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55 Period Memes That Are Funny Only To Guys Because They Can’t Understand The Horror

period memes feat (1)

It’s that time of the month when you have to get all your ugly panties out and wear them because you can’t risk to have your sexy bikinis spoiled. It’s that time of the month when you have mood swings and go from happy to angry to really angry, to dangerously angry without any apparent reason. It’s that time of the month only women know about. For them, we prepared 55 Period memes to show them they are not alone.

Let’s stop being angry at Mother Nature and let our period days be brighter thanks to these memes! Enjoy!

1. Just cry! We can honestly stop after this period meme, it pretty much says it all

period meme

2. Harakiri! Feels like it right?

period meme 2

3. Things have always been tougher with girls

period meme 3

Source: Sarah Andersen

4. Reality vs Expectations

period memes 4

5. It’s such a complicated geography

period memes 5

6. There are two sides to this story

period memes 6

7. It can always get worse when you’re a girl

period memes 7

Source: Sarah Andersen

8. When the uterus is taking revenge on you

period memes 8

9. Yep. Sometimes it feels just like dying

period memes 9

10. Period, the cute panties’ deadly enemy

period puns 10

Source: Sarah Andersen

11. Yes, period can spoil your whole vacation.

period puns 11

Source: C Cassandra

12. That feeling…

period puns 12

13. That’s why…

period puns 13

14. Tampons are nowhere to be found when you need them the most

period puns 14

Source: Sarah Andersen

15. A man has to shop for tampons, as well.

period puns 15

16. Men, you will never know!

period pun 16

17. When period’s playing with your mind

period pun 17

Source: Sarah Andersen

18. Ready for the journey?

period pun 18

Source: Sarah Andersen

19. I’m wondering who has to suffer more?!

period pun 19

Source: thegentlemansarmchair

20. Period is a b**** – And this period meme proves it

period pun 20

21. Oh, c’mon!

period pun 21

22. The two big moods!

period images 22

23. When period comes, get out of our way!

period images 23

24. Things have changed

period images 24

25. “But you don’t know the struggle!”

period images 25

26. Not really ruin, but you know…

period images 26

27. Own it!

period images 27

28. Wish!

period images 28

29. Do you want to know what it feels like?

period pictures 29

30. Happy who?

period pictures 30

31. Busted!

period pictures 31

32. Don’t trust those period ads – It’s all lies

period pictures 32

33. Boys can’t handle periods. Period!

period pictures 33

34. “There are a lot of things we can do and you,men, can’t!”

period pictures 34


35. Only girls know the struggle

girl issues meme 35

36. When your own body is angry at you

girl issues meme 36

37. Sometimes it works in stealth mode

girl issues meme 37

38. We all have been through that… we, meaning we, girls. Only we know.

girl issues meme 38

39. Just to spoil your white sheets because Period is a b****

girl issues meme 39

40. This is disgustingly funny

girl issues meme 40

41. Complex thing going on here

girl issues memes 41

42. Yeah, right!

girl issues memes 42

43. When the demons take over you

girl issues memes 43

44. When you’re at the seaside, but can’t take a bath because… you’re a girl

girl issues memes 44

45. Yeah, periods change everything

girl issues memes 45

46. Open the gates!

girl issues memes 46

47. Aaand… knockout!

girl issues memes 47

48. Well, at least it feels like that

girl issues memes 48

49. God knows…

girl issues memes 49

50. That critical moment when being a dad is the hardest thing to do

girl issues memes 50

51. When you go through so many states of mind…

girl issues memes 51

52. The many shades of Period

girl issues memes 52

53. But how many months are there left?

period meme 53

54. When you’re a “so good at everything” tampon

period meme 54

55. Sometimes it feels like the Nile is flooding

period meme 55

These were 55 period meme pictures that only girls will understand. Please share

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55 Period Memes That Are Funny Only To Guys Because They Can’t Understand The Horror


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