t see the 3D worlds, but instead experience them through the pages of an endless book. You and your choices determine and decide how the story will unfold.

Pretty old concept right?

Yes and No.

Breaking down the games of the genre, you will find Gamebooks that last for like 2 maybe maximum 8 hours. Then inevitably they will end, and that’s it. Your character is lost into oblivion. And you get back to playing Skyrim.

Maybe if you are lucky there will be a sequel just long enough to distract you again for a couple of hours. And then it ends. Again. Probably by that time you have forgot who your character really was, so a new run from the beginning is always a must

On the other side of the spectrum there are games that let you experience many stories but through the point of view of many different characters. You don’t have any control of who is your character, and there is no continuum. Each story is different. Each character you play unique but never fully developed enough for you to care.

Unfinished Tales takes Choose your own story games further and place you to a huge world full of stories and adventures to experience. You not only choose how you will play the stories but also which stories you will play. And the best part? Every single one of them can be played through the POV of a single character. YOU.

Every choice and decision you make shapes and affects not only the success of your future choices and adventures but also which adventures and plot lines you will end up playing.

Combine that with a robust RPG system featuring 5 distinctive playing styles, hundreds of spells and tactics, personality traits, equipment and achievements. And you have Unfinished Tales.

So before I jump back to development, I will offer you a sneak peak video of the Character Creation story and invite you to join us in the magical journey to Erannorth.

During March we’ll accept a limited number of additional alpha testers to play out and test the game, so if you kept reading up to this point and you are interested, feel free to reserve your spot today

See you in Erannorth.

Finally. For our current alpha testers here is the Changelog from past week.

Many of the changes wouldn’t have been possible without your valuable feedback! As a humble thank you gift you will all find 2500 crystals waiting for you in game 

Most notable change is that we finally moved from the test server to the live one yesterday, so the game is no longer accessible through Design Haven but through .

Our new forum is also live.

Changelog from 26/2/16 till 4/3/16

v0.46 (4/03/16)

  • Unfinished Tales renamed to Erannorth: The Unfinished Tales and moved to it’s new home
  • New Game Logo
  • Added Form to subscribe for the alpha waiting list.

v0.45.9 (3/03/16)

  • Added more useful info to the profile view. Including race, region, tier restrictions, achievements organized by categories and more.
  • Completed Achievements no longer display in the achievements list. Some of them appear in the various profile categories.
  • Added descriptions to the available achievements.

v0.45.8 (2/03/16)

  • Modified Table Abilities
  • ‘Abilities’ can be given as rewards with update_reward function & display in Character Overview
  • Character Overview now also displays in the Profile tab
  • Random Gold Range increased from ? to ?????
  • Random XP Range increased from ? to ?????
  • Special rewards can’t be higher than the current Max Rank so their total value should be 2-10 (in most cases)
  • New Specials Include:
  • Bonus Drop Chance: Increase/Decrease Players chance to get a reward drop. Reward example: bonus_drop_chance=>2
  • Bonus Gold: Increase/Decrease the Amount of Gold Player receives. Reward example: bonus_gold=>5
  • Bonus Premium: Increase/Decrease the Amount of Crystals Player receives. Reward example: bonus_premium=>2
  • Bonus Path: Increase/Decrease Path Weapon Damage and Path Spell/Tactics Effects. Reward example: bonus_might=>1
  • Bonus Damage Weapons: Increase/Decrease Melee Weapon Damage. Reward example: bonus_damage_weapons=>1
  • Bonus Element: Increase/Decrease Spell/Tactic Effects of that element. Reward example: bonus_fire=>1, bonus_ice=>-2 etc
  • Bonus Spell Cost: Increase/Decrease Spell/Tactic Cost. Reward example: bonus_cost_spells=>-4 (will reduce spells casting cost by 4)
  • Bonus Dodge: Increase/Decrease chance to Dodge. Reward example: bonus_dodge=>4
  • Bonus Absorb Damage: Increase/Decrease Absorbed Melee Damage. Reward example: bonus_absorb_damage=>1
  • Bonus Absorb Spells: Increase/Decrease Absorbed Spell Damage. Reward example: bonus_absorb_spells=>2
  • Resist Element/Path: Increase/Decrease Element/Path Resistance. Reward example: resist_fire=>1, resist_ice=>-3
  • Bonus Critical Damage: Increase/Decrease Melee Critical Damage. Reward example: bonus_damage_critical=>1
  • Bonus Weapons Accuracy: Increase/Decrease chance to hit. Reward example: bonus_accuracy_weapons=>1
  • Bonus Spell Heal: Increase/Decrease Spell Healing. Reward example: bonus_heal_spells=>1
  • Bonus Spell Accuracy: Increase/Decrease Spell Accuracy. Reward example: bonus_accuracy_spells=>1
  • Bonus Spell Damage: Increase/Decrease Spell Damage. Reward example: bonus_damage_spells=>1
  • Bonus Experience: Increase/Decrease Received Experience. Reward example: bonus_experience=>1
  • Bonus HP, AP, CP each level up: Increase/Decrease the Received HP/CP/AP per level. Reward Example: bonus_hp_perlevel=>2
  • Bonus HP, AP, CP healed from potions: Increase/Decrease the Received HP/CP/AP from potions. Reward Example: bonus_hp=>2
  • Bonus Potions Efficiency: Increase/Decrease the Received HP/CP/AP from potions.
    Unlike the above which affects each one separately potion efficiency affects all three at once. Reward Example: bonus_potion_efficiency=>3
  • Bonus Store Discount: Increase/Decrease the discount in stores. Reward Example: bonus_store_discount=>2 (2% more earnings when selling, 2% cheaper when buying)
  • Changes/Additions to the initial traits, races & level up rewards to include some of the new features

v0.45.7 (1/03/16)

  • Balanced/Added Chest Armors up to Tier 10 (Total Chest Armors: 101)
  • Balanced/Added Leggings up to Tier 10 (Total Leggings: 99)
  • Reduced the opponents number in several Bounty Board Encounters
  • Added Shadow spells table to randomDrop
  • Unique stories now properly take into account the other requirements
  • Added more choices in Coven of Blood Stories I,II,III,IV,V,VI
  • Stores now display only Equipment and Spells that are close to Player’s level
    i.e a level 7 character will only see Tier 3 (Req:Level 6+) & Tier 4 (Req:Level 9+) Equipment
  • AP Cost of (most) Stories have been reduced to 0.8 x Level (rounded up) from 1.2 x Level (rounded down)

v0.45.6 (29/02/16)

  • New dynamic variable #quest() can track the quest status
  • using #quest(complete) indicates that the player completed the quest successfully if it’s unique it becomes unavailable
  • using #quest(failed) indicates that the player epicly failed the quest

v0.45.5 (27-28/02/16)

  • Finished Coven of Blood – VI – Damnation
  • Practice Makes Perfect Expanded to 101 – Added Bouncer Quest in Might Path activities

v0.45.4 (26/02/16)

  • Coven of Blood – VI – Damnation
  • New dynamic variable that check if we pass a requirement and returns the appropriate message.
    -i.e #check(strength=>3, You are strong!, You are pathetic!), will return the first message if the check succeeds and the second if the check fails

(PS. You can always check the complete changelog by clicking the version number in the footer)

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Past week on Erannorth: The Unfinished Tales


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