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What Women Want from a One Night Stand

“Attention and respect”

When it comes to one night stands made on or offline, knowing not only what to expect but what she expects from you gives you a leg up on the competition. Most of us look at getting laid mostly as getting something we want, instead of something where everyone involved benefits. Approaching top internet sites to get laid this way, however, will often leave you constantly on the look for someone new and consistently making do with mediocre sex. Who wants that? Not us, and we’re willing to bet it’s not something you were exactly looking forward to either. Paying more attentionto what she wants always leaves you better off than constantly settling for what you can get. In most cases it will not only make her more interested in future hook ups, but also make it easier to find someone else on the same site next time. Of course, having a more enjoyable time all around is the best upside to knowing what she wants out of a casual hook up.

Don’t Leave Her Wanting

“Try some new crazy sex positions to make her feel satisfied”

If you suffer from chronically clingy women after sex, we hate to break it to you, but you probably need to brush up a bit if you ever want to avoid this problem in the future. If she is really getting off, she isn’t going to be bugging you that much after the fact. For all intents and purposes, if she’s not exhausted or otherwise still pawing at you, you still have a job to do. This is usually pretty difficult to understand not only because we tend to get off pretty easily no matter the situation, but also because women are more or less taught to lie about things like this. Faking orgasms, changing how they word things and the like are all ways of circumventing fragile egos in hopes of next time doing better. Even if you think you could take the critique, always remember that she’s probably used to men who aren’t and as such, probably won’t tell you outright that you did wasn’t enough to get her off. Instead, she paws, simpers, and coaxes you into “another round” immediately after you’re done.

This should be a red flag for anyone from Manchester to Calcutta, yet for some reason most of us just assume Women are clingy and leave it at that. A good Hook up ends with both of you content, not one of you trying to get more. If you fall into the latter, the chances that you will have to circle back through top internet sites to get laid again are pretty high. Avoiding this is as simple as just paying attention to her a little more and saying something when you really aren’t sure. One of the biggest mistakes most men make with casual sex is assuming you just need to show up, stick it in, and roll out of bed the second you catch your breath. First of all, does that even sound remotely appealing to anyone? Half the fun of hooking up with someone you found online for a casual roll in the hay is the fact that there are no extra strings to deal with after the fact. Go nuts. Try out different kinks. Have a threesome. Sticking to the same old thing is going to get boring no matter how many women you can get into the sack.

More to the point, just because it’s casual does not mean you have to forget about each other completely the moment you’re done. In fact, we’ve found that making sure she’s enjoying herself isn’t just a good idea for the sake of having good sex, but also a great way to ensure yourself a second hook up. The top internet sites to get laidmay be enormously helpful, but nothing is really going to beat knowing you can just call someone up on a moment’s notice. Even if it does not turn into any time anywhere hook up potential, it’s still worth having someone you can get in touch with before taking your search back online again.If you do end up online looking for a date again, then checkfor one of these best sites to get Choose a legit site for your online dating hookups and don’t screw it up this time.

Always Come Prepared

“Have extra condoms around”

You never want to expect that she is going to bring everything you need, whether that is a condom, lube, or more involved props. In fact, most women want to hook up with guys they know they won’t have to worry about anything with. Always remember that when it comes to online hook ups, the odds are never in your favour and most of the time in hers. If she doesn’t want to bring something and you forget to, it’s really easy for her to back out and find someone else who will suit her needs. Always being prepared for kinks you like is also just a good habit to get into as it means that no matter what you had initially planned for, there are always other options as well.

There Is Wisdom in Discretion

“Think carefully”

The old adage of “don’t kiss and tell” exists for a reason. Look, we know what it’s like to really want to brag about a great lay, or rant about one that just terrible. To a certain extent that’s fine, but unless you aim to keep someone else from being scammed, don’t name drop and don’t single her out in public after the fact either. While the chances of ever having to deal with that awkward moment of finding someone you hooked up with the other night later on in your day to day life is pretty low if you’re looking for online hook ups, it’s not impossible. Learning to keep your mouth shut in either case just comes with the territory. While you might not care how many people know you’re up for casual sex with strangers you find online, the chances of that being true for the woman you met up with is pretty low. Even the top internet sites to get laid don’t exactly have positive connotations for most women connected to them.

Keep an Open Mind

“Try every sex position that she wants”

Lastly, any sort of casual sex comes with a certain expectation of freedom from traditional sexual mores. In plain English? Don’t make fun of or freak out over any kinks she wants to try when you meet up. There is really no quicker way to change her mind on having sex with you than making fun of how she wants to do it. Don’t forget, you’re probably not the only guy in Manchester willing to meet up with her, for one thing. If you do something like this, you can expect her to drop you like hot coal and move on to someone more capable of just saying it isn’t your thing. Another great reason to keep an open mind, though, is simply that it can lead you new and better experiences of your own. We aren’t saying you necessarily have to be out of your comfort zone all the time, or that vanilla is never fun as is, but passing on something different just because you haven’t done it before is silly. Online hook ups are some of the best places to try out new ways of having sex if for no other reason than the fact that you won’t have to deal with the aftermath if it turns awkward.

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What Women Want from a One Night Stand


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