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[International] Agar Aura, Ensar Oud, Feel Oud Oud Oils / MadHat, Villoresi fragrances

Time to part with a bunch of fragrances. I store all of my fragrances properly -- in a cool, dark place. I'm willing to ship worldwide as long as the buyer accepts all the risks of that.

Would consider swapping for pure oud oils.

For any inquiries, please write me at [email protected]. I don't always receive notice of new private messages, so email is best. Thanks for your interest!

And sorry to have to say this, but I won't respond to low-ball offers.

  • Payment by PayPal; add 4% if not using friends & family option.
  • Shipping within the United States is included in the price.
  • Shipping worldwide will be between $10-25, depending on the weight of the package and level of service you choose.


Pure Oud Oils: I have too many oud oils and need to part with some. I've stored them with great care in a cool place, no light. And they have never ever had skin contact, not even a risk of it, I am obsessive about that.

Agar Aura, Lao One, 2.5gr, used 3-4 times . . . $550

Agar Aura, Tokusen Tai, 0.5gr minus 2 small tests . . . . $130

Ensar Oud, Chugoku Senkoh, 1.5gr minus 2 mini-tests . . . . $375

Ensar Oud, Oud Royale No. 5, 3gr brand new . . . . $415
- Note: I never opened this bottle but there is nevertheless some oil in the ridges of the stopper. But I assure you this is unopened, as it is a back-up bottle.

Ensar Oud, Sinharaja X, 3gr brand new never opened . . . . $330

Ensar Oud, Sultan Leather Attar, 0.3gr sample, a small drop removed (full to bottom of label). . . . $30

Ensar Oud, Xiang Lao Ling, 0.3gr sample never used (full to bottom of label). . . . $50

Feel-Oud, Old School Hindi, 3gr about 75% remains . . . $150

Feel-Oud, Old School Vietnam, 1gr used sparingly 2-3 times . . . . $260
- Note: the label (on the top of the cap) says Feel Oud Vietnam but this is Old School Vietnam.

Feel-Oud, Sabah Hijau, 0.75gr unused in vial . . . . $85

24ECECFD-6CB3-49D3-A0AA-A0534CEF28CA.jpgD5387D8E-DA38-4676-A569-494B0A99B8E6.jpgC395A253-8782-4C45-A2F8-75F7BBFACFF0.jpg0E1BFB75-41CF-4B24-A720-B1BDC5126A3C.jpg4F932B1B-292D-434D-B41A-3EE2518D8DC7.jpg9D5795DE-4F94-4E16-931B-356D24FFFF15.jpg7D2E9AC3-C2DC-4AA2-8088-6765A7A2F9DA.jpg 90EB7439-B245-4E14-A476-C0257A126A15.jpg

Fragrances: I've been slashing my collection and now I'm listing fragrances that I never thought I would part with. I love these but don't wear them enough... time for someone else to enjoy them!

LORENZO VILLORESI, Piper Nigrum, 50ml, ~60% with box….. $60
I understand there has been a recent reformulation; this bottle is from before then.]

MADHAT SCENTS: I have many, many Madhat Scents, and part with each of these fragrances extremely reluctantly and only because I am paring down my collection ruthlessly; some of these are back-ups. The Madhat perfumer does something special and wonderful with each of his releases, they are all worth having.

Madhat Scents, Americana Rust, 15ml, 98%.... $40
Americana Rust is an amazing non-sweet tobacco and incense fragrance. I've not experienced anything like it. Notes: Tobacco Absolute, Black Pepper, Cade, Oud, Labdanum, Frankincense, Cedar, Guiacwood. *95% Natural Oils used in this composition, diluted in alcohol.[/COLOR]

Madhat Scents, Atlas Incense, ~5ml left in 10ml atomizer .... $25 This is the original Atlas Incense. Super woody and incensey, very clean and meditative, yet very potent and long-lasting. Notes incluse: Cedar, Frankincense, Cardamom, Sandalwood, Prickly cedar, Birch tar . . .

Madhat Scents, Embers, 30ml, 98%.... $60
This is the smell of unburnt incense, campfires, resins. If this is the kind of profile you crave, Embers may be just what you're looking for. Ingredients include incense and gum tinctures (copal from Congo, frankincense, Amonai Hougari Black, pinyon, and Olibanum) macerated for months. I love it, selling reluctantly. Notes: frankincense, gums, cade, wood.

Madhat Scents, Lavhim, 30ml, 90-95%.... $75
A wonderful combination of light Grasse Lavender and Frankincense from Somolia which meet warm, melting candle wax and crushed leaves from fresh greenery. Note Profile: Lavender, Incense, Wax, Clove, Fir Needle, Cognac, Green Leaves *Disclaimer: Please note, it is not recommended to wear fragrances if you have skin allergies. Use at your own risk. The atomizer/sprayer on this bottle doesn't work well, you'll probably want to replace it or transfer the fragrance to a different bottle.

Madhat Scents, Fur, 15ml, brand new.... $50
Fur is a wonderful animalic-woody-incensey composition. This is my back-up bottle. Notes: Castoreum, Hyraceum, Vintage Musk, Fir Absolute, Leather, Vanilla, Incense, Cinnamon, Cedar, Honey, Amber, Sandalwood, Birch Tar, Benzoin, Pine Resin, Tobacco, Clove, Vetiver, Guiacwood

MCMC PERFUMES, Amara, 50ml, ~95% with box…..$35

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[International] Agar Aura, Ensar Oud, Feel Oud Oud Oils / MadHat, Villoresi fragrances


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