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Automation Testing Interview Questions

Automation Testing Interview Questions

Introduction to Automation Testing Interview Questions

Automation Testing plays an important role these days in the software cycle. Testing of an application or product is very crucial and helps in delivering quality software. The main objective of Automation testing is having a product with high quality. Testing is finding issues or bugs in the developed system. It is a time-consuming process, expensive and also repetitive. In order to make this cost-effective, faster and cheaper automation is the solution. Automation helps in avoiding repetitive tasks and also removes the chances of human error. With this increasing demand for automation, it is important for all manual testers to have knowledge about automation Testing. The following questions can help in cracking that Automation Testing Interview for which you were waiting since long

Part 1 – Automation Testing Interview Questions (Basic)

This first part covers basic Automation Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is Automation testing and what are its different types?

The main purpose of automation is to replace manual intervention within systems or devices which are being used. It mainly focuses on enhancing the efficiency of the system. There are many tools that are being used in the market which provide the facility of using different types of scripts to enter data and execute the test steps. There are different types of testing that can be done through automation. These include unit tests, GUI tests, and functional tests. The unit tests are done in the development phase and they assist in reducing bugs. These are usually the responsibility of the developer. The second type of test is GUI tests for which tests are scripted to test the user interfaces of all applications and how they behave. The functional tests are also done at the testing level. They help in stimulating the different functional scenarios which help in testing different applications and provide different inputs and expected outputs.

Q2. Explain the criteria for selecting a test case for the process of automation?

The following steps should be taken into consideration for automating a test case.

  • Find out the execution frequency of the test case. It should be checked how often a new build is run and how it works when it is run with large inputs.
  • Automating a particular scenario must save time. It should be found out that the automation if created is saving time or not. This should be found out by doing exploratory testing.
  • It should also be determined how critical the test case is and how to cover the end to end test case scenarios.
  • It should be made sure that analysis through an automated test should not exceed the time which is taken through manual execution.
  • It should be liable to catch as many defects as possible.

Let us move to the next Automation Testing Interview Questions.

Q3. List the different automation frameworks which are available and explain them in short?

There are five types of the framework used in Automation

Linear Scripting Framework: This is a very basic type of testing that works in the form of record and playback. It can be used to test small applications with less complexity.

Data-Driven Framework: This is done by creating different sets of test data. Automation scripts are created by making use of this data. The test data includes input, the expected output, and the result should be stored in files as per requirement.

Modular Testing Framework:  Here the entire application is divided into different modules. The test scripts can be combined to create larger test scripts. All modules are tested and later combined.

Keyword-driven Framework: In this framework, it is important to define keywords and use this keyword to define the action which it will perform. The keywords are specified in the excel sheet and the scripts use these to run test cases.

Hybrid Testing Framework: Hybrid frameworks are a combination of two or more frameworks. It can consider the benefits of all frameworks that are being used and work accordingly.

Q4. Explain the steps to implement automation and what will be the steps involved?

To implement a good automation test, the goal of the test should be clear. It should be found out what the tests are doing to automate. Once these points are clear, a tool can be finalized for carrying out the automation. By checking the feasibility of what can be tested the scope of automation can be decided. The user can decide accordingly which cases need to be automated. Once the scope is decided, you can check the actions which are needed to be performed. Accordingly, test scripts and suits should be developed. Once the steps are clear the execution can be started, and this is done directly by the automation tool. The tool stores the logs which can help in determining the results. After successful testing, reports can be generated and published.

Q5. What kind of test cases are not suitable for automation?

The test cases which are not stable and the test cases which require changes frequently are not chosen to be automated. Also, the test cases which are not run regularly should not be considered for automation.

Part 2 – Automation Testing Interview Questions (Advanced)

Let us now have a look at the advanced Automation Testing Interview Questions.

Q6. How can you map the success of automation testing?

The success of any automation can be measured by checking below:

  • There is a reduction in labor and other manual tasks.
  • The number of defects that are being detected are more than the ones when they were being detected manually.
  • The execution time is faster, and time is saved so that other tasks can be performed.

Q7. Which are the famous tools that are being used for testing?

The common automation tools are”

  • QTP
  • Selenium Web driver
  • Soap UI
  • Rational Robot
  • Squish for QT

Q8. Can automation testing replace manual testing?

It is not possible to replace manual testing completely. Automation works as a continuation of manual testing. There can be many situations where the expertise, understanding of business and insight of the tester can be important.

Let us move to the next Automation Testing Interview Questions.

Q9. Can Web driver test Mobile applications?

Web driver does not have the capability of automating mobile applications. It is developed for testing web applications and hence cannot test mobile applications.

Q10. Which tests can be associated with automation testing?

Test cases that involve load tests, sanity and regression tests can be considered for automation testing.

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Automation Testing Interview Questions


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