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Ibn-e-Maryam Hua Kare Koi

इब्न-ए-मरियम हुआ करे कोई। (Ibn-e-Mariyam Hua Kare Koi) Let Someone Be Messiah of This Age - Mirza Ghalib 

This Mirza Ghalib ghazal is repentance of loving a heartless beloved. He said that for him one who can cure this pain of love is Messiah (Son of Mary - Jesus). He found no remedy of his pain but to lament throughout his life in that situation because he has also characterized his beloved who offers no solution. I have tried to translate it there with reference from +Rekhta . For better understanding of this ghazal visit : Ibn-e-Maryam Hua Kare Koi - Mirza Ghalib 

इब्न-ए-मरयम हुआ करे कोई, 
मेरे दुख की दवा करे कोई। 
Ibn-e-Maryam Hua Kare Koi 
Mere Dukh Ki Dava Kare Koi 

Let someone be Messiah (son of Mary - Jesus) of this age,

if he can't cure my pain why would with him I attach.

शरअ' ओ आईन पर मदार सही,
ऐसे क़ातिल का क्या करे कोई। 
Shara-o-Aain Par Madar Sahi,
Aise Qatil Ka Kya Kare Koi.

As far as religious & secular law go,
with such a murderer what can one do?

चाल जैसे कड़ी कमान का तीर,
दिल में ऐसे के जा करे कोई। 
Chaal Jaise Kadi Kamaan Ka Teer,
Dil Mein Aise Ke Ja Kare Koi.

One who walks like an arrow from the bow,
how such a person place in her heart bestow.

बात पर वाँ ज़बान कटती है,
वो कहें और सुना करे कोई। 
Baat Par Wan Zabaan Katti Hai,
Wo Kahein Aur Suna Kare Koi.

You are interrupted when you speak there,
where she say something and you don't care.

बक रहा हूँ जुनूँ में क्या क्या कुछ,
कुछ न समझे ख़ुदा करे कोई। 
Bak Raha Hun Junoon Mein Kya-Kya Kuch,
Kuch Na Samjhe Khuda Kare Koi.

In madness what all things I am babbling,
Oh lord I wish no one understands anything.

न सुनो गर बुरा कहे कोई,
न कहो गर बुरा करे कोई। 
Na Suno Gar Bura Kahe Koi,
Na Kaho Gar Bura Kare Koi.

Don't listen if someone speak wrong,
don't speak if someone do wrong.

रोक लो गर ग़लत चले कोई,
बख़्श दो गर ख़ता करे कोई। 
Rok Lo Gar Galat Chale Koi,
Baksh Do Gar Khata Kare Koi.

Stop if someone is taking a wrong path,

if someone made a mistake forgive instead wrath. 

कौन है जो नहीं है हाजत-मंद,
किस की हाजत रवा करे कोई। 
Kaun Hai Jo Nahin Hai Haajat-mand,
Kiski Ki Hajat Rawa Kare Koi.

Who is there who is not needy?
so whose needs one can fill with charity?

क्या किया ख़िज़्र ने सिकंदर से,
अब किसे रहनुमा करे कोई। 
Kya Kiya Khizr Ne Sikandar Se,
Ab Kise Rahnuma Kare Koi.

What Khizr the guide did to Alexander the great?
Whose guidance then one seek in the lost state?

जब तवक़्क़ो ही उठ गई 'ग़ालिब',
क्यूँ किसी का गिला करे कोई। 
Jab Tawakko Hi Udh Gai 'Ghalib',
Kyun Kisi Ka Gila Kare Koi.

'Ghalib' when there are no expectations remain,

then why would about anyone I complain.

Listen rendition of this Ghazal in Abida Parveen's voice

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Ibn-e-Maryam Hua Kare Koi


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