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SHOT Show - New Innovations in the Gun Industry

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SHOT Show 2018

Any exhibition is a big deal, but SHOT Show 2018 was huge for Alien Gear Holsters. SHOT Show 2017 was enormous. We debuted the ShapeShift Modular Holster System, demonstrating its versatility and innovative features to the folks in the industry and - through social media and various publications - to the public.

We had to follow that up with something big.

For, this year's SHOT Show, we brought the latest additions to the ShapeShift line of modular holsters. This includes a number of new holster configurations, offering even more methods of Carry using the ShapeShift shell system.

We designed the ShapeShift so that you could carry your gun how you want, when you want to, with minimal time and effort needed to switch between carry methods. As you can see from our new holster platforms at SHOT Show, there are about to be even more options.

ShapeShift Backpack Holster

The ShapeShift Backpack Holster allows you to mount a holster to a backstrap shoulder strap for easy access while carrying a pack for long durations of time. This is perfect for day hikes, extended trips down the trail or excursions into the backcountry.

The holster can be attached to any other type of strapping that you may wish to attach it to as well.

The backpack holster uses a durable, secure and adjustable strap lock that folds over your shoulder strap or other strap - such as a seatbelt - and locks securely in place. It clamps down and stays put, even while carrying a pistol.

The backpack holster adapter docks with the full-wrap Shift shell configuration. This gives you a full 360 degrees of cant adjustment as well as the secure carry of the ShapeShift OWB. The holster can also be moved from the strap dock to our Drop Leg Holster platform, to the paddle holster attachment and to any other carry platform for this shell configuration.

ShapeShift Pocket Holster

The ShapeShift Pocket Holster is a new Concealed Carry holster configuration for the ShapeShift line, designed to give you a comfortable, secure pocket carry with the same superior fitment and retention of the rest of the ShapeShift line.

The ShapeShift half-shell attaches to a compact backer, which inserts into the pants pocket. The holster also includes a pocket clip, which secures the holster. This guarantees a secure carry, but also anchors the holster for a sure draw.

Retention is fully adjustable via the Adjustable Retention Unit, and the Shift Shell can be moved to additional concealed carry platforms of the ShapeShift, including the 4.0 IWB holster base, our Appendix Carry Holster base or the Belt Slide OWB.

ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster

The ultimate open carry platform is certainly the drop leg holster, and we brought ours to SHOT Show 2018. The Alien Gear ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster incorporates the ShapeShift shell system, as the full-wrap shell configuration docks securely with the leg platform.

The docking spline allows for a full 360 degrees of cant rotation, and holster retention is fully customizable. Wear with active retention, passive retention or both for greater security. We also include additional docking splines for use with Alien Gear's Cloak Mag Carriers. Wear up to four spare magazines along with your pistol with our tactical holster.

ShapeShift Ankle Holster

For deep concealment or for carrying a backup gun, we give you the Alien Gear ShapeShift Ankle Holster. We set out to create a better class of ankle holster, and once you wear it, you'll see just how good ankle carry can actually get.

The difference between our holster for ankle carry and others is our two-piece design. Whereas other ankle holsters consist of a single strap or a garter system, ours is a two-piece design. The holster attaches to an ankle wrap. The ankle strap has a durable polymer insert that docks with a heel strap. This creates horizontal and vertical tension.

The result is an ankle holster that stays in place while carrying. The CoolVent neoprene breathes against the skin and wicks away moisture, keeping you cooler and drier than other ankle holster designs. You get the custom fitment and adjustable retention of the ShapeShift shell system, so you can be confident in carrying on the ankle.

Dry Tuck IWB Holster Base

The latest innovation from Alien Gear Holsters is the Dry Tuck IWB Holster base, which is compatible with our ShapeShift shell system. This IWB holster base is like none other. It's designed to give the wearer the utmost in comfort while carrying in hot weather and environments. The Dry Tuck features a breathable backing layer for increased airflow. We also install a cooling fan to create actual airflow inside the waistband.

The fan housing holds a lithium-ion battery, just like a smartphone, laptop or electric car. This gives the battery a long life and a short charging time. A full charge will operate the fan over an 18-hour period. Charge the holster overnight and use it all day, with a full charge taking only a few hours. The fan and battery housing is detachable, so you can take it on and off as desired.

The fan pulls air in from the sides, creating a large pocket of airflow inside the waistband. This keeps the wearer cooler and drier than any other IWB holster design.

The Dry Tuck is a new spin on concealed carry.

ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

The next upcoming ShapeShift holster? That would be the Alien Gear ShapeShift Shoulder Holster. This is one of the most popular carry methods, though we had yet to create a carry platform for this kind of holster.

We decided to shoulder the burden of creating a better carry platform for this type of concealed carry. By adapting our ShapeShift holster system for shoulder carry, you won't find a better shoulder holster anywhere else in this galaxy.

A lot of people have bought a shoulder holster, only to cease wearing it within a few weeks due to discomfort. After that, they swear off shoulder carry. This holster, however, will change your mind about how comfortable shoulder carry can be.

The straps are leather, for great durability, and give the wearer an unprecedented range of adjustability to find the perfect fit. The comfortable straps are plush, wearing comfortably on the shoulders. You'll feel the CoolVent neoprene lining breathe against the skin and wick away moisture, allowing you to wear your shoulder holster in all four seasons.

The holster platform is fully adjustable for cant. Most shoulder holsters orient the gun vertically or horizontally. Ours lets you choose how you want it by moving the strap attachments, which can be changed without the use of tools.

The holster - our ShapeShift half-shell configuration - is further reinforced by a leather wrap, further enhancing security. You can rely on passive retention alone, or install a thumb break for active retention. Our shoulder holster also includes a mounting platform for up to two Alien Gear mag carriers in addition to your pistol.

Check out our release calendar in coming weeks for a release date, and watch Alien Gear's social media channels for more information. We are excited about our new shoulder holster, and we think you will be too once you see the potential it has to make shoulder carry more comfortable, customizable and secure than with any previous design.

The Alien Gear Booth At SHOT Show 2017

As if we weren't going to make an appearance, there just so happens to be an Alien Gear SHOT Show booth at this year's SHOT Show. We were at SHOT Show 2016, and we sure weren't going to miss SHOT Show 2017.

This year, the Alien Gear SHOW Show booth was a somewhat more prominent position, as we were installed near the food court at booth 641 on the first level of displays.

Obviously, not everyone can go to SHOT Show, so why are we bothering to tell you all this? It's basically a business-to-business event; the general public only gets to see pictures, videos and read write-ups and social media posts about the goings-on from people who get to go.

We thought it would be a great idea to update our fans and readers about this year's SHOT Show. What we're doing there, new guns and gear that are being exhibited, any rumors and so forth that we hear about, people we encounter and all that sort of thing. In other words, try to get you as close to the show floor as possible.

Check Alien Gear on Facebook Live!

If you want a bird's eye-view of the show floor, Alien Gear's took to Facebook Live to show everyone who wants a first-hand look at the show floor just what that might look like.

Check out the video here:

These are all floor exhibitors at this year's show, displaying their wares for other suppliers, distributors, and of course, the firearms and outdoor press, to see.

Bear and Sons Cutlery, as you might have guessed, manufacture knives with the outdoorsman in mind. If you like Buck knives (we do - and Buck is right down the road from us, as it happens!) then you'll love Bear and Sons, especially given their devotion to quality American workmanship.

If you're looking for a quality outdoor knife for hunting, fishing and so on, or just a high-quality classic folder, you'll love their knives...and also their fantastically reasonable prices. If you're interested in Evans Sports, they produce an incredible line of wood ammo boxes and other cases, accessories and so forth, including some incredible wooden gun racks - perfect for the hunting lodge or cabin, or really anywhere; they look that good.

Stay Tuned For A BIG Update From Alien Gear Holsters

Keep your eyes peeled, because Alien Gear Holsters has a BIG reveal planned for this year's SHOT Show. We can't give any details until it's time to give details, but keep your eyes on the blog, as well as on our social media channels.

When we set out to create a new product, our goal is to redefine what you can expect from something. Just like we redefined what you could expect from a concealed carry holster, a magazine carrier or a holster dock, we're about to set the concealed carry world on it's ear. It's going to be something else.

We certainly hope you enjoy that look at SHOW Show. We look forward to the rest of 2017, as we think it's going to be our biggest year yet.

Are you ready for a whole new way to carry?

SHOT Show 2017: What's In Store For Concealed Carry Guns and Gear?

One of the biggest events in the firearms industry every year is the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade expo or SHOT Show, and SHOT Show 2017 is right around the corner. The event has been put on every year since 1979 by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a key trade group in the shooting industry, and it's where everyone who's someone goes to show off new wares.

For hunters, concealed carriers and general gun enthusiasts, this is where the gun, CCW, hunting and outdoor industries go to show off new gear. Alien Gear Holsters will be there...but what else is happening this year?

2017 SHOT Show - Who Brought What?

There are some 2017 SHOT Show rumors already circulating, but there are some new products for concealed carriers and handgunners that will either be unveiled for the first time or get a hard launch at SHOT Show 2017. Here are a few new guns that are definitely going to be on display:

CZ P-10: CZ is obviously known for their DA/SA pistols, they recently released the P-10, a polymer-framed striker pistol. It's already been soft-launched, but SHOT Show is going to be it's big debut. It was partially conceived for new pistol trials for the U.S. armed forces, but obviously it can be used by law enforcement and civilians. Their tagline for the gun is "improving on perfection," so you know who they're trying to take down a peg or two.

Remington RP9: Big Green is getting deeper into handguns, offering the R1 1911, R1 Carry Commander, the recently re-released R51 and the RM380 subcompact. Their new addition is the RP9. It's a full-size poly striker gun that's +P ready out of the box. The magazine holds 18, and it comes with an accessory rail, aggressive slide serrations and low-profile sights. A version in .45 ACP - the RP45 - is on the horizon too.

Remington R1 Hunter 1911: The R1 Hunter is a longslide 1911 chamberdd in 10mm, perfect for handgun hunters. Along with the 6-inch barrel comes a beavertail grip safety, bobbed hammer, railed dust cover and adjustable sights.

Avidity Arms PD10: Avidity Arms is a new imprint of Eagle Arms, famous for the Bersa brand. The PD10 is a slim, compact single-stack 9mm poly striker gun designed by Rob Pincus. It's tailored for concealed carry, with slim dimensions, low-profile practical sights and being +P ready from the get go. Price isn't available, but expect to hear about it soon.

Dan Wesson PM-C: The Dan Wesson PM-C is a 9mm 1911, which uses a Commander-length slide on an Officer frame. Basically, it's the Dan Wesson Pointman with a shorter frame. It's a Dan Wesson, so you get quality and refinement - tuned trigger, skeletonized hammer, beavertail safety and fiber optic sights come standard. And many more!

Reviews From SHOT Show Range Day Await

Besides the new guns, another very popular part of SHOT Show is reviews from the SHOT Show range day. Every year, select attendees are invited to the SHOW Show Industry Day At The Range, where various people from within the firearms world are invited to shoot a plethora of firearms and ammunition.

This is where guns that are either hard-launched or first revealed at the show go to get their first reviews. Anyone who sees or reads about a gun at SHOW Show that they may want to purchase naturally is going to look for reviews, and the very first are from the Industry Day At The Range.

Want to see the new stuff in action? This is where it happens.

Meanwhile, Deep Inside The Skunk Works At Alien Gear…

Some of you might have heard by the time of this writing that Alien Gear has a big announcement for SHOT Show. Something secret. Something revolutionary. A new holster that's going to change the way people carry.

However, we're going to keep the details under wraps until SHOT Show. However, what can be divulged is that the new holster system we're working on is going to change what you expect from a concealed carry holster. It has been exhaustively engineered, designed and refined into a paradigm-changing holster design.

The status quo, or merely copying previous holster designs just aren't acceptable for us. Good enough is really not good enough. When we release a product, we want to be able to redefine what a product of that type is capable of.

Every holster we've released has been created with a paradigm change in mind. The Cloak Tuck 3.0 set a new standard of comfort for IWB holsters. The Cloak Mod paddle holster is a totally new take on the OWB holster. Our Cloak Mag Carriers are able to be worn in more ways than any other mag carrier can be, and our Cloak Dock systems make your Alien Gear holster more versatile than any other holster is or could be.

Expect a game-changing announcement from us at SHOT Show. Keep your eye on this site and our social media profiles for updates.

The Real Stars of SHOT Show 2016 SHOT

Show 2016 is an incredible experience for both gun enthusiasts and producers. It's a chance for everyone to meet up in sunny (and chilly) Las Vegas and showcase the next frontier of firearms, equipment, and accessories. From automated sentry guns to new holster designs, there's definitely new production lines coming out this Spring that grab all the attention and headlines.

The Kimber K6s Revolver

The K6s Revolver by Kimber is debuting at a very reasonable $899 (for Kimber standards), this six-cylinder titanium .357 Magnum revolver is surprisingly small and versatile. One of the things noted by reviewers thus far has been the excellent recoil compensation and extremely light weight.

Kimber is generally known for their custom 1911s but has, in recent years, got more heavily involved in producing firearms for the concealed carry community. This included the Kimber Solo and the Micro – both aimed directly at taking a chunk out of the concealed carry market. The Kimber K6s Revolver chambered in .357 Mag levels a direct blow to a similar S&W series. The use of a titanium cylinder both ensures longevity of the revolver and the auto-cocking feature takes out the guess work. And because it's Kimber design, you can always expect the trigger to be smooth as glass. It also incorporates a hexagonal cylinder which makes it more comfortable to carry in an inside the waistband concealed carry holster – something traditional revolvers sometimes lack.

Ultimately, if a concealed carrier is interested carrying this as his or her everyday carry, he's going to need an inside the waistband concealed carry holster and a gun belt which keep this Kimber K6s well positioned and at the ready.

Glock 17 & 19 with MOS (Modular Optic System)

This trend has survived multiple years now. People want to be able to draw their concealed carry handguns and be right on target – every time. Not everyone is an IPSC shooter or wants to be, and manufacturers are consistently being more cognizant of this fact. For the casual gun owner or everyday carrier, being able to take out his handgun and know that it's clear and on target in short time is a relief... And producers are competing with each other to get their modular optics on your handgun.

Glock is making big waves with its recent addition of a Modular Optic System. This is a sight which can be mounted onto their Gen 4 handguns and increases speed and accurary for concealed carriers and competition shooters alike.

Is it practical for concealed carry? Well, actually – yes.

Based upon the current design, it doesn't interfere with most IWB holsters and could be legitimately carried. However, we would stress the importance of practicing with it prior to carrying with the MOS attached. Still, we like where this is going.

There's countless other trinkets and doo-dads to go over and discuss. SHOT Show is a big deal not only for products and marketing but also to promote responsible gun ownership and the principles of firearm sportsmanship. If you're in Las Vegas right now, stop by booth #3927. In the video below you can see what our booth looks like, let us know what you think.

SHOT Show 2016 – New Concealed Carry Products

SHOT Show 2016 is a privately run event that has been annually held in Las Vegas for many years. Gun manufacturers, producers, firms, and others from all over the world come and see what the latest and greatest is from the firearms producing community. Much of the event is shrouded in secrecy as many manufacturers are showcasing never-before-seen equipment and firearms to a limited audience.

Last year's show brought with it a lot of peaks and plenty of disappointments (Taurus Curve), innovations and reiterations. For 2016, the rumor mill is already churning and I, for one, am excited to see what's at stake.

GLOCK Handgun Performance Improvements

GLOCK is rumored to be promoting several new features for their existing handgun lines that will improve shooter accuracy and precision. While GLOCK is never in the habit of revealing details before their time, it seems their ultimate goal is to bring their mainline GLOCK concealed and compact pistols to innovative match-level performance.

We shall see!

Next Generation For Ruger LCP Or Complete Redo?

Ruger's LCP series has been stalwart in the concealed carry community. Affordable, mostly reliable, and carried under the banner of one of the biggest firearms manufacturers in the world, it's pretty unthinkable that the LCP series would up and vanish due to some new innovation. More likely is some new improvements to the design and combat viability of this pistol line are possibly in the works due to recent price drops noticed for that model.

2nd Generation Smith & Wesson M&P Pistols

When Smith & Wesson released the M&P Shield line-up, it took over the concealed carry marketplace. Single-stack precision in a compact frame 9mm or .40 S&W caliber for a price point any concealed carrier could afford. What could be better?

Well, unfortunately, in the rush to promote the M&P Shield line-up, the main M&P series kind of got left behind. This SHOT Show is rumored to reveal new improvements to the M&P line that make it a hard-line competitor for law enforcement and modular-savvy armed forces.

Springfield Armory XDs Offered In New Calibers

Springfield Armory XDs is already one of the best concealed carry .45 ACP semi-automatic striker-fired pistols out on the market (despite what GLOCK may argue). The XDs in 9mm has also been recently proven to be an excellent choice, as well. Now the rumor mill is churning about that Springfield will fill in the gap between 9mm and .45 ACP. What caliber will it be? You'll have to wait after SHOT Show to find out.

New Pistol Manufacturers Out On The Market

Even more exciting than new guns is the idea of an expanded marketplace for concealed carry pistols. A new company called Honor Defense is supposedly showcasing their new advancements in concealed carry. Of note is a new FIST frame which is designed to keep an opponent from blocking the barrel and preventing the discharge of their new semi-automatic striker fire pistol. Should be exciting.

As with all rumors, some will likely be true and others false but one thing is for certain:

SHOT Show 2016 promises to be a spectacular year in terms of concealed carry innovation and accessories.

Shot Show 2015 - Anticipated Firearms, Buzz and Rumors

Handgun and long rifle enthusiasts are gearing up for this year's premier gun show which features a host of big name firearm producers alongside lesser known up-and-comers. For commercial buyers and manufacturers, it's a great chance to see what changes are happening in the world of firearms and more importantly – what commercial products are getting the most attention.

This year, the show starts on January 20th to the 23rd but for those lucky enough to secure space, there's a “Media Day at the Range” event on that Monday, the 19th. This is a great opportunity to get a sneak peak at the newest rifles, handguns, and before the doors open. The main event, itself, will be at the ATM Sands Convention Center near the Wynn Golf Club.

Like anyone needs an excuse to travel to Las Vegas?

But this year promises to be a big one in terms of pistol firing capacity, after-market and pre-market modifications, and equipment to make the best use of it. We're going to run down a few of the pistol platforms we're looking forward to seeing.

Firearms of 2015 Heizer Defense - “Pocket AK”

One of the oddballs coming to the show is expected to be the Heizer Defense “Pocket AK”. It's an ultralight, close-quarters pistol equipped to discharge a single 7.62 x 39 mm round. From the same company which produced the “Pocket Shotgun” - a .410-bore pistol touting similar capabilities – and the “Pocket AR” which uses a 5.56 NATO round – Heizer Defense seems to want to corner the market on being able to discharge large calibers from small packages. There's also scuttlebutt going around that they're releasing a “Pocket Sniper” version as well – equipped with a .308 round for impeccable penetration.

Charter Arms Pitbull Revolver (.45 ACP)

While Charter Arms has had their 9mm and .40 S&W line of rimless Pitbull revolvers out on the market for awhile, it was long expected they would eventually branch into .45 ACP. The rimless revolver, as a trend, seems to have gained somewhat unexpected traction in the firearms community. Novel is Charter Arms re-exploration of the old rimless revolvers from the turn of the century such as the British .455 Webley. Using half-moon and full-moon clips, Charter Arms is able to bring the reality of a heavy caliber auto cartridge to the revolver platform.

2015 Sig Sauer Pistols

Sig Sauer, the Exeter-based manufacturer of firearms, is looking forward to featuring a whole new line-up of classic pistol platforms outfitted in .22 LR. Based upon Osage County Guns' listings, there seems like a definite push to have classics such as the P238 and 1911 models come with more Sig Sauer bells and whistles out the hatch versus after market modifications. This may be a push to consolidate focus on their new style grips, target sights, and matte colors. Obviously, well anticipated considering its a handgun manufacturer that continues to perform well in the defensive and concealed carry marketplace.

Overall, this year's SHOT Show appears to have a renewed focus on armor, equipment, and militarized vehicles for defensive operations. It's believed to be part of a bigger effort to place focus on not just the best and brightest guns coming to market but also the equipment necessary to make full use of them.

And of course, if you are attending the 2015 SHOT Show at the ATM Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, be sure to check out our booth at Alien Gear Holsters. We always like to see some friendly faces and who knows – maybe there's some exciting deals in store at the booth? Just remember – a good hybrid IWB/OWB holster is the perfect compliment to a state-of-the-art handgun.

Take a look: Alien Gear IWB and OWB Holsters

Shot Show 2015 - New Pistol Upgrades

Israeli Weapons Industry, Ruger, and Smith & Wesson are some of the highly anticipated gun manufacturers featuring new firearms at the 2015 SHOT Show. With tough competition from the likes of Sig Sauer, Taurus, and Glock, each pistol manufacturing team is trying to out do each other in terms of making a pistol more light weight, more compact, and featuring room for add-ons such as flashlights, laser sights, and extended clips.

Handgun Customization is the Name of the Game

“The basic core functionality and styling of most pistols on the market is largely unchanged over the past thirty years.”

This is a concept that every gun manufacturer has to destroy if they hope to convince an audience of gun aficionados, equipment manufacturers, and military, law enforcement officials. Primarily in attendance for the 2015 Shot Show, these groups are looking for new pistols which can effectively bring a new dynamic to the battle space.

IWI's UZI Pro and UZI Pro SB Pistols

For this caveat, IWI's UZI Pro & UZI Pro SB pistols are trying to make a comeback after falling out of favor with the Secret Service in the mid-90s. Once considered a de facto close-quarters sub machine gun, it has since been increasingly relegated to second and third-tier distribution.

They're looking to change that standing in 2015. The new UZI PRO is chambered in the same classic 9mm Luger Parabellum but now incorporates an advanced polymer pistol grip for reduced weight. In terms of stylistic changes, they've put in an integrated magazine release for fast, flawless magazine changes. Outside of the polymer, that describes the old school UZI we all know and love. What made the UZI a hard sell was, historically, its lack of upgrade-able features at the purchase point and added mounts to allow for a shoulder-held firing position. Thankfully, they've listened to the market and incorporated full-length Picatinny rails along the entirety of the top and a short Picatinny rail on the polymer body. This allows for scope upgrades, flashlight attachments, and a host of after-market customization without complicated gunsmith procedures.

Smith & Wesson M&P Ported Pistol

A new addition to the compact world includes the upgrading of Smith & Wesson's classic M&P pistol line. Chambered for the .40 S&W and 9mm styles of ammunition, these are competition-ready models that are being eyed closely by law enforcement and military operators. These pistols are made with precision cut ports to keep the muzzle effortlessly on target.

Featuring a polymer composite lower receiver, this pistol incorporates short Picatinny rails to accommodate for handgun flashlight and laser sight attachments – perfect for those who have to clear a room in a close-to-medium quarters environment.

It's a full-size, accurate pistol with a compact 4.25” to 5.25” barrel – perfect for concealed carrying. And this, ultimately, is the market S&W is looking to master. Those in the law enforcement profession who have to holster their arms inside the waistband need a pistol that can fit a variety of situations. And, above all else – reliably shoot.

With over 400 specific gun manufacturers and producers at the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, many more pistols and compact concealed firearms are expected to take the market by storm. Stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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SHOT Show - New Innovations in the Gun Industry


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