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What to Expect in Smoke Damage Restoration Job

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How the Experts Get Rid of Smoke Damage

Not all cases of Smoke damage are alike. There are different types of smoke damage and some of them are really difficult to clean up. You may be thinking that cleaning up your smoke-damaged house is going to be easy but in most cases, you would need expert help to do repair and restoration jobs. Read on and see how professionals can expertly get rid of smoke damages.

Types of Smoke Damage

In the restoration industry, smoke damage has two main classifications: wet and dry. Wet smoke is caused by smoldering fires which do emit smoke and heat but not flame. That is because there is no enough oxygen to fuel the Fire. Smoldering fires leave out wet smoke residue which is oily and smeary.

Wet smoke has also large particles. Thus, getting rid of wet smoke damage can be difficult and complicated. In several cases, fire restorers suggest replacement of walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, and the like because restoration is not possible anymore.

On the other hand, fires that feed on enough oxygen have high temperature and are fast-burning. These fires emit dry smoke which has smaller particles and leaves black or gray powdery residue. This type of smoke damage is easier to remedy than the damage from wet smoke.

There are also damages caused by protein and fuel oil smoke. Protein smoke comes from burning poultry or meat. The residues are not visible but they emit pungent odor and manifest in discolored paint and varnishes. Like with wet smoke, cleaning and restoration can be difficult in protein smoke damages.

Fuel oil smoke does not necessarily have to be triggered by a large-scale fire. They can come from malfunctioned oil furnaces which emit smoke puff-backs. These leave out black powdery residue that can be easily cleaned. However, in worst cases, they can ruin carpets, sofas, upholstery, and the like.

Restoration by Professionals

Professionals follow a process and adhere to certain guidelines when doing fire damage repair and restoration jobs. Typically, a restoration company would begin the job by sending some of their crew to inspect your fire-damaged house and test the type of soot. The type of smoke damage affects the entire restoration process so finding this out is an important part of the process. They would also estimate the extent of the damage and determine proper restoration or cleanup methods that should be done.

After that, the company would send in more crew to start the restoration job. There are different methods that restoration companies use. They usually do thermal fogging to get rid of the smoke odor. This method is done by fogging a warm chemical around your house. Another way they neutralize smoke odor and eliminate all hazards caused by the fire is ozone treatment.

Ozone is a kind of gas that is emitted throughout the smoke-damaged area with the help of an ozone generator. Restoration companies can also clean fire and smoke-damaged contents like furniture, appliances, and carpets. They use effective cleaning solutions and do the job systematically to make sure your stuff are restored to good condition and that not one is missing when packed in. In addition, you can also rely on restoration companies for assistance in filing an insurance claim.

Fire and smoke damage do not get any better when you delay repair or restoration work. Fire restorers constantly remind homeowners to call in professionals immediately after a fire so that the damages will be attended right away.

For emphasis, you may not know it but smoke particles permeate wall cavities and can stay there to keep the house smelling like smoke. Professionals know how great the extent of the damage could get and they know best how to get rid of it. Just make sure that you hire only a legitimate restoration company that has enough experience in fire damage restoration and is certified—at least by the IIRC—and licensed to do the job.


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What to Expect in Smoke Damage Restoration Job


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