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Exposing Glenn Beck's Deceptions 2: Brussels (Belgium) Is EXACTLY The Kind Of Attack That Glenn Beck Wants ... "So We Can Get Our Act Together"... With These Kind Of Friends, Who Needs Enemies? (Caught By Jon Stewart)

What happened in Brussels, Belgium is exactly what GOP/Fox-News/Glenn-Beck crave to further their agenda of war mongering. I think they aren't being as bold about it on TV anymore but hey, they certainly have been. Here is a sample of what Glenn Beck has gotten away with, time and time again.
Watch Glenn Beck Agree with a CIA Guy That 'Osama Bin Laden Needs To Attack America For Our Unity'... i.e. he believes terrorism helps the country and wants terrorism so he can unite the country behind him in fear.
"OSAMA BIN LADEN NEEDS TO ATTACK AMERICA" - JULY 1, 2009 - JUSTIN FOX 07/01/2009CIA analyst Michael Scheuer nonchalantly proposes the needless slaughter of Americans to further his national security plan on "Glenn Beck." (2:49)

At 1:13 the CIA analyst Micheal Scheuer "The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama Bin Laden to deploy & detonate a major weapon in the United States. Only Osama {he says with a laugh & smile} can execute an attack which will force Americans to demand thier Government protect them effectively, consistently and with as much violence as necessary." (i.e. irrespective of innocent causalities... EXACTLY like a Kissinger foreign policy belief!)

Glenn Beck replies: "Which is why I was thinking this weekend that if I were him that would be the last thing I would be doing right now."
 i.e. 'Damn Osama bin Laden for not attacking us cause that would be really good for us now' ... !

Geez. With these kinds of "patriots" watching our backs, who needs enemies, right?
The list of links below contain further proofs of such behavior, i.e. encouraging/desiring acts of terrorism to further thier propaganda agenda by the GOP establishment and thier media cohorts - they know their channel is played world wide so it's clear they seek to provoke people to do things that will benefit them;

Chris Hayes On Bill O Reilly's Tendency To Help ISIS By Helping ISIS With It's Emotional Manipulation

The Creation Of ISIS Can Be Traced Directly To The Actions Of Jeb Bush's Brother & Dick Cheney

The Iraq Effect (2007): New Study Finds 600% Rise in Terrorism Since US Invasion of Iraq

US Readies To Confront ISIS Online While The GOP Helps ISIS With It's Fox News Smear Machine

Clear Proof That The Media Creates Public Opinion (Example of Fear-mongering For A Ground War Against ISIS)

9/11 Chronicles

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  • Debunking Conspiracy Theorists Who Believe 9/11 WASN'T An Inside Job
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  • 9/11 Mysteries: The Mystery Of The Magical Passport
  • Major General Albert N. Stubblebine “I can prove that it was NOT an airplane” that Hit the Pentagon
  • An Overview Of The Strange Inconsistencies In The OFFICIAL Account Of The 9/11 Incident Using The Daily Show
  • How Does The Media Not Pick up On The 9/11 Commission SAYING That Something Was Being Hidden From Them Probably Because Of Fear Of Being Hanged?
  • Bush-Cheney (The 9/11 Team) To Scalia & The Kochs. The Connections, From Politics To Money, Can't Be Clearer... What's Alex Jones Up to? Why Is He Always Helping The GOP?

Media's Iraq War Cover-Up

  • Dick Cheney: The Ultimate Laissez-Faire Capitalist?
  • From Bill Moyers: How big money and big media have coupled to create a ‘Disney World’ of democracy....
  • A Bill Moyers documentary exploring how mainstream media failed to question the war in Iraq
  • Jon Stewart Interviews Judith Miller About The Iraq War & We Get An Idea Of What's Wrong With The Media (They're In Denial. They Think They Are Reporters)
  • So Wrong for So Long: Greg Mitchell on How the Press, the Pundits — and the President — Failed on Iraq
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  • Beltway Media Covers Up Reporting On A Bi-Partisan Senate Report Proving We Were Misled Into The Iraq War By The Bush Administration & Jon Stewart Makes Fun Of The Media's Coverup
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  • Fox News Puts A Cheery Perspective On Soldier Deaths When It Suits Their Political Needs
  • Jon Stewart: We Should Set The GOP Adrift On An Ice Flow For Thier Iraq War Lies

Glenn Beck... Traitor?

  • Exposing Glenn Beck's Deceptions 1: Making Hypnotic, Yet False, Comparisons Between Trump Rally & The 1968 Riots
  • Exposing Glenn Beck's Deceptions 2: Brussels (Belgium) Is EXACTLY The Kind Of Attack That Glenn Beck Wants ... "So We Can Get Our Act Together"... With These Kind Of Friends, Who Needs Enemies? (Caught By Jon Stewart)
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  • Ted Cruz Can Never Be President, Ever. If Ted Cruz Ever Gets Nominated (Which Is Unlikely) He Will Be Sued For Not Being A Natural Born Citizen & He Will Lose.
  • The GOP Establishment Doesn't Like Ted Cruz Because His Shutdown Hurt Veterans & Soldiers, Until That Point They Supported Him. You Can See That By His & The GOP Establishment's Voting Record.
  • Ted Cruz & Eric Cantor Demonstrate How Economic Treason Works In The GOP, In This Post
  • Glenn Beck Is An Idiot & A Kind Of Christian Terrorist! (I Was Mistaken, Turns Out He's A Mormon)
  • GOP Establishment Economics ALWAYS Destroys The Economy & Leaves The Citizens Destitute
  • What REALLY Happened WIth The Trayvon-Martin/Zimmerman Trial: The Prosecution Threw The Case Because OF Right Wing Bullying

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Exposing Glenn Beck's Deceptions 2: Brussels (Belgium) Is EXACTLY The Kind Of Attack That Glenn Beck Wants ... "So We Can Get Our Act Together"... With These Kind Of Friends, Who Needs Enemies? (Caught By Jon Stewart)


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