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Strength Does Not Equal Super Saiyan

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The current Dragon Ball Super Arc has everyone on edge as some people hate the show and others like it. People like myself love it because the action has been pretty cool and seeing old characters like 17 and 18 is fun. There's a scene before Goku emerges with Ultimate Instinct where 17, 18 and Frieza can bee seen all standing next to each other. What world would we ever see that but in Super. Others hate it because the story makes no sense but they especially hate it because of two new characters, Kale and Caulifa. Universe 6's arguably strongest characters have been the target of hate since they stepped on scene. Why? Because people don't like that Kale is "female Broly" and Caulifa is able to Reach Super Saiyan 1 and 2 so easily.

There is a common misconception about Super Saiyan. People think that in order to reach it you have to be strong, but that's not the case. Goku trained for 21 years before he went SSJ and he only transformed when his best friend was killed in front of him. Goku transformed out of pure rage. Vegeta got his transformation of screen in the manga but if you go by the anime he got it after having a breakdown because he couldn't transform. His emotions ultimately willed his power to transform. Gohan stumbled upon it by mistake but got SSJ2 after seeing his friends and family being tortured by Cell Juniors, and Android 16's death. His rage and will to end all of the fighting is what lead him to SSJ2.

In the future, it took Trunks seeing Gohan dead in order for him to transform. Present day Trunks and Goten were damn near born with the ability to transform. My point it, transforming into a Super Saiyan does not require strength but the will power, or strong emotions to tap into that energy. But once a person can reach SSJ, from then on they can train to attain an even higher power or variation of SSJ. During the Android Saga Goku tells Chichi and Master Roshi that he knows he can surpass his limits and reach an even higher form of SSJ. He was referring to SSJ2. That ascended form of SSJ that Vegeta and Trunks got before attaining SSJ was just a prelude but once Vegeta trained to perfect the form, he got SSJ2.

In conclusion, one does not need to be strong to become a SSJ but once they become a SSJ they can continue to perfect the form. Cabba, Kale, and Caulifa were pretty strong but never knew what SSJ was because they never needed to. Once Vegeta pissed Cabba off, once again going back to rage, he became a SSJ. He then told the others in Universe 6 about it and eventually they got it. Caulifa just may be an anomaly as all she had to do was focus her energy but Kale got it once again, from rage. Rage, if you did not know, is an emotion. So before you go "I hate these Universe 6 bitches. This show is shit. You can't go SSJ in 14 days", remember, going SSJ is based off emotions. Also blame Toriyama, the creator of the show, he's a shit writer. He clearly doesn't know what he's doing. Also, if you hate Super so much, just don't watch it.

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Strength Does Not Equal Super Saiyan


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