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Devilman Crybaby: Leave Your Emotions At Home

I saw clips of rap battles and lot of jokes. I said to myself "Wow, I'll have to watch Devilman Crybaby it'll be fun." Well, I sat down and watched it. I had so much fun for maybe three episodes. Really like two and a half. I got played y'all. My emotions are not in check.

The shows out follow Akira Fudo who is pretty bad at everything and obviously has a crush on Miki Makamua, one of the fastest runners in all the high schools across Japan. One day he follows her and attempts to save her from some rapscallions. He's about to get the beat down when his childhood friend Ryo Asuka shows up with a machine gun and a sports car to save him. Ryo tells Akira about demons and they go to a Sabbeth party. Akira does drugs and touches some breast for the first time. It's really like a combination of a rave, an orgy and a drug den. Ryo wants to summon a devil so he starts killing people. Eventually the devils come out and start killing people.

Akira gets possessed and is told by Ryo he's a devil with a human heart. They set out to stop devils and Akira struggles with his new devil...attributes. His appearance changed. He eats a lot of meat. While he was watching porn in the living room before now every time he sees Miki he thinks about having sex with her and runs to his room to relieve himself covering the ceiling in...let's call it juices. It was all funny until episode three. Then Ryo starts hunting devils relentlessly and Akira has to question his own personal morals.

Eventually all out war between Devils, Devilmen and humans happens. I'm gonna be honest with you. I'm about to spoil it so you need to close this now if you don't want to know how it ends. Okay, here we go. Everyone dies, everyone. They're all dead. Nobody makes it out Ryo is the devil, I kept saying that as an expression like The Waterboy. But no, he's actually Lucifer. In the end he kills Akira and starts to cry because Akira was right about Devils having hearts earlier. Then God wipes out the whole earth.

The show has some interesting visuals, especially the Sabbath parties or when Akira's devil side tries to take over. The fights are brutal and yellowish blood was a strange choice, but it worked. Musically there wasn't much there but the cold opens performed by a makeshift rap group were kind of awesome.

I don't mind if an anime doesn't have a happy ending. Lots of the stuff I watch doesn't have a happy ending. But, when I sit down to watch it, I know it's going to be a bad ending. Not with Devilman Crybaby it caught me off guard. I'm telling you it's a good anime, but you need to leave your damn feelings at the door.

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Devilman Crybaby: Leave Your Emotions At Home


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