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What Niche Fragrances Are Currently HOT, Trending, Popular, etc.? Maybe there aren't any...

For a few years after I joined Basenotes in 2011, it seemed like there were a lot of really HOT or temporarily popular Niche fragrances that were being discussed everywhere. People would mention them as must-haves and it felt like all of Basenotes was talking about them. For example, just to name a few: L'Air du Desert Marocain, Ambre 114, Back to Black, Sel Marin, Tobacco Vanille and Tuscan Leather, Invasion Barbare, Sycomore, Menthe Fraiche, GIT SMW MI and Aventus, Ambre Narguile, Ambre Nuit, Vetiver Tonka, but even more obscure stuff like some of Parfumerie Generale's line (Coze, Aomassai, L'Ombre Fauve), and a whole bunch of Serge Lutens, especially Chergui and Ambre Sultan, but even stuff like Gris Clair. And to some extent, a lot of these can now be considered "niche classics," because people are still buying them and they're still discussed often enough. But 5 years ago, these were sizzling! There was a wide range of members discussing them, stores were often sold out of stock, Youtube was going nuts with reviews. Some of these scents almost felt like small movements (and in the designer realm the same was happening with Pure Malt, LIDGE, and DHI).

But one thing I've noticed lately is that there's really nothing sweeping the forums or fragrance community like back then. Certainly nothing to the extent that some of these were. Everybody's kind of doing their own thing, a lot of the above mentioned scents are still popular, and there are some new ones, but there's not that sense of urgency that I used to see around here. I wanted to buy something new the last few days, so I asked myself, "Okay, what are some of the really hot ones that everyone's talking about getting these days? What's a new classic niche scent I could add to my wardrobe?" And the funny thing was, I found no answer. Of course you guys could give me plenty of suggestions, but that's not the point. I shouldn't need to ask for suggestions because these fragrances should be suggesting themselves due to all the chatter and urgency around them. But there isn't. I've noticed that nothing is really popping like that, and hasn't been, for a while. Yes, Viking will deliver some chatter. But CREED's are par for the course. And Viking is the exception to the rule now.

So I guess my question is: Where are all the new greats? Was 2000--2012 kind of like a mini-Golden era of niche fragrances?

This year and last the hot niche bottles have been.....Salome? Dryad? Siberian Musk? Lol Not that these don't have their merits but there's only a very small portion of enthusiasts enjoying these. And on the other side we have the Mancera's and and Tom Ford's, but again, nothing that's really unifying the community across the board in this sense of urgency to go out and sniff them and buy them. And really, there's barely been anything THAT memorable, has there?

What's going on? Is perfumery in a sort of lull, or is it just Basenotes? Are there new niche classics sweeping Facebook communities that I'm unaware of? I feel like I would have at least heard of them...

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What Niche Fragrances Are Currently HOT, Trending, Popular, etc.? Maybe there aren't any...


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