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Excel VALUE Function

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VALUE Function in Excel

VALUE Function in Excel (Table of Contents)

  • VALUE in Excel
  • VALUE Formula in Excel
  • How to Use VALUE Function in Excel?

VALUE in Excel

Value Function is categorized under text function, it’s a convenience feature of excel, Value function is a base function of excel, its convert a text string that a number to a number, text string can be in any type of constant number, date and time format, if the value of text is not one of these formats then its value return #value error value, because value function can’t understand the value. generally, we don’t need to use the value function in formula, very few utilization of this formula because excel automatically converts text to numbers as necessary, also excel given a tool for convert the data type by the help of text to column tools. We come to know because it will a green mark in the cell.

Explanation of VALUE Function

if our data in text format which should be in numeric value and we have huge data size and we need to calculation on the data like sum, subtract, multiplication, divination, average, so you need to use this function because no any calculation will perform as expected, especially when you are trying to run them on data from an external source consider running your input columns through VALUE to ensure that Excel is appropriately recognizing them as numbers.

This function also to play the very important role when we are using the advanced excel formula because there is uses of data type, without data type numeric value excel can’t understand properly thus maybe we can get the incorrect result.

VALUE Formula in Excel

The Formula for the VALUE Function in Excel is as follows:

VALUE Formula

The VALUE Function uses of the arguments:-

There are only one argument in VALUE Function which is below mention.

Value (Required Argument / Text Value) – It is the text enclosed in quotation marks or a reference to a cell containing the text you want to convert.

A step of using the VALUE Function

  • Select the Formulas tab.
  • Choose Text to open the Function drop-down list.
  • Select VALUE in the list to bring up the function’s dialog box


  • Also click on Insert function icon then manually write and search the formula


  • We get a new function window showing in below mention picture.

VALUE Step 3

  • Write the value in the open dialog box

VALUE Step 4

  • Then we have to enter the details as showing in the picture.

VALUE Step 5

  • Put the Cell value or text value where you want to convert the data type.

VALUE Step 6

  • Then Click On OK.

VALUE Step 7

Shortcut of using the Formula

Click on the cell where you want to result from value then put the formula as below mention

= Value (Cell Value / Text Value)

How to Use Value Function in Excel?

Value Function in Excel is very simple and easy to use. Let understand the working of Value Function in Excel by Some Examples.

Example #1 – to use on the different data type

VALUE Example 1 

As above showing picture, we have some data which is different type like date, time, currency, numbers, numeric in-text value, and discount percentage, we can see below that value function how to convert the all data as numeric value, then you can easily make any calculations on the result value, now we are using value function formula below.

VALUE Example 1.1

It returns the result as shown below:

VALUE Example 1.2

Example #2 – To use with if the function

VALUE Example 2

There are some details of calling agent In a call center as above table Agent Name, Agent first log in time, Log out time, and total log in duration on the system then we check with a formula that which agent not complete the login duration, so we can use the if function for check the same, in this formula we take a help of value function, because we are giving the timing criteria in text format and we are using the if function with value function, value function convert in time format which is given criteria in text format.

=IF (H5 >= VALUE ( ” 9:00:00 AM ” ), ” Complete Login ” , ” Short Login Duration ” )

VALUE Example 2.1

Now we can get the result as below mention by help the value function with if function.

VALUE Example 2.2

Example #3 – To use VALUE Function with left and sum function

As showing above picture there is mention some fruits quantity and we want to know about the total numbers of fruits so we can get this using of value function with left function.

=VALUE (LEFT (A17, 2))

VALUE Example 3.1

Now we can get the result like this.

VALUE Example 3.2

Things to Remember About VALUE Function

  • If the data is not in a format that Excel recognizes, the data can be left as text. When this situation occurs, certain functions, such as SUM or AVERAGE, ignore the data in these cells and calculation errors occur. A VALUE formula returns the #VALUE error.


  • You can also track the data type by alignment, Text data aligns on the left in a cell. Numbers and dates align on the right cell.
  • The function converts text that appears in a recognized format (a number in the text, date, or time format, currency, percentage ) into a numeric value.
  • Normally, Excel automatically converts text to numeric values as needed, so the VALUE function is not needed regularly.

You can download this VALUE Function Excel template here – VALUE Function Excel Template

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