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Active Directory Interview Questions

active directory interview question

Introduction to Active Directory Interview Questions

In this 2019 Active Directory Interview Questions article, we shall present the top most important and frequently used Active Directory interview questions. These questions will help students build their concepts around active Directory and help them ace the interview.

An active directory is defined as the database of all user and group information, all services, and other peripheral device’s information which include the printer, scanner, and other devices. It is also called a centralized collection of objects, where the object is all these devices and data. Active Directory is part of the Microsoft Windows and also developed by Microsoft itself. In many organizations where there is a database, every user is provided with the user name and password to access that information, so to access this information one should log in with correct credentials, then the system authenticates the user name and password and provide access to the information, this process is also the part of active directory which is known as “Active directory domain system” (ADDS).

Part 1 – Active Directory Interview Questions (Basic)

This first part covers basic Active Directory Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is an Active Directory Schema?

Active Directory as we know is the part of Microsoft Windows, in windows, a database set of rules and commands is used which is usually known as the Schema of active directory. All the subclasses which are used in the active directory are defined by a schema. It is a very essential part of the active directory if we see operation wisely.

2. What is LDAP?

An LDAP is a “lightweight directory Access protocol” it is like the application protocol of the active directory to modify or update items in directory and subdirectory. In it, different paths are used and they also include distinguished names and other features. It is later introduced in the active directory in the version of 2008.

Let us move to the next Active Directory Interview Questions.

3. Explain Domain in the Active Directory?

A domain basically acts as the source of the data, in the active directory all the objects and other information regarding the different devices lie in the domain. Whether its hardware or the software used, all the relevant data is stored in the directory. Purpose wise it is the hub of the data and all the required information for the operations is collected by the server from the domain.

4. What is a Native Mode in Active Directory?

A native mode is a mode for the functioning of active directory when the user information is stored in one or more catalogs which are known as global catalogs. This mode allows the user or organizations to use features like nest group, group membership, etc.

5. What is Kerberos?

In order to protect the data from theft and other spy activities, an authentication protocol is used in active directory which provides the strong authentication features and secret key which is encrypted to save data, it is the Kerberos feature of active directory.

Part 2 – Active Directory Interview Questions and Answers (Advanced)

Let us now have a look at the advanced Active Directory Interview Questions.

6. What is the need for an Active Directory?

Active directory is very useful for the smooth functioning of an organization. It helps the organization or companies to organize the data of their users, computers, and databases. Also, the AD is used by the different departments of organizations like admin. Department used it to maintain the profile of every employee in the organization and the IT department use it to record that which computer link to which network and many other allied works. Active directory is the backbone of the organization because it controls all the data flow and also it is the central hub.

7. Tell about the Concept of Sites in the Active Directory?

A site is associated directly with the domain of the active directory on Microsoft Windows, a user can visit or associate on various and multiple sites with the help of active directory domain. An object of a site shows the location of the host network. It also contains the subnets which have their individual roles.

Let us move to the next Active Directory Interview Questions.

8. Tell some Pros and Cons of the Active Directory?

Pro: Active directory provides the smooth functioning by providing the centralized access of all the systems in the organizations, in this way the administrator controls all the computer from one unit instead of running on each PC for the data.

Cons: To install the active directory in the organization significant infrastructure is required and also the maintenance cost is also very high because the special staff is required etc.

9. What changes are required in the Active Directory nowadays?

If we see the history so we find that active directory was introduced by the windows 2000 and later many changes are done accordingly with the time and now in the latest version the utmost features are there in the active directory. In the active directory, there are lots of changes required as according to the modern times like the security features needs to be upgraded, the domain which is used in the active directory it should be enlarged and storage capacity should also be widened. Apart from that, the user interface should be upgraded so that the administrator easily maintains all the systems and easily address the problems which are coming.

10. Discuss the new features in Active Directory in Windows server 2012?

In the new version there are many new features in an active directory:
Domain controller promoter: To review the result of the installation.
Upgraded administrative center: In this version better tools are provided to the user for the smooth functioning.
Better security: The security parameters are good in the new version which provides the protection to the data of the user.


Active Directory is the compilation of many programs and information which matters a lot for an organization, also if we see the strategic importance of the active directory so we realize that all the work depends on this whether it is IT firm, BPO and any other institutions. So the version which is used nowadays is not as full proof in security as required, because data is the utmost importance so there is the need to address this problem as soon as possible. Also, countries like India and other developing nations are worried about the data sovereignty so security must be given utmost importance.

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