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Is anxiety a normal part of life?.

When you   become  anxious , several things happens.  Adrenalin  is released, your heart and breathing  rates  skyrocket, the blood supply to the muscles increases and your pupils dilate. This is your nervous system   preparing   for  battle  and  this happens  without  your control.

What is driving it?.  The amygdala :  a set  of neurons  deep in the medial temporal  lobe that  scans  sensory  signals to the  brain, assesses  the  level  of threat  and if  danger is sensed  triggers  a  fight  or  fight response.

Anxiety  comes  when emotional factors  convince your amygdala that you are in danger.  A mind that constantly whirls,  a to do list that never ends, a life that  feels  like an  elaborate performance of spinning plates all contributes  to this state of high alert.

At this stage a good night`s  sleep is futile, and a hot bath will do little to help.

In the nineties we were  `stressed`  in the  Noughties   we were  `depressed` and  now  we are simply  `anxious`  very , very  busy  and  very, very  anxious.

Human beings have always been anxious. It is indispensable part  of the  nervous system.  But as life moves faster , our anxiety becomes  greater .  we panic when someone  doesn`t  like  us back on  Tinder, we worry about  which Instagram  filter  to  use, we fret  that our twitter  feed  isn`t  as funny  as everyone  else`s.   we  are living in an era of solipsism, never  before have we been so consumed with self-examination, self-  improvement  and  self- perfection.

Our role models are not helping .  we are surrounded  by overachievers, public figures  who can do it all.  Wearing  fashionable clothes, being able to do 20 `proper`  push-ups and  throw a dinner  party without  getting in a flap are not now things to be proud of, they feel like a given.  Our choices in life are endless.

I believe anxiety  developed long  before the  internet  sent us all into a collective free fall. We live in an age where there are more choices and higher expectations than ever.

Solution:  offer yourself what you didn`t get  from your parents. Discover that it is ok to anxious says Napir`.  Make room for your inevitable suffering  through a daily practice of  mindfulness, meditation or yoga.  We can learn how to handle our emotions rather than  avoid  them.

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Is anxiety a normal part of life?.


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