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In Sanskrit, the language of ancient India, “Shiro” translates to “Head”, while “Vasti” means “pouring of oils”.  Quite literally, Shirovasti is the pouring of medicated oils onto the head in order to relieve pain, illness and ailments of the head or face.  Those who have experienced Ayurveda before may note some similarities between Shirovasti and the popular Shirodhara treatment.  The two treatments are, however, slightly different.  Whilst Shirodhara involves a therapist pouring oils over the head, Shirovasti sees clients wear a specialised cap, which helps the body to retain even more of these oils.  In this article, we will discuss the process of Shirovasti, the instances in which it may be recommended and its benefits.

What happens in Shirovasti?

The initial stage of the treatment is the construction of a special leather cap.  This cap is tied to the client’s head using a cotton strap.  In most instances, the effect of the strap will be supplemented by an organic paste which guards against fluid leakage.  After this, lukewarm oil is poured into the cap.  The kind of oil used in the treatment will depend on the client’s condition, but may include jasmine oil, bhringaraj oil or sandalwood oil.  The treatment typically lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, and occurs in one of our soothing massage suites.  The authentic, healing environment of these suites allows you to unwind and relax while the treatment takes place.

Shirodhara and Shirovasti are two similar Ayurvedic treatments but they differ slightly and are each used to their own effect

Shirodhara and Shirovasti are two similar Ayurvedic treatments but they differ slightly and are each used to their own effect

When is Shirovasti used?

Ayurveda likens the body to an upside-down tree, where the head is similar to the tree’s roots.  Just as the roots of the tree are the source of its vitality, so too is it essential to manage injuries of the head or face in the human body.  In Ayurveda, Shirovasti is the primary method of healing these injuries.  Those suffering from dementia, insomnia, facial paralysis, migraines, nervous disorders and other head injuries may benefit from this treatment.  However, before booking in for a treatment, it is important to consult one of our in-house doctors, as Ayurveda believes that different head-related injuries are caused by the imbalance of different doshas.  Upon consulting the doctor and informing them of your condition, they will be able to recommend the most effective oils and length of treatment for your specific needs.

What are its benefits?

Shirovasti is so much more than just a way of helping to treat the client’s specific head injury.  Its other benefits include:

  • Nourishing the roots of the hair, allowing the hair to retain that smooth, glossy look
  • Relieving stress and calming the client down.
  • Balancing the body’s doshas
  • Stimulating and nourishing the brain
  • Rejuvenating the skin
  • Calming the nerve endings of the head

For more information about Shirovasti, or to book a consultation, please call us on (02) 9389 2581.

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