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Turn-offs That Will Ruin a Sexy Evening

There are a lot of things that can really set you back on your romantic Evening with your woman. Fortunately, these are the kinds of things that are very easily avoidable, though if you’re a beginner, being naughty can often be kind of a daunting task, and you might be concerned that you will ruin your chances with your woman by making a simple mistake. You’ll certainly still be able to spice up your sex life while avoiding these mistakes that will turn your girlfriend off for the evening, and that’s the most important thing of all. So long as you don’t make these mistakes, you’ll have a much easier time being able to have a romantic evening with her.

The Wrong Meals Will Cause…Uncomfortable Situations

“Eat right to avoid indigestion”

If you’re planning on a sexy evening with your girlfriend, then you really want to make sure that your meal isn’t going to ruin it from the very start. While you might have planned for an amazing dinner at a well-known Mexican restaurant, you might want to rethink that if you want to spice up your sex life in the bedroom that night. In general, certain foods and sex just don’t mix, and there’s always the chance of indigestion really sitting poorly with either of you. It’s just not a good idea to try a restaurant that neither of you are familiar with, that the two of you have had issues with in the past.

There are a few simple facts about sex, and while it’s incredibly obvious that bowel movements happen…that doesn’t make it sexy. One of the biggest turn-offs to a woman will be your rumbling stomach that is threatening disaster, or the impending uncomfortable situation of a possible gassy situation. What we’re saying in general is that you can spice up your sex life without the added spice of a restaurant that will not sit well with either of you, so just keep that in mind when you are planning an evening out before the two of you decide to take it underneath the sheets. You can read some strategies beforehand to avoiding naughty dating site scams. Read this guide to be safe.

Catering Only to Your Sexual Needs and Desires

“Pay to attention to the little things”

One of the biggest turn-offs to women in the bedroom will be your insistence on only doing what you what. Many men don’t realize that they are doing this sort of thing, and that can make for an extremely awkward conversation. Many women will feel uncomfortable in an evening if you are constantly asking for sexual favors, but you are not catering to her needs as well. This can literally make her walk out of your bedroom, so just keep that in mind before you end up being incredibly selfish about your sexual needs.

As we said, many men don’t actually realize how demanding they are truly being in the bedroom. There’s also a difference between spicing up your sex life and only dealing with your sex life, because even if you have some grandiose ideas in the bedroom, your woman may or may not agree with these things. You need to discuss with her at length exactly what she wants out of your sexual relationship, and that will make things much more fun and naughty as you desire in the bedroom than if you are attempting to call all of the shots. Remember, her opinions are extremely important, and her willingness to try new things will be determined by how much you are giving back to her in return. Sexual relationships are a give and take situation, and there is no better way to make them work than by simply talking about what each of you want in great length. Otherwise, she will be angry, turned-off and very interested in simply walking out the door.

The Inevitable Interruptions of Kids

“Get a babysitter”

If you have a family, it’s very difficult to get away for an evening and actually have an adventurous sex life for a change. That’s the same for everyone out there with children, so you definitely aren’t alone. Rather than suffer through the possible interruptions of crying babies or children knocking on your bedroom door, make sure to get a babysitter, or have your children sleep over at a friend or relative’s house for the evening. This will ensure that you and your woman will actually have the privacy that the two of you deserve, and you won’t be turned-off in an instant by the possibility of your kids barging in and ruining everything.

Adding a bit of spice to your sex life really doesn’t have to be difficult in this situation, because it’s simply a way to avoid the possibility that you will be interrupted, and thus, ruining the mood of the evening. Most women will understand the need for this to happen, so just splurge on the childcare and make sure that your evening will remain peaceful and intact without any issues.

Phone Calls from Work

“Definite mood killer”

Just turn off the phone. That’s the best way to make everything line up and work for the evening, and you will not have any issues with work calling and interrupting the sexy evening that you’ve been planning for weeks. If it’s a phone call that you simply can’t miss, then don’t start having sex yet–plain and simple. If you pull away in order to answer the phone, your woman isn’t only going to be turned-off, but she’s going to be annoyed with you as well. She’s going to have hurt feelings because you are prioritizing the phone over her, and that’s absolutely no way to get in her good graces and end up with a woman that wants to come back and enjoy your company in the evening again in the future.

Again, if it’s a phone call that you simply can’t miss (and you can’t keep your hands off of your woman) then make sure you have warned her ahead of time that there might be a phone call that you need to rush over to in the middle of things. If she understands, then you’re golden. If not, then again, you need to wait to start your evening with her after you’ve taken care of everything else. She should be your priority, and not putting her at the top of the totem pole is one of the biggest mistakes men make in their relationships.

In general, there are dozens of other things that being naughty for beginners can entail including huge turn-offs for both you and your woman in the middle of your sexy evening. If you keep these few tips in mind, however, you will be off to a good start to avoiding a horribly ruined evening all courtesy of one little mistake that simply interrupted the entire mood. These might seem like common sense things, but you would be surprised how many men actually skip these kinds of things over and end up making their girlfriends or wives terribly upset with them just because they didn’t do one simple thing to prevent it all from happening. So long as you aren’t an idiot about making sure these things happen, you will be fine and be able to make her evening entirely special, which is exactly what you both deserve.

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Turn-offs That Will Ruin a Sexy Evening


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