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Health Bomb Review: Cannabidiol Pain Relief Cream and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil!

benefits of cannabidiol review

Are you yet to hear about the benefits of cannabidiol?

Well, you are in luck because this article will provide you a lot of valuable information, as well as help you realize with Health Bomb CBD products are as good as it gets!

Cannabidiol products are quickly emerging as one of the best natural medicines on the market, and for good reason too.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many cannabinoids found on the cannabis plant.

However, this cannabinoid is much different from the well-known cannabinoid THC because it is non-psychoactive (will not get you high).

However, cannabidiol does have an extensive list of (potential) medicinal benefits!

In the United States, CBD is legal almost everywhere.

There are a few states which still have a “grey” zone in which CBD is illegal due to its connection with cannabis, but it is likely that this will be resolved soon.

Personally, I have been using the benefits of cannabidiol to help treat a serious back injury that I suffered a few months ago, as well as manage other Health issues that have always plagued me.

When you are choosing the brand of CBD you want to go with, it is very necessary to do your research ahead of time.

One of my new favorite companies is Health Bomb, and I am confident you will love their products as much as I have!

If you like what you hear, please make sure to use my Health Bomb coupon code AdamKempFitness to take 15% off of your order!

Why Should You Choose to Purchase Health Bomb CBD Products?

There are honestly several reasons why you should choose to purchase Health Bomb cannabidiol.

In my opinion, one of the greatest reasons to purchase form Health Bomb is that they offer both pure cannabidiol products, and full-spectrum hemp products as well.

Unlike many other companies who either don’t want you to know the difference between the two, Health Bomb is clear and open about their various products.

Both their pure cannabidiol products and their full spectrum hemp products both contain substantial amounts of CBD, but there is a clear difference in the effectiveness of pure CBD vs the full spectrum plant.

Although CBD is great, the isolation of CBD on its own results in only one molecular compound, which does not have its full healing powers.

CBD on its own can be effective for pain relief, reducing stress, and much more, but it does not have the medicinal value of “curing” anything in your body.

On the other hand, full Spectrum Hemp Oil retains all of the diverse molecules of the hemp plant during extraction and maintains a full array of cannabinoids and terpenes which offer many further medicinal benefits.

This full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes react synergistically and have much more long-term benefits for the human body.

You will still get the immediate relief as well, but it is a much more complex solution to many health issues.

The legal limit for the psychoactive cannabinoid THC is 0.3%, so the full spectrum hemp plant extract must remain underneath this limit.

I was very pleased to see that on their website Health Bomb is clear and forward about this difference between their products, unlike other companies who either don’t know this fact, or hide it.

Along with this, Health Bomb products are very affordable for the benefits they provide.  I have loved each Health Bomb product I have used, and they are well worth the money in my opinion.

Furthermore, Health Bomb also uses a percent of their profits to aid with projects in disadvantaged communities.

This year, they are working with the Zara’s Center in Zimbabwe.

There are many reasons why you should opt for choosing CBD products from Health Bomb!

Interested to hear my opinion about a couple specific products of theirs?

Read below!

Health Bomb Review: CBD Pain Relief Cream

I will be perfectly honest with you, this is probably the easiest CBD pain relief cream to use I have ever had.

I was very impressed by this product because the dispensing bottle is very easy to use, the cream itself spreads well but is not too liquid, and the formula works very well!

One of my issues with many CBD topicals is that the topicals either do not spread well on your body, or that the concentration of CBD is not high enough to give you maximum benefits.

I am a huge fan of this product because they have managed to solve both issues.

Health Bomb CBD Pain Relief Cream Contains:

  • Methanol
  • Arnica Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • 125mg CBD
  • Coconut
  • Shea Butter
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Water
  • Natural Preservative (Grapefruit Oil)

I love this product because even the preservative is natural and helpful for reducing inflammation!

Along with the benefits of cannabidiol itself, arnica oil, tea tree oil, Shea butter, and jojoba oil are also particularly effective as topical ingredients.

All the ingredients in this topical relief cream have medicinal benefits, which is why this is such an effective product.

I have been using this cream on my back each night for the past couple weeks, and it has been a huge help.

The cream is not too “fatty” and your skin absorbs it well, along with the fact that it easily spreads on your body.

If you are looking for the benefits of cannabidiol in a topical product, this is an excellent choice!

Health Bomb Review: Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

As I talked about before, the difference between full spectrum hemp and pure CBD is very big.  This is the reason why I prefer full spectrum hemp oil, compared with pure cannabidiol oil.

The Health Bomb full spectrum hemp oil has been great for helping me to relieve pain in my body.

I am honestly shocked at how great my body feels, and how “free” I can train after using this hemp oil.

I cannot speak about other benefits of this hemp oil (although I am sure it is useful for a wide range of issues), because I have been mainly using it to treat back pain.

I can tell on days when I am stressed that this helps me remain calm and focused, which is an excellent additional benefit too.

The Full Spectrum Hemp Oil which I have tried contains 300mg of CBD, and just a few drops under your tongue works excellently.

Occasionally I will mix this in with my morning tea, but I have found that it is much more efficient to just put a few drops under your tongue.

The Health Bomb Full Spectrum Hemp Oil contains only full spectrum hemp oil, and MCT Oil.

There are no additional fillers or unnecessary ingredients here, only what your body needs!

I have been very pleased with my experience with this product, and I am confident you will be too!

Health Bomb Review: Concluding Thoughts

Overall, I truly love these products and I would be happy to use them again.

If you think that these products are right for you, please make sure to use my Health Bomb coupon code AdamKempFitness to take 15% off your order!

Health Bomb makes an assortment of other products as well, but I cannot speak about them because I have never tried them myself.

I especially recommend their Pain Relief Cream, because it worked extremely well for my wife and I.

These Health Bomb products have been a huge asset for helping me to live a pain free life with this back injury, which is why I am comfortable with recommending Health Bomb as a high-quality company to purchase CBD and hemp products from!

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Health Bomb Review: Cannabidiol Pain Relief Cream and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil!


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