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What alcohol do I use? An Alcohol Primer.

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Ethyl Alcohol, is the only real alcohol to use in Perfumery.
Do NOT use either Isopropyl or Methyl alcohols.
DO NOT ever use methyl alcohol for ANYTHING. Methyl alcohol use and inhalation can cause methyl alcohol poisoning, and even DEATH.

You can use isopropyl alcohol, 91%, for cleaning up though. It is commonly sold in USA Walmart, and Target stores, and selected pharmacy stores.
This is what I use for all my cleaning tasks.

Ethyl alcohol, is also the drinking alcohol.
If you cannot get the perfumers SDA alcohols below, then you can use the 190 proof, or 191,192 proof drinking alcohols, like Spirytus potato vodka 192 (Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany 192 Proof) , or Everclear Grain Alcohol 190.

Whatever amount of Proof that is short of 200 proof, the rest is water, (190 proof equals 95% alcohol, 5% water)

Do not use the 150 proof types, they have too much water.

But Perfumes are most often diluted into SDA (Specially Denatured Alcohol) in a couple of popular versions.
I use now the 40B version. Some perfumery is still made with 39C version. But because people have incorrectly been made afraid of all phthalates, the denaturant of 39C being diethyl phthalate, it has fallen out of favor of use, simply because of unfounded fears.

So, Here's what I buy and use:
SDA 40B 190 proof (Perfumers alcohol)

Some people sell 200 proof ethyl alcohol, and even some is not denatured... But being hydroscopic, (or is it hygroscopic?) 200 proof takes on a bit of water out of the atmosphere, so it doesn't stay at 200 proof forever, and moves down towards 195 or maybe a bit less. (At least that's what I understand to be so.)
I used to buy a gallon of 200 Proof, from Remet, (below), but now I don't bother, and only buy the 190.

The whole reason that you don't want water, or to add extra water in your perfumes, is to prevent clouded liquids, which are not attractive, plus, the more water you place in there, the more you must take care about future bacterial growth in your perfumes, and must place in extra inhibitors for such growth eventualities. Remember, Water = Life.
That's why planets don't have life, because there's no water...

Since I live in Southern California, I buy directly from the manufacturer, Remet Alcohol.
And since there is a very high charge for shipping hazardous materials like Alcohol, I am extremely fortunate to be able to simply drive there, and pick it up in my car.
Until I get a USA Federal Alcohol License, to purchase large amounts of alcohol, I can buy up to 5 gallons of alcohol per year, without that license.

- Fragrantly Yours,
- PK

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What alcohol do I use? An Alcohol Primer.


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