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The 5 things Emirates Airlines Recruiters look for on the Open Day

UPDATE JAN 2017.  Emirates have now changed their application process and will no longer use open days.  They have been trialing an online video based interview system for the last 6 months and will be rolling it out over 2017.  So the process will now be online application>online video interview>assessment day >2-1 interview.  


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There is one simple reason why I have written this blog for you – my frustration at watching really good candidates not being able to get their dream job because of the most basic mistakes at the Emirates Open Day.

Reading this blog and sticking to all of the rules you find it in will put you ahead of the competition- way ahead!

So, let’s begin…

Would you like a career that flies you to major cities all over world?

And, when you arrive, you have a room waiting for you in a five star hotel AND you’re given local currency to do some serious spending!

This same career pays for your living accommodation, bills and takes you to and from work! All whilst you are living in one of the most exciting cities in the world full of beaches, shopping, resturants, bars and so much more!

Add to this free medical insurance, thirty days paid holidays, free leave tickets so you can jet off somewhere exotic on your hols, end of service bonus- oh, I could go on and on!

Now I know this sounds like something from a celebrity gossip magazine, but believe it or not, this is reality for Emirates cabin crew!

Emirates Recruitment Open Day
Emirates is an expanding airline and constantly on the look-out for new crew

Everything I have just mentioned is part of the benefits package for all new crew and the great news is that Emirates, as a rapidly expanding airline, are always on the look-out for new members of cabin crew which is great news for you.

Life as crew is FANTASTIC and the opportunities it will provide you with are incredible. One of my ex-students, Kirsty, is now living the high-life out in Dubai and she has very kindly agreed to give you a peek at her incredible life- I warn you now, you will be jealous!

Kirsty now travel the world with Emirates
Kirsty now travels the world with Emirates

However, here’s the thing to be aware of about fantastic jobs- EVERYONE wants one

Emirates knows that. These cabin crew jobs are VERY competitive and there is NO shortage of applicants

I’m sorry to say that the VAST majority of applicants that turn up at Emirates Open Days are not successful.

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Typcially, of 100 people who apply to become cabin crew with Emirates, only 2 or 3 will be successful.

Yep, you read that right- of those who turn up at the Open Day, only 2-3% will be successful.

You’re probably sitting there thinking “Well, what’s the point? Those odds are rubbish!”

But, do you know the mad thing?

The VAST, VAST majority of people are turning up for these Open Days completely unprepared, which is GREAT news for you!

Why great news? Well, if you follow the advice I’m going to give you in this (and subsequent blogs) then you will be totally prepared and know EXACTLY what the recruiters are looking for. So, you’ll be well ahead of the other 97 candidates who just haven’t bothered!

Do you really think that Emirates is going to give such an amazing job to people who just turn up at Open Days without having prepared?

Of course they’re not, so that’s why you’re going to be at such an advantage. Is this unfair? Of course it is, but hey, if you’re prepared to put in the work then you should be rewarded for it shouldn’t you?

Now, I’m not going to lie. Getting a job with Emirates is going to be a LOT of hard work, but I’m sure you’ll agree that all of the work you’re going to have to put in will be worth it in order to secure the “Golden Call” when Emirates call to offer you the job!

So, where to begin?

Well, it probably makes sense to have a think about the role of cabin crew with Emirates, as every answer you give at your Open Day and beyond should relate to the skills that Emirates are looking for.

The first thing you need to realise is that you are trying to become cabin crew for one of the world’s most PRESTIGIOUS airlines. So, the first step is having a clear understanding of what the job requires and what will be expected of you.

Emirates has built its reputation on uncompromising luxury, service and presentation to its passengers. Emirates will rely on you to provide the extremely high level of service its passengers are accustomed to.

Now you know now what the benefits the job brings, so you have to understand that with those benefits come strict standards and VERY high expectations from its employees.

You are THE face of customer service and so you are the most important part of the airline. Remember , passengers are paying a premium for flying with Emirates and when they consider their experience, who will they remember?

It won’t be the pilot, sitting up front, flying the plane and making the odd passenger announcement. It won’t be the guy who checked you in, took your boarding pass and wished you a pleasant flight. Nor will it be the baggage handler who made sure your bag made it to the flight on-time.

No, passengers will remember YOU and your fellow cabin crew members and the service you offered them on-board.

Emirates Cabin Crew working with children
Passengers will remember YOU and your fellow cabin crew members and the service you offered them on-board.

Studies show that the single biggest negative memory passengers retain from a flight is an unfriendly experience with cabin crew. Passengers will forget about long delays, bad food and cramped seats but will NEVER forget bad service.

You will be expected to provide OUTSTANDING customer service on long flights all around the world. It won’t matter what time of day it is, how long you have been on your feet or whether you’ve now been awake for more than 24 hours- if a passenger in 23C wants some champagne then you have to serve it to them with a SMILE on your face.

Go behind the scenes to find out what cabin crew actually do

You will also have to deal with some difficult situations on-board. A drunk passenger in 12A has just been sick all over the baby sitting in the passenger’s lap next to him? Well, you’ll have to deal with this situation, calm everyone down and then- to add insult to injury- clear up the vomit! It really isn’t a job for the faint-hearted (particularly when you have to clear up vomit with a smile on your face!)

You will also be trained for any emergency you encounter on-board, so you must be able to remain calm and composed at all time. In an emergency situation, your passengers will look to you for guidance and you must be able to provide it.

So, why am I telling you all of this?

Well, these are some of the qualities that Emirates recruiters are looking for, so you MUST be able to convince them that you are capable of this and SO MUCH MORE.

The very specific qualities Emirates are looking for are:

  • Professional
  • Empathetic
  • Progressive
  • Visionary
  • Cosmopolitan

So, you need to ensure that everything you say and do during your Open Day must reinforce these qualities and prove to the recruiters that you have them in abundance.

I am asked all the time about how the Emirates interview process works, so in my next blog  I am going to tell you in great detail EXACTLY what’s involved.

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 Speak to you soon.

Pauline x

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The 5 things Emirates Airlines Recruiters look for on the Open Day


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