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Trevor Noah Got It Right! GOP Needs To CUT THE SHIT... Or At Least STOP & SMELL THE SHIT! (this May Apply To All Media!)

Here is Trevor Noah telling the GOP to CUT THE SHIT;

Daily Show: MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN: CHRIS CHRISTIE'S ANTI-HILLARY CLINTON TIRADEJULY 20, 2016 - Despite being asked to speak during the Republican National Convention's night on economic policy, Chris Christie uses the platform to lead anti-Hillary Clinton chants. (6:50):

Shit is edited out for some reason. I thought it was legal to say shit on TV now.

Here is some shit that is beyond scientific reproach would they could cut out to show they are not focusing on fake scandals as their mode of operation (not to mention what it says about news on TV today!);

Alternative Energy Solutions

  • Ocean Warming Data Provides Us With A Hint Of What We Have In Store
  • Jon Stewart Describes Republican's Non-Scientific Denial On Climate Change As The "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA" Tactic
  • Environmental Solutions Collage: The Climate Change Debate Is Over... Now Lets Prepare 4 Floods
  • The Anti-Science Party (GOP) 3 - GOP Lacks The Intelligence To Understand Scientists... Thus Their Mantra Is "I Am Not A Scientist"
  • Alternative Energy Solutions: Bio-Fuel, Geothermal, Garbage etc.
  • Alternative Energy Solutions: Harnessing Energy From The Sun (Solar Power)
  • Alternative Energy Solutions: Harnessing The Wind For Energy (Includes bird safe wind turbines!)
  • Ideas For Preparing For The Coming Global Warming Floods
  • Ideas & Notes On Developing Self-Sufficient & Self-Sustaining Local Economies To Create Greater Economic Equality Or Just To Disaster Proof The Country Against Local Natural Disasters
  • Rachel Maddow On China's Air Pollution Problem + Notes On Air Filtration Solutions
  • Rachel Maddow: New Research Sounds Alarm On Global Water Supply + Notes On Water Filtration Solutions

Another good recommendation to the GOP is to STOP AND SMELL THE SHIT;

Daily Show: THE RNC CHAOS CONTINUES: STOP AND SMELL THE S**T - JULY 20, 2016 -  During the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump finds a new way to overshadow Ted Cruz, and Paul Ryan barely mentions the GOP presidential nominee. (3:53)

Economic Treason Proofs;
  • The GOP have been destroying the economy & opposing their own bills JUST to oppose Obama!
  • Economist Robert Reich Calls The GOP's Economic & Political Tactics TREASON
  • Case for Indicting The GOP for Treason for The "Paul Ryan Plan" (*As Per The US Constitution)
  • The GOP-Republicans Have Rigged The Districts In Their Favor AKA Electoral Fraud AKA Gerrymandering
  • John Stossel & The Fake Budget (Debt) Outcry
  • Jon Stewart Alters A Koch Brothers' Advertisement To More Accurately Reflect Their Questionable Practices
  • America for Sale: The Oil & Gas Industry Just Bought Themselves A Pipeline Using Legalized Bribery, Thank You Supreme Court
  • Once Again Congress Is Successful In Protecting It's Shady Insider Trading Deals
  • GOP's Economic Theories - Disproven Under George Bush - Continue To Be The Basis For Their Policies PROVING GOP Are An Ideological Party & Not A Reasonable One
  • {Debt Ceiling History Example} The GOP's/FoxNews's Primary Goal Is To Do Anything To Win Elections INCLUDING Destroying The Economy If Necessary!
  • The GOP have been destroying the economy & opposing their own bills JUST to oppose Obama!
  • Case Study: John McCain's Random Demonizations & Flip Flops
  • The Anti-Science Party (GOP) 3 - GOP Lacks The Intelligence To Understand Scientists... Thus Their Mantra Is "I Am Not A Scientist" {Reflects a pattern]
  • GOP's War On Education 1 : An Off-Shoot Of It's War On Truth? (Examples Of Texas & Arizona)
  • GOP's War On Education 2 : An Off-Shoot Of It's War On Truth? (Example Of Oklahoma)

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

  • College Girl Puts Beltway Media To Shame By Rightfully Slamming Jeb Bush For Lying About ISIS NOT Being An Offshoot Of His Brothers Polices
  • The Creation Of ISIS Can Be Traced Directly To The Actions Of Jeb Bush's Brother & Dick Cheney
  • Gretchen Carlson Files A Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Roger Ailes (Fox News Oligarch)
  • Daily Show: A Compilation Of Jon Stewart On Fox News
  • Daily Show: Jon Stewart On MSNBC (A Compilation)
  • Daily Show: A Compilation Of Jon Stewart on CNN
  • I Smash The Media: A Look At How Easy Is It To Buy The Media & "Scientific" Studies
  • Larry Wilmore Skewers The GOP & Fox News Over Their Use Of The Label "Radical Islam" Using Obama's Words
  • I Quickly Slam Hannity On His Hypocrisy & Promotion Of Terrorism Through Petulant Labeling Designed To Create Conflict Not Resolve Them (i.e. "Radical Islam" As Opposed To "Terrorist" OR "Madman" Or "Mass Shooter")
  • I Prove, With An Ethnic Spanish Professor, That The Media IS Misconstruing Trump's Words On Mexicans Showing Thier Unconscious Racism.... Using Lawrence O Donnell, Rachel Maddow, Nightly Show & Articles
  • I Smash The Liberal Media On Their False Narrative Of Trump's Judge Controversy (Chris Hayes, Maddow & Clinton)
  • Rachel Maddow Defends The Friend Of A Mass Murderer Accepted As A War Criminal In Other Parts Of The World That Are Not The United States Because She's A Woman
  • Chris Hayes & The Rest Of The Liberal Media Push A Con Artists Party's View About Trump i.e. That Marco Rubio & The GOP Aren't The Con Artists It's Trump! (Memory Loss?)
  • I Prove That Lawrence O Donnell Is Too Biased & Weird To Be Trusted With News Of Any Sort (Elizabeth Warren Helps Prove This One)
  • (Dem Primary) Super Delegates Have Done Exactly What Samantha Bee Said They Would Do, i.e. Put A 'Brake On A Non-Establishment Candidate'... Why Is That OK? OR Samantha Bee & Rachel Maddow Prove They Don't Understand Super Delegates... Are They Too In Love With Hillary To See The Truth?
  • The Ultimate Collection Of 50 Fox News Lies Exposed By The Daily Show & Backed By Politifact
  • I Smash Lawrence O'Donnell On His Utter Hypocrisy Or Stupidity. Only A Lie Detector Could Determine Which.
  • Steve Kornacki Points Out That Hillary Clinton's Supporters Are Being Hypocritical About Bernie Sanders & His Supporters. If They Were To Look At Their Own Candidates History They Would Find She Did The Same
  • Clear Proof That MSNBC Didn't Cover The Iraq War As A Media Should (Same Goes for CNN & Fox News)
  • Beltway Media Covers Up Reporting On A Bi-Partisan Senate Report Proving We Were Misled Into The Iraq War By The Bush Administration & Jon Stewart Makes Fun Of The Media's Coverup
  • Rachel Maddow On The Iraq War Lies Ignored In Republican Campaign Coverage By The Beltway Media
  • The "Beltway Media" Is Covering Up The The Truth About The Iraq War Again & This Time There Is No Escaping That Fact
  • Jon Stewart Slams The Media for Continuing To Not Report Properly on The Iraq War... AGAIN!
  • Jon Stewart Smashes CNN, MSNBC, & Fox News For Their Hypocrisy In Misleading The Public Over The Iraq War & Not Admitting It
  • As The Media Laments The Upcoming Loss Of Jon Stewart From The Daily Show, They Avoid Mentioning The Episode Of The Day Before
  • Phil Donahue on His 2003 Firing from MSNBC, When Liberal Network Couldn’t Tolerate Antiwar Voices
  • Collections of past links on politics

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Trevor Noah Got It Right! GOP Needs To CUT THE SHIT... Or At Least STOP & SMELL THE SHIT! (this May Apply To All Media!)


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