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Retrograde Planets Impacts In Horoscope

What is the meaning of Retrograde planets, Impact of retrograde planets as per astrology.
what is retrograde/vakri planet

In astrology whenever we make horoscope then we can find some Planets are Retrograde. Astrology lovers have keen interest to know the impacts of Vakri planets on life. 

But there are difference of opinion on the impacts of Retrograde Planets. Different astrologers provide different prediction after studying the Vakri Planets. 

What is The Meaning Of Retrograde Planet?
Generally every planets moves ahead means first enter in Aries then in Taurus and then in Gemini and so on but when any grah start moving backward then this movement is called RETROGRADE movement and planet is called retrograde or vakri. 
We have often listend that shani has become vakri, budh became vakri etc. 

So retrograde planet means planet is moving backward. 

Let's Know Which planets always remain RETROGRADE:
Rahu and ketu always move in backward direction and so always remain VAKRI.

Which Planets Never Become Retrograde?
Sun and Moon Never become vakri in horoscope.

Let's Know Different Opinion Related To Retrograde Planet:
  • Some astrologers think that Vakri planets always give negative impacts. 
  • Some astrologers think that when good planets become retrograde then give bad impacts and when malefic planets become retrograde then give good impacts. 
  • Some jyotish believe that different planets give different impacts on life when become retrograde. 

Important Things To Know About Retrograde Planets:
  1. Retrograde Planets always give bad impacts is not a good thinking, so avoid this. 
  2. Only saturn is a planet which if become vakri then give bad impacts. 
  3. Other positive planets except shani if become retrograde then generate positive impacts. 

In vedic astrology the impacts of planets depends upon with which zodiac it is present. So only by changing the direction of movement doesn't changes the results totally. 

Let's Know The Impacts of Malefic Retrograde Planets As Per Astrology:

  • If retrograde planet is affecting the happiness place then may disturb the personal life. 
  • If malefic retrograde planet is sitting in health place then may generate health issues. 
  • If study place is affected by retrograde planet then studies may suffer.
  • If marriage house in horoscope is affected by retrograde planet then it may responsible for delay in marriage or disturbed marriage life. 

If you are also worring about malefic Retrograde planets in your horoscope then not to worry, contact experienced astrologer and get solutions.

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What is the meaning of Retrograde planets, Impact of retrograde planets as per astrology.

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Retrograde Planets Impacts In Horoscope


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