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Emirates video interview

Oh no, an Emirates video Interview ?!

Yes, I’m afraid so!

You will need to be prepared to put in a LOT of work to pass this stage of the application.

Now before we begin, I just want to make sure that you understand that this is an INTERVIEW.

So, you may not be meeting anyone face-to-face, as you are going to record your answers and then send them on to Emirates.

But this doesn’t matter.

You must treat it as a formal interview and that starts with you looking the part and being well-prepared.

Emirates use a company called HireVue to conduct video interviews on their behalf.

You can choose to do your video interview on a PC or you can download the HireVue App and complete the video interview on either a tablet or a smartphone.

People have asked which one is best and no-one is better than the other. So choose whichever one you feel most comfortable with.

HireVue has a webpage available to learn more about their video interviews, so you can check it out at:

It really is well-worth checking out the information on this page.

There is also a good video on the page as well which is worth a watch.

Why not pop-over there and check it out?

I’m happy to wait!

Oh good, you’re back again.

So, what happens next is that you click on the link to begin your video interview!

Deep breaths all round!

You are given a welcome and given an estimated length for your interview. Which, believe it or not, is only 5 minutes so you don’t have long to “wow”!

Then you get to watch a 30 second video of a Cabin Crew member advising you to let your personality shine!

Next up, the system will check that your webcam (or camera), microphone and internet access are all working well.

A small piece of advice. If you don’t get a green tick for even ONE of these, please don’t ignore it and hope for the best.

You need ALL three to be working correctly before you can begin.

If you are told there are technical issues, you MUST resolve them before you go any further.

Remember, this part of the video interview is NOT recording so it doesn’t matter if it takes you an hour to sort out any technical difficulties. DO NOT move on until they’re sorted!

Ok, so now you have the option to try some practice questions. You can see that you are given a prep. time for each question. This is to give you some time to plan what you are going to say.

Once your prep. time has run out, your recording will start automatically.

In the practice sessions, you have 3 minutes to complete a question.

I want you to treat this video interview EXACTLY as you would a final interview.

And I want you to spend a LOT of time preparing your answers.

There are a number of key areas that Emirates will question you about.

One is customer service/ hospitality. So, have LOADS of SAR answers prepared for this topic.

Another key area is cabin crew– why do you want to be cabin crew and why would you be good at it, so have answers for these as well.

Another key area is Emirates themselves- why Emirates, what do you know about Emirates- so prepare for these as well.

Another key area is Dubai– why would you like to live there and how would you cope living in a foreign country, so prepare SAR answers for these too.

The final key area relates to travel- where you have been and where you would love to go. This is a great area to be questioned in because you can really stand-out here. EVERY airline recruiter I have ever known laments the lack of passion candidates demonstrates for travel. Yet, the job is ultimately ALL about travelling.

So, use this key area to really show Emirates how much travel means to you and how much you love to travel.

You then get the option to try another practice question. Once you have done this, you get the opportunity to try another. My advice is to take as try as many practice questions as you can.

Once you have finished practising, it’s time for the real thing!

So, knowing you are looking your absolute best, it’s time to go!

You are given a set of instructions. Please read these carefully. Note that you only have ONE attempt at each question. You also only have ONE minute to record your answer.

That’s it- phew!

Your answers have now been submitted. You are told your interview has now been successfully completed and you don’t need to do anything further with your video interview.

So, what happens next?

Well, here’s where things get REALLY interesting and we are now going to delve into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Yep, we really are!

May I introduce you to Emmy, the Emirates robot?

Now when we are talking about robots what I’m really talking about is a computer program that uses Artificial Intelligence to make decisions without a human being involved.

Now, Emmy works behind the scenes at Emirates recruitment and she’s going to help us understand what her and her other robot friends decide who gets to go through to the next stage.

Because, believe it or not, NOT ONE SINGLE real person will look at your application until it has been thoroughly assessed by Emmy and her friends.

So, how automated is the Emirates recruitment system?

It is, in fact, totally automated!

Yep, from the minute you submit your application until a decision is taken whether to invite you to an assessment day or reject you, EVERY decision is taken by robots!

Now these robots can be quite the devil, so we need to keep on their good side to make sure our applications make it through!

Ok, so here’s how it works…

It is all done by machine-learning (where the computer is learning every single time a video is uploaded) and when your video is uploaded, it is assessed by Emmy and her friends.

Now, this software was devised by a combination of incredible cutting-edge technology and a team of highly qualified psychologists, so it truly is quite remarkable in what it does.

It will assess your video interview based on a number of criteria such as keywords, body language and voice patterns. It then checks your score against the characteristics of a “perfect” Emirates cabin crew member.

Depending on your score, you are either invited for an assessment day, sent for further investigation or rejected. All without a human being involved- wow!

Anyway, I really hope this guide will help you prepare (and pass!) your Emirates video interview!

Many thanks to Emmy and her robot friends for all their help in compiling this guide- I couldn’t have done it without them!

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Emirates video interview


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