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50 Amazing Graphic Designers You Should Know

Graphic Designers

Do you remember the first time you saw a piece of art? And the heady feeling that you experienced when you saw it? That feeling which pushed you to create your own art? That was an inspiration.If you are a Graphic Designer, you probably seek inspiration from all around you. But every once in a while, you come across the art of another graphic designers which makes you want to get back to the board and create your own masterpiece.

We are listing out some of the most creative and amazing designers to inspire you and help you get that creativity flowing! Several graphic designers at Designhill vouch for the creativity of these designers –

Here Are Top 50 Amazing Graphic Designers You Should Know

1. Jason Santa Maria –

Currently the Design Director at Slate, he loves experimenting with Typography and traditional print design. Check out his website for his latest works and projects.

Jason Santa Maria

2. Khoi Vinh –

The Principal Designer at Adobe, Design Chair at Wildcard and co-founder of Kidpost, Khoi works on creating stunning web designs.

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Khoi Vinh

3. Dana Tanamachi –

If you love typography and lettering, she is the designer you look for inspiration. Having her own line of Tanamachi Goods, she specializes in beautiful custom typography for brands.

Dana Tanamachi

4. David Carson –

Moving away from the norm is his trademark style. Often pushing the boundaries of ‘acceptable’ design, David works across both print and digital medium.

David Carson

5. Lauren Hom –

A letterer and graphic designers, she is behind the exquisite typography of several brands like Starbucks, Google, and AT&T. She puts up her designs on her website ‘Hom Sweet Hom.’

Lauren Hom

6. Frank Chimero –

Looking for publication design inspiration? Frank is your guy. He specializes in publication design and digital design system; he has also written a book ‘Shape of Design.’

Frank Chimero

7. Nicholas Felton –

One of the lead graphic designers of Facebook’s timeline, Nicholas creates functional designs and specializes in creating stunning visuals of maps, graphs, and statistics.

Nicholas Felton

8. Debbie Millman –

Just hearing her speak on her podcast ‘Design Matters’ is inspiration enough! For over 20 years as the director of Sterling Brands, she has redesigned big brands like Burger King.

Debbie Millman

9. Allan Peters –

The current Associate Creative Director at Target, Peter specializes in bold and effective visuals. He has in fact created the iconic Target logo!

Allan Peters

10. Aaron Draplin –

Aaron runs his own design firm and works with several brands on their corporate design.

Aaron Draplin

11. Violaine & Jeremy –

An eclectic style is what you get with this designer duo, who works on everything from illustrations to corporate designing.

Violaine & Jeremy

12. Viktor Hertz –

Icons and Pictograms, if that’s your thing you should follow Viktor. He has started the ‘Noun Project’ as well which is one the largest icon libraries online.

Viktor Hertz

13. Chuck Anderson –

Electric and Vivid, that’s Chuck’s design style. He runs his own agency ‘No Pattern’ and has worked with international brands like ESPN, Microsoft, and Nike.

Chuck Anderson

14. Roanne Adams –

Roanne has founded her own design agency – RoandCo, which works with lifestyle, tech and beauty brands to create fantastic designs.

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Roanne Adams

15. Brian Hoff –

Brian creates beautiful and functional designs for the web and mobile platforms. He also works with product and user experience design.

Brian Hoff

16. Scott Hansen –

He is both an artist (ISO50) and musician (TYCHO) creating path-breaking art. He is a self-taught designer and works especially with clean layouts and designs that are clutter free.

Scott Hansen

17. Dave Foster –

He is a freelancer and works with creative agencies and brands for creating attractive typefaces and lettering.

Dave Foster

18. Michael Beirut –

A partner at Pentagram, Michael has worked with brands for all kinds of designs, packaging design, exhibition design and graphic design.

Michael Beirut

19. Joshua Smith –

Also known as Hydro74, Joshua has created bold and influential designs and worked with brands like EA Sports, Lucasfilm, and Nike.

Joshua Smith

20. Alex Trochut –

His designs are a perfect inspiration for the seamless mix of language and visuals. He specializes in design and typography.

Alex Trochut

21. John Maeda –

John runs his own studio now MaedaStudio and is an authority in design trends in tech ecosystems.

John Maeda

22. Alex Center –

He is a fantastic packaging design expert and currently works with Coca-Cola and heads the design strategy for their Powerade, Vitaminwater & Smartwater.

Alex Center

23. Dan Cassaro –

He is a designer who works on typeface, lettering and logo design. Currently, he runs a design studio, ‘Young Jerks’ with another artist – Dan Christofferson.

Dan Cassaro

24. Lousie Fili –

Starting her career as a book cover designer, Louise is now running her own studio which specializes in restaurant and food packaging design.

Lousie Fili

25. Shepard Fairey –

The man behind the ‘Hope’ posters of Obama, Shepard understands the power of political imagery. He does a lot of exhibitions, street art as well fine art.

Shepard Fairey

26. Tina Roth Eisenberg –

Popular in the online world as ‘Swiss Miss’, Tina runs a popular design thought the blog and pursued her creative personal projects seriously.

Tina Roth Eisenberg

27. Tom Muller –

The flashy movie posters, edgy comic book designs and unique web designs are a specialty of Tom Muller who now works with international brands with his agency ‘Hello Muller’.

Tom Muller

28. Erik Spiekermann –

You will understand his craziness in his own words, ‘I have been suffering from Typomania all my life, a sickness that is incurable but not lethal.’

Erik Spiekermann

29. Craig Ward –

His website URL ‘words are pictures’ itself indicates his love for typography. He is also an artist but best known for his typography work.

Craig Ward

30. Joshua Davis –

If you believe science is art and Joshua’s unique graphics style of using rule-based randomized processes to create art will excite you.

Joshua Davis

31. Kelli Anderson –

Old school meets New Media in her artwork, she has a unique style where she creates graphics through drawing, photographing, cutting, coding and printing!

Kelli Anderson

32. Simon Prades –

He works with pencil or ink on paper and digital coloring, he has worked with several publishing houses and media outlets.

Simon Prades

33. Seb Lester –

Creating iconic visuals with typeface and lettering is Seb’s passion. He has worked with brands like Intel, Apple, NASA to create logos and illustrations.

Seb Lester

34. Stefan Sagmeister –

Currently he runs a firm Sagmeister and Walsh that is a full-service studio. However, his own design style has been to always to create shock and awe!

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Stefan Sagmeister

35. Jon Contino –

Jon runs his own studio where he works with brands creating unique designs for apparels, TV & Film, publishing, and retail.

Jon Contino

36. David Airey –

He works with companies to create their brands as he says ‘People are more likely to buy from you if the quality of what you sell is matched, or surpassed, by the quality of your brand identity.’

David Airey

37. Erik Marinovich –

He is a lettering artist and designer based out of San Francisco. He has worked with companies like Google, Facebook and Nike to create unique designs.

Erik Marinovich

38. Sean McCabe –

His entire career has been set around lettering, from working on individual projects to teaching others about lettering! You can follow his work on his blog ‘seanwes’.

Sean McCabe

39. Lotta Nieminen –

She is an illustrator and graphic designer and was featured in Forbes Annual ’30 under 30’ list in Art & Lifestyle category.

Lotta Nieminen

40. Mike Perry –

The quirkiness hits you as you navigate through his website. An artist, graphic designer, and illustrator, Mike also works on animation and branding projects.

Mike Perry

41. Timothy Goodman –

Starting as a book cover designer, he has moved onto unique projects such as ’40 Days of Dating’ and ’12 Kind of Kindness’ which combines art and the real world in a twisted way!

Timothy Goodman

42. Llew Mejia –

Colors, Textures, and Details stand out in Llew’s work. He is an illustrator and works with clients like Starbucks, Chipotle, and Target.

Llew Mejia

43. Jacob Cass –

A logo design and branding expert, Jacob has worked with the likes of Disney and Nintendo to create trademark logos.

Jacob Cass

44. Jessic Hische –

Jessica is a lettering expert and creates wonderful design with letters. She has worked as an illustrator and type designer in many companies.

Jessic Hische

45. Jon Hicks –

You would have come across his work for sure, having created iconic logos for Mailchimp, Firefox, and Skype. He has also written the book ‘The Icon Handbook.’

Jon Hicks

46. Steven Heller –

Having worked as an art director for 30 years at the New York Times, Steven has created a legacy for himself, also having authored over 170 books on the design!

Steven Heller

47. Richard Perez –

Cute, Quirky, and Comic – Richard has created designs that appeal to the child in you. He has worked for Google, Fitbit, and Facebook.

Richard Perez


48. Dan Cederholm –

He is the guru of web design and is a longtime advocate of standards-based web design. Web graphic designers at Designhill follow his work/blog to get inspired and create fantastic websites for their clients.

Dan Cederholm

49. Jessica Walsh –

The other half of Saigmeister and Walsh, Jessica is known for her youthful work full of attitude, appealing to the millennial!

Jessica Walsh

50. Becca Clason –

Becca has taken lettering to the next level and creates works in stop-motion. She also works with photography.

Becca Clason

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What’s stopping you now? Get down to the drawing board and create your own iconic masterpieces! Also, if you know of any other amazing graphic designers we have missed, do let us know in comments below.

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50 Amazing Graphic Designers You Should Know


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