Tip #3

Spaghetti straps are not the enemy.
I probably last wore said strap in primary school. But now, thanks to the slip dress trend, we can wear tiny strapped items – with a tee underneath, that is.

It is such a great trend to follow and allows you to wear some of your favourite summer items year round. Hoorah for boob-complimenting trends! Another great one to follow is chokers.

Chokers and big boobs go together like koffie and beskuit.
Tip #4

Button-downs and blazers can be your friends. Refinery29 actually encourages you to wear a shirt (minus peek-a-boo) and/or a blazer (and be able to close the button) – all you need to do is buy it a size or two bigger.

Now I know we hate doing this, it’s so defeating. But it’s not you, it’s your boobs! They need some extra room. Give the girls some space.