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I love it here!

I love being Seraphina Josefine.  I love having no obligations to be, say, or do anything other than as I please.  Complete freedom of expression.  No fear of darkness, guilt, self-loathing, inadequacy or mistakes.  I am a fictional character!!  I can do no wrong.

So who am I?  Been dying to discover myself, really.  And now here I am being born, emerging.  Something translucent, floating in the ether.. the "net".  Formless, imaginary, yet grounded in the real.  Yes, this feels good.  

Let's begin with my name.  **Poof**  Just a quick look on the net and I am magically defined as:  the feminine form of the latin name Seraphinus, derived from the biblical word Seraphim, which was hebrew in origin and meant "fiery ones."  The Seraphim were apparently an order of angels, described by Isaiah in the Bible as having six wings each.  And the name was borne by St. Seraphina, a 5th century martyr.

And Josefine is of course the feminine of Joseph.  The English form of the Hebrew name Yosef or Iuceph.  Originally it meant "May Jehovah Add" or "Jehovah has added."  Perhaps I, Seraphina Josefine, am a Jehovah's witness?  Heheheeeeee

Wow.  There is so much to explore in a given name.  Names are these words that are infused with sooooo much energy, both historically and in the present moment in which they are carried by an individual life and recognized by all those with whom that individual encounters.  Names are powerful.  They call things out from the cosmic pool into being, they call something forth into a reality plane.  The more the name is used, the more layers of energy that compound upon it, and give it essence.

I Love being able to speak in this way, as Seraphina Josefine.  I can tap in and out of whatever domains I wish without needing to know, to be right, to fit in, to be classified.  Is this true about names, what I say?  Does it matter?  It's up to me.  And you, for your part, are entitled to think whatever you want.  I am not bound by your thoughts.

OOOhhh, wikipedia has more juicy fodder for my archetypal construction.  How wonderful to go about creating oneself just as one chooses.  I cannot wait to see how I grow, and who I become!  I am fueled by a name, the creative imagination, and my Mother & Father Cyberspace!   It says here in Wikipedia that St. Thomas Aquinas had something to say about the nature of the Seraphim.  He says: 

"The name 'Seraphim' does not come from charity only, but from the excess of charity, expressed by the word ardor or Fire.  Hence Dionysius (Coel. Hier. vii) expounds the name 'Seraphim' according to the properties of fire, containing an excess of heat.  Now in fire we may consider three things.

"First, the movement which is upwards and continuous.  This signifies that they are borne inflexibly towards God.

"Secondly, the active force which is 'heat,' which is not found in fire simply, but exists with a certain sharpness, as being of most penetrating action, and reaching even to the smallest  things, and as it were, with superabundant fervor; whereby is signified the action of these angels, exercised powerfully upon those who are subject to them, rousing them to a like fervor, and cleansing them wholly by their heat.

"Thirdly we consider in fire the quality of clarity, or brightness; which signifies that these angels have in themselves an inextinguishable light, and that they also perfectly enlighten others."  

I am Seraphina Josefine.


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I love it here!


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