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How to Choose the Safest Non-Stick Frying Pan for Healthy Cooking

A safest non-stick frying pan is essential cookware. You will see non-stick pan all most all the kitchen. Because of its some unique characteristics, most of the women and chef like the pan.

It is effortless to clean as oils, food, or other residues don’t stick to the pan surface.

Also, the cookware saves your valuable time when it is time to clean up. Also, cooking on Nonstick fry pan is a great way to keep your body healthy. Because it allows cutting down the fat without losing taste and flavoring as you don’t need to use much oil or butter to cook with this pan.

But, sometimes the nonstick pan coatings break down.

Then, release toxic particle into food. Toxic is very harmful to the body and can be a cause of many diseases. Nobody wants to buy the pan which has these issues.

Safest Non-Stick Frying Pan Buying Guide

If you are going to buy non-stick Frying Pan but don’t know what you need to look for, here are some important buying criteria that you need to consider before choosing one.

Weight: Lightweight frying pan is convenient, but it offers a cooking surface that is less even. On the other hand, heavy pans provide an evenly heated surface. Though, they are difficult to clean and handle. In that case, mid weighted pot can be a good choice. But, handle the cost and weight; heavyweight pan will be perfect without any doubt. Although you need to spend some extra money, it will be worth of money because high weighted pan has high durability.

The durability of metal: You need to choose the metals that have high durability because a cookware set is a long-term investment. There are different types of frying pans such as cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper are common metal that use to make cookware.

Ceramic: Ceramic frying pans are most popular and best-selling frying pan on the market. They are popular for several attractive features such as highly non-stick surface, good heat conductivity, high durability, awesome outlook and much more. However, Ellen Taylor from Cookware Diary create a list of best nonstick ceramic frying pan, and you can check that if you are looking for a ceramic fry pan.

Cast iron pan: It is the hardest pan type. Also, it has high durability. Because of being heavy, the cast iron pan is hard to handle. Also, if not coated, it needs a lot of oil to cook.

Aluminum pan: it also durable and hardest. But, easy to clean because it has not much weight of cast iron. Also, aluminum pan is inexpensive. But, it is reactive. That means aluminum metal release while cooking and mixed into food.

Copper pan: Copper pan has high heat conductivity. But its maintenance cost is extremely high.

Stainless steel pan: Stainless steel pan is highly durable and has excellent performance. Also, it price rage is medium.

You should select a pan that has stainless steel clad over the aluminum core. It might be a little bit expensive, but it can conduct better heat in comparison with other pans.

Handles: A high-quality cookware always comes with the good handle. Choose the pan that has solidly attached the handle. It will be better if the handle is made of metal because it allows you to cook both in stovetop and oven. Use the metal handle pan carefully as it conducts much heat.

Also, it might be the cause of burn your hand. You will get some pans in the market having a rubber or plastic guard which allows removing while use in the oven.

Even, some are let you remove the entire handle.

Oven safety: Almost all the people like the saucepan, stock pot, skillet, etc. that can be used on both stovetop and oven. You should choose a non-stick frying pan with the metal handle because wooden or plastic handle is not safe for oven use.

Lid: Glass lid is most common lid type. The interesting thing about glass lid is that allows you to peek your cooking item without opening the lid of the pan. Make sure that lid fits with the pan tightly and will remove easily.

Cleaning: Easy cleanup is one of the most important advantages of the non-stick frying pan. Also, it gets clean well in the dishwasher. Check manufacturer cleaning instruction before buying the pan. If it does not allow washing in the dishwasher, certainly they offer an easy solution to clean.

Warranty: All most all manufacturers give many years warranty. Even, some offer a lifetime warranty. It would be better if you check the warranty before purchase that will save you some money. Also, you should use the pan by manufacturer instruction to be a valid warranty.

Safest Non-Stick Fry Pan Use and Care

High-temperature utensils are recommended to use for non-stick cookware. Besides, the pan for standard surface uses metal utensils.

If stacks non-stick pans, use liner to prevent scratching on the stick resistance surface.

Leave the cookware to be cool before cleaning to prevent warping and for extra safety.

Never keep the empty non-stick pan on the heat source.

Clean copper surface using polishing paste.

The durability of pans depends on the proper care. Try to wash using hands. Scrub carefully and rinse thoroughly. Leave in the air to dry completely.

Before placing the nonstick pan in the dishwasher, make sure that the detergent is metal safe.

Non-Stick Frying Pan Seasoning

Fill your non-stick frying pan with vinegar and warm water. The mixture lifts food residue or oil if remains on the surface.

If you see oil floating on water, empty your fry pan and leave it to cool.

Use soap and warm water to wash the pan and scrub with the sponge or soft cloth. Then, completely dry the pan.

Drop little amount of vegetable oil into the pan and rub the entire cooking surface of the pan with tissue of kitchen paper which protects coating.


Choosing safest non-stick frying pan is very important for healthy cooking. Try to choose heavier fry pan because lightweight pots tend to heat up fast.

You should avoid an empty pan preheating for non-stick frying pan safety.

Also, set knob low to medium. Always try to cooking at high temperature. Never place your non-stick fry pan overpower burner.

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How to Choose the Safest Non-Stick Frying Pan for Healthy Cooking


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