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Shooting Behind Cover: Taking A Tactical Advantage

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Shooting From Cover For The Defensive Shooter

If you have to shoot in defense of yourself, it is always a good idea to be Shooting from Cover if at all possible. Obviously, it won't necessarily be in the extremely rare event that you'll ever have to use your gun in defense of your own life or that of others.

That said, a situation in which you may have to may arise in a setting where cover is available. If it does, use cover instead of concealment. The former can give you a bit of safety; the latter only hides you...for a while.

How does one shoot from cover? It isn't complicated, but there are some definite dos and don’ts. Be sure to incorporate them into concealed carry training and practice, as it may save your life one day.

Cover Vs Concealment

Perhaps it's overkill to do so, but it bears repeating that there is a difference between cover and concealment. The latter is merely covering; it hides you from other people's view. The former, however, presents a barrier impermeable to gunfire. Good cover is also concealing.

A brick wall is cover; the typical wall being little more than gypsum board, insulation and a bit of framing, is not. A car is very poor cover unless you position yourself with the engine block between you and your assailant(s). A good thick tree is also good cover.

A door is usually little more than concealment. Most furniture is not cover, though a bookcase filled with books is.

And so on and so forth. Learn to recognize the difference, and be aware of what in your immediate vicinity could be used as cover if needs be.

Utilize Angles When Shooting From Cover

The first thing to know about shooting from cover is what's often called "pie-ing." You'll see or hear mentions of pie slices when referring to shooting from cover. Essentially, you want to utilize angles in order to get your gun onto the target.

You need to get the greatest degree of vision while presenting the least amount of yourself. Little more than your gun and your eye should be presented when peering around cover.

If you can't see the target well, you need to change your angle by shifting position rather than peering further around your cover. This means you'll have to reposition on top of your cover, if applicable, or on the left side.

You'll need to learn to shift from side to side while standing or kneeling. If in a crouched position, drop the knee of the side you're leaning on. If leaning to the left, drop the left knee for better support. If to the right, put down the right knee.

Remember, if you don't see the target in the "slice" of the pie you're at, shift position to get a better slice. You need to see who you're shooting at, but they need to see as little of you as possible.

Keep Arm's Length Away When Shooting From Cover

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Shooting Behind Cover: Taking A Tactical Advantage


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