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Magnify the Life Force

Have you ever found yourself so touched beyond words and measure, that all you can do is cry?

I feel like this every once in a while, and I really have no choice but to go with it.  There is this ..layer all I can describe it as... that exists in the time and space domain which I inhabit.  Perhaps I could call it the "Realm of Empathy."  It floats around out here in the ether with all the other spheres.  It really is something!  Like a thick, opalescent cascade of raw emotion that generates an energy force of it's own.  If you take a moment to drink it, you will discover yourself dwelling in the most majestic and unending oceans of beauty.  This Realm is so beautiful because everything connects to itself, and you with it.

Once I found myself alone, in South America.  I can't remember anymore just where exactly, but I do remember I was in a cafe, flipping through a magazine.  Time Magazine, I believe.  There, I saw a photo of an African woman in her desolate homeland.  This land appeared as though it had been emaciated, beaten, and stripped.  And yet there she was, this woman:  surviving.  She was fragile, yet determined and her eyes were beckoning.  I no longer remember what that particular Time issue or article was even about... war, famine or natural disaster probably.  What was important for me, was that that photo, and that woman, somehow transported me into the "Realm of Empathy."  

In that realm, in that moment, I felt one with this woman in the photo, and I cried softly because it was as though I were part of her own sorrow, anger, fear, suffering and determination.  I did not need to know her story, because it could never be told anyway.  I only knew I wanted to hold her in my arms, stroke her face, and comfort her in the misery of what this photo depicted.  I believe you can reach out, and whether it be with your hands, or your imagination, it is the same.  You can touch someone's heart and Magnify their Life Force.  You do not need to know this person, nor they you.   You do not need to be in their presence either.  Become empathetic to another's life, and you will magnify the life force.

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Magnify the Life Force


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