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Stephen Colbert Demonstrates How Super Pacs Co-Ordinate With Candidates & Rake In Easy Money To Use For ANYTHING By Forming The "Colbert Super Pac"

STEPHEN FILES Super Pac REQUEST 05/16/11 - Stephen addresses 500 white people on the steps of the FEC after dropping off his legal request to form a super PAC. (7:24)

CORP CONSTITUENCY 05/11/11 - Stephen wants to know why Viacom won't let him talk about his Super PAC when Karl Rove and Dick Morris can do it on Fox News. (4:20)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - I CAN HAZ SUPER PAC! 06/30/11 - After a lengthy hearing, heavily peppered with arcane bureaucratic jargon, the FEC allows Stephen to form his Super PAC. (4:06)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - PUSHING THE LIMITS 07/11/11 - The Colbert Super PAC and “Transformers” have a lot in common: both can rake in millions of dollars for no reason. (3:17)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - FOR THE CHILDREN 07/28/11 - Little Charlie and Grace's mom won't let them have a Colbert Super PAC lemonade stand until Stephen can tell them what his Super PAC stands for. (3:30)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - THE HEROES RESPOND 08/04/11 - Stephen calls on the Colbert Nation to send in more suggestions for the direction of his Super PAC, in addition to more money. (4:21)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - RICK PARRY WITH AN "A" FOR AMERICA 08/11/11 - The Palin bus arrives in Iowa, and Stephen reveals an ear-sizzling hot-buttered Colbert Super PAC ad that appeals to Iowa's basest kernel instinct. (5:14)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - TREVOR POTTER & STEPHEN'S SHELL CORPORATION0 9/29/11 - Trevor Potter helps Stephen create his own shell corporation so that he can obtain secret donations for his Super PAC. (4:43)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - HAM ROVE'S SECRETS 09/29/11 - Stephen thanks some of the more diverse heroes and turns to Ham Rove for the scoop on American Crossroads' drastically improved fundraising strategy. (5:06)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - "CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE" 10/24/11 - Little Charlie and Grace can start their Colbert Super PAC lemonade stand now that Stephen knows what his super PAC stands for. (2:26)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - "CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE" - FRANK LUNTZ 10/24/11 - Frank Luntz helps Stephen make the idea that corporations are people appealing to Americans. (5:44)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - COORDINATION RESOLUTION WITH JON STEWART 01/12/12 - Trevor Potter and Jon Stewart give new life to the Colbert Super PAC, and Stephen makes a major announcement. (7:36)

In the following video Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert expose the sneaky way candidates can coordinate with thier superpacs;

COLBERT SUPER PAC - NOT COORDINATING WITH STEPHEN COLBERTJANUARY 17, 2012 - As a citizen addressing the general public, Stephen calls on the Colbert Super PAC not to run vicious character assassinations ads that can be traced back to him. (8:39)

As Stephen Colbert explains;

COLBERT SUPER PAC - CIVILITY AD & STEPHEN'S SOUTH CAROLINA RALLY 01/18/12 - Jon Stewart's Definitely Not Coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super PAC releases an ad pleading for civility, and Stephen announces his rally with Herman Cain. (2:49)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - THE GREAT CHASE 01/30/12 - Stephen chases Jon Stewart through the streets of New York City and onto the set of "The View" to get the Colbert Super PAC back. (3:02)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - SUPER FUN PACK TREASURE HUNT 04/02/12 - Whoever wins the Super Fun Pack Treasure Hunt will receive a university visit from the actual Stephen Colbert, not the Venezuelan knockoff. (3:56)

PEABODY AWARD FOR COLBERT SUPER PAC 04/04/12 - Unlike most things, the Peabody award for Colbert Super PAC segments isn't just about Stephen. (3:02)

COLBERT SUPER PAC SHH! - KARL ROVE & JON STEWART 11/12/12 - Billionaires go after Karl Rove's thumbs, while anonymous, scary Colbert Super PAC SHH! donors trace Jon Stewart and Stephen. (4:10)

COLBERT SUPER PAC SHH! - SECRET SECOND 501C4 - TREVOR POTTER11/12/12 - Stephen learns how to give Colbert Super PAC money to himself and thereby hide it forever from all eyes and use it in a way that he wishes. (4:54)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - THE HAM ROVE MEMORIAL FUND12/13/12 - Stephen prays that Colbert Super PAC money is in a better place, and Ham's charitable fund scores a hefty donation from PO Box "Bite Me." (3:42)

THE COLBERT REPORT'S UNINTENDED EDUCATIONAL VALUE06/04/14 - Researchers find that The Colbert Report is more informative than any other news show. (4:05)

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Stephen Colbert Demonstrates How Super Pacs Co-Ordinate With Candidates & Rake In Easy Money To Use For ANYTHING By Forming The "Colbert Super Pac"


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