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Beverly's Full House a.k.a. Banana Split: I Do or I Don't

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Season 1, Episode 8 - Season Finale

Beverly and Anansa finally get to have a session with a new life coach.  Anansa recalls living with another family as a small child, and Beverly reveals that while she rebuilt her life, she sent Anansa away to live with her aunt.  Throughout their discussion, Beverly realizes that Anansa has no abandonment issues, and that she has to forgive herself for sending her daughter away.  Back at home, Robert and David talk about Brian possibly proposing to Beverly.  Like David, Robert is unsure whether Brian is a good fit for Beverly.  David also tells Robert that he and Anansa plan on moving away.  Robert later goes grocery shopping for Thanksgiving with his twin brother Richard, where they dish about Brian proposing.  David later has a man to man talk with Brian about his plans.  Although he’s aware that Beverly tends to break relationships off at 18 months, Brian still plans on proposing after only one year.  Beverly, Anansa, and Brian also launch the website for Beverly’s beauty product line.

It’s Thanksgiving, and David and Anansa are worried that dinner won’t be too tasty.  David teases Anansa about her cooking skills, and she ends up in tears.  To smooth things over, David calls up his mother and tells her that Anansa makes the best macaroni and cheese.  While preparing dinner, Robert tells Beverly that Brian has a question for her and that Anansa and her family plan on moving out.  Beverly doesn’t take the news too well.  Everyone later dresses up for a dinner that is supposed to end in a big surprise.  Anansa tells her mother that she and David have decided to have another baby, and they plan to move out so that they can expand.  Although Beverly doesn’t want them to go, she ultimately supports their decision.  It’s now Brian’s turn to say what he’s thankful for, and he stumbles and rambles through what everyone thinks is a marriage proposal.  To save him, Beverly gives him a big kiss, and everyone has a spirited toast.  Later that night, Anansa and Beverly sit in front of the fireplace to burn their lists of resentments.  Both women feel better about their relationship and are looking forward to the future.

Our 2 Scoops

Vanilla Bean:
If you had a list of resentments, how long would it be? Would you be afraid to list them, or do you prefer carrying around all that extra baggage?  Carrying more than you’re supposed to can be costly (have you flown lately?) and more harmful than you think.  Doing so would make room for all the things that bring happiness to your life.  Although it seemed quick and easy on the context of a reality show, I would imagine that even coming up with a list took its emotional toll.  It inspired me to think about some of the things that I’m unnecessarily carrying around.  None of us are perfect, and we all have some room to grow.  Think about what’s weighing you down and let it go!

Butter Pecan:
“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24).  But does that mean David had to put down his mama’s mac and cheese, on Thanksgiving of all days?  I’m being dramatic, but I’m trying to make a point (bear with me).  How far do we go to placate the ones we love?  Sometimes I tell little white lies to spare someone’s feelings and keep the peace.  Is that wrong?  And if it is wrong, how wrong is it?  Or am I just trying to rationalize away my guilt by making it seem like the end justifies the mean?  You be judge!

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Beverly's Full House a.k.a. Banana Split: I Do or I Don't


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