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4 Signs You're Too Woke for Comic Books

Hey, I'm woke. I'm so woke I don't even blink. Those are just miniature naps and I don't take naps, because I'm so woke. I don't even know what the back of my eyelids look like. I've been woke since I was born, I've never closed my eyes, they're always dry so I constantly apply water with a sponge. But, unlike some people I'm not too woke to be reading comic books. Here's four ways to know if you're too woke for comic books.

1. You argue about the proper usage of "lit"

Recently in an issue of Champions Miles Morales stated "we're lit." This somehow sent created drama in the world with hundreds of people letting off dozens of tweets each about how Brian Michael Bendis is appropriating AAVE. Also, Bendis is appropriating black culture because he created Miles and RiRi. Also, he needs to focus more on Miles black culture and not just his Domican culture. But wait, here's the kicker, Mark Waid is writing the series not Bendis. These people had never heard anyone use the words "we're lit" in that order but if you just put those words into twitter there are thousands of results for every day from other black people. These people are clearly to woke for comics or to realize they are not the only black people in the world.

2. You hate Riri Williams because she's too stereo typical

Riri comes from an area of Chicago with a lot of violence. Her father, stepfather and best friend all died due to gun violence. Some people have complained this story is too stereotypical and it pushes the narrative of black on black crime. I argue, does this shit not happen every day in real life Chicago? Oh, the part about being one of the smartest people in the world doesn't happen every day, but the violence and murder does. Do single mothers raise children by themselves every day? Just because murder is bad and you view single mothers poorly doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about them. You're too woke to see art imitating real life with this one.

3. You think they're not doing enough to push social issues.

Social issues have always been covered in comics, that's just the way it is. Today they're covered more than ever and even more in depth than before. While some people are claiming "THOSE DAMN ES JAY DUBYAS ARE RUINING COMICS," there are also people applauding this shift. Then there are some people stating they just aren't doing enough. I think these people are realizing there's a right and a wrong way to do it. A 30 page special edition of Batman where he gives a speech on the importance of feminism would not be a good idea. Introducing more and diverse women heroes into his story works better. You can't just throw it in there haphazardly otherwise it's just going to suck. You're too woke to see that you can't force progress because that's how you get regression.

4. You always need more diversity even in places it wouldn't be

Don't get me wrong, I'm always the guy pushing for more diversity in comics. The problem is some people push it a little too far. They want diversity in places that it just would not be. I would love more minority Avengers, that makes sense. Wanting Sam Wilson to face more diverse villains is just dumb. Have you read Captain America lately, like actually read it? He's facing the Serpent Society, a group of white supremacist, The Americops, a group of privately funded police under scrutiny for racist actions, crooked politicians who work for Hydra, actual nazis etc. He's not just facing off against random criminals. He's literally fighting racism and racism is not gonna make a black guy the face of the new Nazi movement.You're too woke to see Nazis aren't black.

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4 Signs You're Too Woke for Comic Books


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