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descriptions of some new fragrance chemicals

Tags: smell moss harsh
I got some more samples of some interesting fragrance chemicals and wanted to share how they Smell like.

Amboryl acetate - I kind of like this one. It's kind of acetate-like, a little bit like vinegar. But smells like Cedramber only better, less of that dry cedar edge, more soft/powdery. warm, just a hint spicy like Kephalis

Verymoss (Evernyl) - dusty, moldy moss, little harsh chemical edge like new carpet. More like the spicy deep aspect of moss. Moss-aspects but not green, maybe more like orange moss. Ivy, notes of deep petitgrain, mossy soap like grandpa would use. Might make a good base. I don't think it's bad, almost soft peppery, more on dry side, maybe more medicinal.
If I had to describe this smell, I would say it smell gray.
Is this the mineral note in Tom Ford's Anthracite? Maybe brings to mind granite.
maybe smells like computer printer ink, or a computer printer that has just printed something or has overheated
I can't decide whether I like this, but it's definitely interesting, I am kind of captivated by it, want to keep smelling to figure this one out

Citrolate - Juicy grapefruit, but more like Ruby Red grapefruit. definitely some grapefruit bitterness. a little bit of an acetone smell, nail polish remover. fairly sharp orange/tangerine smell, a little bit reminiscent of Orange Flower Ester

Claritone - very waxy, smells reminiscent of citrus but not citrus, maybe halfway between citrus and something like burned plastic, like a very harsh orange/tangerine aspect, harsh bitter rind of orange peels, reminiscent of bergamot tea, or orange rind tea.
Can't decide if I like this, but wouldn't really say it smells "fresh". Might be good in laundry detergent.

Terranol - This smells like true green moss growing on the dirt in the damp shade. Literally, smells like if you rolled around in that moss. Not tree moss.

Piconia - subtle, reminiscent of a less harsh Patchouli, and pine, very hard to describe.
very subtle, I think it has more of a fixative effect. Deep dark conifer smell, but somehow still soft. I think I quickly become anosmic to it.
Smells like the wood from some sort of cypress, yet not really balsamic, so in that sense it smells good.
Ever so slight almost Vetiver? (the good part of natural vetiver)
I get dry conifer
But doesn't smell like much.
slightly powdery, exquisite, but cypress or cedar harsh dryness maybe.
slightly lemony-pine, yellow-green pine smell.
But with some similarity to Trimofix.
smells grandpa-like, almost get a leathery patchouli (but not in any way animalic).
I'm getting a pine wood note, or the heartwood of a Douglas Fir tree.

Alpha-damascone - weird, like a dry green juicy apple, dry like alcoholic apple cider, a little bit fermented or overly ripe bruised apple, but almost more plum-like quality of apple.
slightly camphorous, almost minty

Givescone - very white/opaque like Life Savers mints, has a salicylate end note, slightly mint. Almost pomegranate in apple juice smell, maybe dried cranberry.
very interesting, but I don't think I like this one.
very slight rose-apple smell, but has a harsh note at the end.
Too edible-like smelling.
Most reminiscent of sweet Life Savers mints mixed with pomegranate juice

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descriptions of some new fragrance chemicals


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