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Ask A Black Girl: Why are Black girls so snotty towards White women?

A woman named Melissa, who I assume is White, wrote me with the following question:

Hi, it seems to me for the most part black girls don’t like making conversation or being friendly with white girls. Why is that?


Thanks for your question.

If you don’t mind, can you please provide more context for your question?

She never wrote back, so I never gave her question another thought but then I received another email from Ms. Melissa that said:

Well I asked this question about 2 months ago and you never got back to me. Why do black girls act so snotty towards white women. I’m sure now that you know the answer to this.


I also replied to your question 2 months ago. You may want to check your spam folder.

I’ll ask you again before I answer the question: What is the context? Describe the situation.

Once you do that, I will definitely have an answer for you and maybe even some feedback from the Women of the Ask A Black Girl group.

Photo by Lihle Lynne

I never got a response, but Melissa’s tone and her inability to answer my questions prompted me to present her vague and stereotypical question to the ladies of the Ask A Black Girl  (CLICK TO SEE ORIGINAL POST) group on Facebook.


Tynee Sims: PSA – No one’s being snotty! We don’t care!

Epiphany Castro: Hmph. I don’t dig her tone yo. No can do.

Verna Shook-Dunn: All black girls/women are no more the same than white girls/women. More often than not, you get what you give.

Kay Tanimowo: She sound bitter.

Annette Short: Depends on her attitude and behavior that may rub black women the wrong way. It’s strange that she is the common denominator for the snottiness from all black women don’t you think?

Photo by Tachina Lee on Unsplash

We’re Black ‘Women’ to You!

I couldn’t agree more with what my sistas had to say but here’s my two cents:

The first problem is that Melissa refers to Black women as “girls” but didn’t do the same when referring to White “women”.

Is she speaking about actual Black girls/children being snotty to adult White women? Or was that just a Freudian slip?

I’m sure it’s the latter and her choice of words says a lot about her overall attitude.

It says to me that Melissa has zero respect for Black women but for some reason she feels that we need to kiss her ass or beg for her friendship.

That ain’t happening, Mel. The world does not revolve around you regardless of what you’ve been made to believe all your life.

Attention White women and girls: Take this into consideration the next time a Black woman is snotty towards you and you can’t figure out why – White women overwhelmingly voted for Trump. We don’t wanna be bothered with ya’ll.

Ask A Black Girl gives Black women the opportunity to candidly answer the controversial, common, and crude questions we are asked most often and some that are asked behind our backs.

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Ask A Black Girl: Why are Black girls so snotty towards White women?


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