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Dealing with White Peoples Privilege and Fragility Online

White fragility is a defensive response to real conversations about race.


White privilege has layers. To understand what it is and what it isn’t read Understanding White Privilege and White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.

So, my Adventures in White Privilege and Fragility started this particular week when my Facebook “friend”, C. Hope Clark, who is A White woman, author, writer, and editor for posts that she is proud to be an American regardless of who is in office.

My response:

Simple question and I told no lies, but she played the victim and refused to answer the question because she didn’t want her post to be “sabatoged”.

She made it seem as if my question was posed to start shit on her timeline. I wanted an answer. I’m curious. I wanna know what there is to be proud of.

I mean, if you can state without a doubt that you are proud to be an American I think you should also be able to explain why. It should be pretty easy.

However, the responses that were posted by her, myself, and another White woman who agreed with her (of course) were deleted and she proceeded to delete me afterwards which was fine with me because I was going to delete her.

She beat me to the punch because White Fragility.


But, not all White people are bad!

Then a video of a White woman going full insane Racist asshole on two women of color in Walmart which includes her calling a Black woman a nigger, then playing the victim when she’s called out got my attention when I saw it posted by comedienne and actor, Marsha Warfield.

If you haven’t seen the video, you can find it posted by Eva Hicks, the main victim of the racist tirade.

For some reason I am unable to embed the video into this post. I am given a message that the video is no longer available. That’s bullshit. They (Facebook) just don’t want people to share it.

Anywho, my response to the video was this:

Mr. Alvarado, who I assume isn’t White based on his name and appearance (though I am fully aware that some Latin and Hispanic people identify as White), made it his business to set me straight and let me know that there are some good White folks out there.

I know there’s gotta be a term for non-White people who unnecessarily stick up for White people but I don’t know what it is. Will research for later.

My response to his nonsense was:

Gimmie a break, Leon. Do you mean to tell me that what I said is more racist than what happened in this video?

Here’s a tip: Black people can’t be racist. So it is false. What you’re talking about can be called prejudiced, but it’s not racist. You’re further proving my point and validating my attitude.

Anyone with an ounce of brain knows that not all White people are racist assholes. That doesn’t even need to be said. That’s why the “not all White people” speech is irrelevant, especially coming from a White man.

(Wait! Are you Latin or Hispanic? If so, that makes this even more ridiculous.)

In the face of all the hate this woman is showing you feel the need to try to school me on racism and how I should feel about White people like her. It’s hilarious!

It’s just like when people say – Not all cops are bad, in response to police disproportionately killing Black people. Ridiculous!

I get the need to defend your people but please stop. You’re can’t make her racist behavior acceptable and White people like her will always be at the top of MY Shit List. Don’t like it? That says a lot about you. But feel free to create your own list.


I said, This (referring to the racist behavior displayed in the video) is why White people are on the top of my Shit List.

I don’t apologize for that, especially as a Black woman. My Shit List includes everyone BTW. It’s a list with other people on it. I never said I hated anyone though love is not something I’m feeling either. You read into that.

And no, we will never agree because you had no business trying to check my tone or my feelings. You’re just displaying another example of White fragility (though I’m not sure you’re actually White). Research it and stop practicing it.

My comment resulted in 54 responses! Mr. Alvarado wasn’t the only man to chime in displaying White fragility.

You can see the full thread on Marsha Warfield’s Facebook post.

Here’s another viral video that shows a White man in a wheelchair having a tantrum and throwing garbage at a man because he was speaking Spanish to his mother on the phone. When police showed up he played the victim as well shouting things like, “Leave me alone!”

People Who Teach Need to Be Taught A Lesson

Click to read more!

Then in classic #ThrowbackThursday Facebook fashion I was reminded of the above situation from 6 years ago.

Imagine, a Social Psychology professor saying such a thing. White fragility in full effect!

BTW, I really do have a Shit List

It changes a couple times a month based on my experiences with humans.

Click to get my Shit List updates via my personal Twitter account.

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Dealing with White Peoples Privilege and Fragility Online


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