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God is not your personal genie!

Image of Genie lamp courtesy of Pixabay

A new year is a terrific time to make changes when it comes to your career.  New directions and choices will have to be made to make the amount of money that you all have dreamed of.

We go to church and we pray and we pray hard but sometimes your prayer may seem like it isn't being answered.  Why is this?  Because we pray, sit, and wring our hands waiting for an extraordinary event to occur.

What you were waiting hasn't come because the time wasn't right or you didn't put the necessary effort into the project at hand.  You prayed but you didn't work as hard as you could to make your dreams a reality. 
I have been stuck in the past doing this.  It did not get me anywhere and I really think that my being wrapped up in the notion that God would automatically rescue me every time that I made a bad choice was not helpful.  In fact it was a detriment to my success.

Was God willing to help me?   Yes, he was!  He is a healer and a way maker but you cannot wait on God like he is a genie and expect that your life will be perfect.

 I am finding out that the word "action" is not just a word but it is supposed to propel you to do something and do it quickly.  Take action over your health, wealth, and any other situation that needs to be attended to.

There will be so many hiccups on your journey to greatness and you will feel like giving up. Take this time to ask for advice from someone who have been in the same situation you are going through.  Take time for relaxing and giving your mind a rest but don't allow yourself, time to wallow in your despair because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

I am a big proponent of going to your local library for inspiration and also you can find out so much information on the bulletin board to find out about jobs and special things that are going on in the community. You can network with people who can give you knowledge about jobs or a way to give someone your business card.

Rally around people who aren't one sided and only want you to help them. But people who give great information, and you can support each other.  Be happy when your friends and associates succeed.

Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others.  You will be ready to move on and be an over comer.

 If you believe in God, keep praying but just know that he blesses us more in our ability to take his instruction he will give you the ability to make your life into what you want it to be.

  I have seen this happen so many times in my life. Keep people in your life who are more intelligent than you are because you can learn so much from them and people with great knowledge and wealth can give you great information. I have a friend who swears by, going to book clubs to network with smart people.  Don't limit yourself to just people from your neighborhood!

I was born into the "name it and claim it" generation and I have really seen God work in some grave situations but I had to learn from people of other faiths that I cannot sit and wait for God to work in areas that I have the ability to work myself.

  So many times I waited for the answer and it was right in front of my face.  I have had so many opportunities based on changes that I had to make myself and I am surprised about some of the blessings that came my way in a very short amount of time. Faith without works is dead!

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God is not your personal genie!


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