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6 Most Consumed Beverages in the World

Who doesn’t like a different kind of beverages?! Everybody has got its own preferences when it comes to their favorite Drink. Anyhow Beverage is a most commonly used word now days. Beverage is any liquid that can quench your thirst like water, coffee, juices, soda etc.

Here we are going to list down the top 6 consumed beverages around the globe!

1. Water

The most vital beverage for us to be alive on the face of the earth is WATER! Who can survive without water? The tendency to quench the thirst that God has put in water is matchless. This is why a different type of water treatment processes are employed to have safe and pure water. Surely, water is one of the great favors that nature has blessed us with!

2. Milk

Milk is one of the healthiest drink. It has great nutritional value. It is great for bones as it is enriched with calcium. It is a great deal for skinny guys to pack on some pounds of weight. It has healthy fats in it which we can consume for our daily needs to meet our calories goal.

3. Coffee

Coffee is one of the most consumed and ancient beverages in the world. People consume it many times a day to give themselves a kick start. It has caffeine in it which is a well-known stimulant. It has many kinds and flavors which are equally popular among people. It is mostly enjoyed hot, but iced coffee is also very popular, especially in the summer. Many brands are making millions by this unique beverage. The quality of its great taste depends upon the quality of bean from which it is extracted. There are many types of beans found in different regions, but the best coffee beans (Kona beans) are found in Hawaii.

4. Juices

Fresh juices are always rejuvenating, healthy and full of taste. Fresh juices are a significant source of vitamins to provide us with the nutrition at micro levels that help our body to carry on its functions in good shape.

Orange, apple, grapes and carrot juices are packed with a great number of vitamins. But when it comes to quality and taste of these juices the quality of juicer machine plays a big role. Many low standard juicer machines destroys the nutrition of these salubrious fruits. But a high standard quality product gives you both taste and nutrition. So you must opt for a good juicer machine to utilize the true effectiveness of these fruits.

5. Tea

Well! Tea is being consumed since centuries. Tea is made by pouring hot water over cured tea leaves. It has many health benefits. It is enjoyed hot and cold both. It is mostly cultivated in Asia but enjoyed all-around the globe. But in Asian countries, it is kind of addiction.

6. Soft Drinks and Energy drinks

Soda is a carbonated beverage, and it is very popular among youth all over the world. Its sparkling thing makes it more wanting. Soft drink comes in many flavors like cola, lime etc. it is a million dollars industry as soft drinks have got their place though there are no health benefits of these by now but still these are irreplaceable.

Energy drinks, whether they are carbonated or not, are beverages that contain a stimulant drug such as caffeine. Just like soft drinks, they can contain sugar or other sweeteners, as well as artificial flavors. Even though many people claim that they are not very healthy, they are still a popular beverage for those who are seeking physical and mental stimulation.

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6 Most Consumed Beverages in the World


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