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12 Most Effective Tips For Fostering the Teamwork

Tips For Fostering Teamwork – Whether it is a small project or a big one, Teamwork can do wonders. These days, many companies select only those individuals who are comfortable working in a team. With the right team of members who have good skills, efficient knowledge and good experience, the project can be finished within the deadline without compromising with the quality. However, managing a healthy team is not so easy. There are a lot of strategies, activities and appreciation which needs to be done with every employee to make him feel why he is needed. A single mistake in choosing a wrong employee in the team can ruin the entire project. Without an effective teamwork, the foundation of business can never be successful. Hence, it is extremely important to manage the teamwork on every individual’s strengths and weaknesses and thus provide a productive success out if it.

Here are 12 tips for fostering teamwork through which success can be achieved easily.

  1. Make the team of Individuals with Right roles

If a person is an effective website designer, hiring him for the post of content writer is a waste. If a person is a software engineer then hiring him for the post of manager does not make any sense. Skill gap can make the big difference and result to a big loss. Hence, choose the ideal as per your business needs and depending upon the skills he or she has. Understand the purpose of choosing these individuals and assign the task accordingly. However, you need to also train the individuals to enhance the skills and inculcate it in new projects. There is no harm for the web designer to understand the role of content writing. Although website designing would be his primary role but if he brushes up his skill as a writer then he can do some part of it and progress. This will not create boredom and individuals also get a better platform to learn new things.


  1. You must know every member of the team

Being a manager can certainly be the most difficult task. However, you must treat every individual working for your team as special and important. It is necessary to create a new attribute with the employees. This creates a clean yet clever bond and the whole team stays together. By building a healthy relation with the individual in the team, it gives mutual honor. This makes the bonding stronger and builds the trust which is extremely important in a team. As you start understanding the members of the organization present, you will realize that your position in the organization is getting stronger eventually. To understand your individual team members, you can once organize a lunch or some activities by which the members can speak about themselves and get a chance to know you as well. With fun tasks and activities that includes more of communication; you can create a bridge between you and the team and thus know them better.

  1. Playing with the Strengths is not a Crime

Every member that you hire must be having a set of skills which you can utilize some or the other day. Well, you need to be sure when and which skill of the member you must put for a particular role that can help you get the desired results. No role is big or small. As a manager, you must think on every organization member’s abilities which can be put together and make an effective approach to give the best output. For this, you must place every individual in a right place as per the role for which you hire the individual. Your focus must be to create a simple team which should not get crushed down. If you are sure and think that the roles for which you have chosen every individual respectively is right, then do not think twice.

  1. Set some Rules for teamwork

For every team to do teamwork in the right manner you need to set some rules and regulations. These rules should ensure quality results and work within a deadline. The individual that work in your team must know who is the other person to him he or she might report the problem or issues that can come up. It must be followed in a right way. Escalation should be done in the systematic manner. You must not delegate any individual to make a final call on the problem. It must be done with proper discussion.

  1. Brainstorming session always work

For every new project, when it comes of choosing the right set of individuals who can be a perfect team you can set some brainstorming sessions. This allows the employees to understand how a collective work can prove beneficial. Give a chance to every individual to speak and contribute one idea which may prove out to be useful. There are times when even the creative ideas may prove to be a lifesaver to make a professional task successful.


  1. Your team deserves an Award

For excellent work, your team deserves some reward. It can be in form of a certificate, a day off, or some monetary perks. This encourages every individual in the team to perform the task in a better manner. With a good reward, every team member understands the meaning of sharing in winning. This will let the team do the task even in more energetic way and accomplish the project without compromising with the quality. To foster a better sense of teamwork, you must consider it as one essential approach that can definitely lead to a success.

  1. Outing is Refreshing

Sometimes too much work pressure can make the mind rigid. It is always better to keep the employees feel refreshed. For this taking the team to outing can be the best option. This gives a chance to understand your employees in a better way and create a friendly relation with them. You can also think of some creative ways like get your team a t-shirt or a hat of the logo that defines your team networking. This improves productivity and you can understand your every team member’s strengths and weakness properly. A good outing or a day trip or lunch with your staff is one of the most common activities which many people usually follow. It is still practices as a part of the work cycle as it contributes in refreshing the mind of every individual in a far better manner.

  1. Busy Team; Get Shared Calendars

Cloud has come up with interesting software which allows the busy team to stay connected with each other. In a hectic schedule to juggle or a deadline to be achieves, often there are times when some people may not attend the team meetings personally. This can lead to a negative impact. It is agreed that every team member try hard to handle the significant workload. However, with shared calendars, the team can plan the initiates in a right manner and thus manage their own part of work. It thus allows every team member to understand what task should be done when so that it can be submitted on time. Once you have your team assigned, make sure you get a shared calendar installed in everyone’s PC. This can at least ease down the task load.

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  1. A transparent communication is Important

Whether it is a member whom you like the most is not giving the desired results or whether the person who has been showing a drop down from past few days has suddenly surprised you with good output, you must be frank with every employee about its progress in the team as an individual contributor. A transparent communication enables every individual realize that all other members including him are sailing on the same boat. You can use emails or held a meeting to send out such communication. Other than this, if any individual comes up with the question or issue, it should also be solved in front of other members involved in the team. Rather, their opinion should also be considered. An open communication can always keep all things sorted in a team and thus the chances of politics and blame game reduces.

  1. Be fair

A manager or a team leader should never play the game of favorite. It is accepted that certain individual who might be working hard or coming up with nice ideas may turn out to be your favorite. But you need to give chance to every member of the team. Do not let them feel that they don’t exist. You must greet every member in the organization equally. Assign the task to every member as per the capacity. If you play a role of a fair manager then only will the team to look forward to work for the project with dedication and efficiency. Build a successful relation with every individual and create a trust in them. A foundation of trust can only lead to a strong team. Try to communicate more with the embers, assign different tasks and appreciate on the work they perform.

  1. Clarity Matters a lot

It is necessary that very team member has a good understanding about the goal and task of his department. He must be clear with the role he is designated with and should eventually give the right results. It is your job to let your team be clear about what actions they need to take to complete the tasks. You must encourage your team to come up with new techniques that can help them in giving a good team output. Assign them certain goals and be clear with their duties and responsibilities associated with the project. Every resource of your project must ensure that every duty from his end is met in a professional manner that too on time. Do not misguide your team member or communicate in a way that can create any kind of confusion. If your member get stuck up at any pint of time, try to guide him or suggest the right way to achieve the target. The more you are clear with your expectation from the team members, the better your members can help them achieve it. Hence, it is better that you are clear from the beginning of the project about your expectation from the team who will be working under you.

  1. Always Encourage for Collaboration

It is only you who can very well make your team members understand the real meaning of working as a team. A good teamwork can result to better productivity and can deliver the results faster. However, when there is collaboration, it is pretty obvious to come across certain chances. Every member involved in the team must understand the real meaning of putting the team effort. Thus, once the success is achieved it can be shared equally among all the members of the team. You must make your point clear that every team member is responsible for the success and failure of the project no matter how much does he or she contributes in it.

There are many companies and entrepreneurs who look forward to an effective team to get the issue solved. Other than this, an effective team also helps to complete the scheduled tasks and generate the ideas that may prove out to be fruitful. With the right direction and proper facilitation from the right team leader, it is possible to make a productive team that too at a pocket friendly value. This not only ensures success but also builds altogether a new image in the market. The factors like smooth communication, better opportunities, and delineation of the team process and acceptance of individual’s role should be considered. Follow the above 12 tips for fostering teamwork for better results. This will encourage a good working relationship and thus you can nurture your workplace environment. Once the staff understands how to work together without any politics, you will be easily able to accomplish your goals. Besides, the new innovative ways offered by every individual involved in the team can give your business a new way to achieve a good profit.

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12 Most Effective Tips For Fostering the Teamwork


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