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Shoking False Black Widow Spider Facts

Shoking False Black Widow Spider Facts
Black widow spiders' webs are made of superior silk threads, as compared to the webs of other spiders, which is the reason for the use of this silk thread to make body armor and high-tech athletic clothing. Do you want to know more interesting facts about the black widow spider? Read on...

• Black false widow spider is considered to be one of the world's most poisonous spider and is the most venomous spider across North America.

• The male black widow spider identification is that they are half the size of the female black widows. They have longer legs and usually yellow-red bands and spots in their immature stages.

• The male black widow bite is harmless and only the female black widow spider bite is harmful.

• The black widow bite side effects feels like a pinprick.  Black widow spider bite symptoms includes nausea, muscle ache, and paralysis of the diaphragm which makes breathing difficult. 

 Black widow spider photo

• In rare cases,black widow spider venom effects can be fatal especially to small children or elderly people.

• These spiders are generally not aggressive and bite only in self-defense, for example if somebody sits on them. 

• Now a question arises that where do black widows live.Blackwidow spiders are mostly found in temperate regions in the world. 

• Different types of widow spiders can be found hiding in dark places like garages, wooden piles, cellars, shades, etc.

Black widow spider poison

• The black widow spiders are not insects but arachnids which means they have only two body segments and four pairs of legs.

•Webs are spun to catch their prey, which are generally mosquitoes, flies, beetles, caterpillars, and grasshoppers. Their webs are not beautiful-looking webs, but are irregular thick-looking webs. Because, of this characteristic they are also known as 'tangle-web' spiders.

• Maintain a web free environment in and around your house to prevent these spiders from making your house their home. If one is experiencing pain in the entire body after the bite, then it is black widow bite symptoms seek medical care immediately.

• Black widow spider bite treatment involves using narcotics and antivenins.

Black widow spider bite

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• The females will eat the male spiders rarely after mating. If you spot a black widow spider do not mess with it, they are shy but can move quickly and bite if disturbed.

• The female black widow spiders spin large webs in which they suspend a cocoon filled with hundreds of black widow egg sacs and the female rarely leaves the web.

Spiders are fascinating creatures and there are several different types of spiders in the world. I hope you enjoyed reading the above interesting facts about the black widow spider.

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Shoking False Black Widow Spider Facts


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