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"It turns out the best Janet was the Janet that was inside Janet all along." - Janet "The Good Place"

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Happy new Year everyone!!!
I haven't been on Facebook much over my holidays mainly because the bush fire photos and discussion make me too sad. However, even with all the terrible disasters that are happening across our nation I DO feel that 2020 is going to be a really great year.
I have so much to be grateful for.

The Big Fella & I's work life is great at the moment and we are both working for really nice people and actually ENJOY going to work. I know right??!!! It's about bloody time. I've had A LOT of changes in my work place which have been pretty nerve wracking but it has all worked out fine. Phew.

We have booked a holiday to Fiji for our belated 10 year wedding anniversary in May. Wooohooo.

I am having another caudal epidural on 23rd January which should help immensely with my back Pain.
I have ruptured L4 L5 vertebrae which makes all the nerve endings going through them go into like a spasm and become super inflamed. I get sciatic pain and intense aching in my legs and sometimes I can barely walk. This constant pain also causes like a chronic fatigue from the body being in a state of stress like this and I feel like I could sleep for days. It's a catch 22. If I sit too much it flares but also if I move too much it flares.

I am blessed to have such beautiful supportive family and friends to make more memories and mischief with this year.

- I am giving up meat (pescatarian) and TRYING reign in my sugar. Sweets are my downfall. Damn you tasty tasty chocolate .I'm doing this more for my health than any environmental reason. I need to eat much more plants and I figure that this is the perfect way.
I'm looking forward to trying heaps of yummy recipes. Watch out PINTEREST.

- Get healthy by getting into a daily exercise regime even if it is just a 10 minute walk. I would like to get more into swimming this year. I am a total water baby and I used to be a competitive swimmer in my younger days and so love being in the pool. At the moment even aqua aerobics is a no go so even walking in the pool will be good.

- Do some work on our house. We have been in our house for over 10 years now and haven't done much maintenance and she's looking a bit shabby..
Time for those window and door frames to be repainted!

- Practice more self love. I haven't been much of a fan of myself in the past and I need to learn to like.... no LOVE myself more. Warts (skin tags) and all. I need to learn that I don't have to make other people happy and like me all the time and it's o.k to say no.
I need to stop wondering why people act the way they do and just focus on myself.

- Spread the happiness. Continue to use social media for good by posting more funny inappropriate memes but also for posting more positive news stories from around the world to remind myself and others that not everyone on this Earth is a selfish arsehole. The world is still a beautiful place with beautiful people doing incredible things.

- More body shots. Yes you can expect more selfies this year (YES! I hear you cry) but I need to start accepting my short pudgy round soft white dough body isn't something to be hidden away in embarrassment. It's ok to not have a body like Gal Gadot.

- SEWING - Continue to buy more fabric. I cop a far bit of stick for buying fabric but you know what..... it sparks joy (thank you Marie Kondo). I love fabric and sewing. I don't drink or smoke or go out on the town so this is what I choose to spend my money and time on and if I have a million dresses and tops then I have a million dresses and tops. I love creating and this is my outlet. I plan to learn how to sew pants and knits this year SO LOOK OUT.

- BLOG. Yes I think I've said that every year for the last 5 years now. But I really do think I need to do it. It's good for me and my mental health. I intend to set aside time every month to write. I need to get it into my big lumpy head that I am writing for MYSELF though... not to please others.


I wasn't as social as I normally am this past year.

This is primarily due to my horrible back pain and a big lack of self esteem.
When you're in chronic pain and you've gain a lot of weight it's hard to feel like getting frocked up and going out. A lot of my vintage clothes either don't fit or feel uncomfortable and I felt like people would be judging me.
I know that is a really silly selfish way of looking at the world and so this year I will be working on changing my mindset.

Lots of laughs with the in-laws

Roma Street Parklands

Big day painting our rental property.

So much fun with this bunch of rat-bags




1930s beach pajama day at Margate

JEWEL YULE Colourful Christmas lunch

Bohemian Rhapsody GOLD CLASS with Aunty Lee

NYE 2019

New addition to the family - Catsy Cline

Another new addition - Figaro

Getting older - I now need reading glasses

Ladies night out at the Boom Boom Room

Australia Day on the water 2019

My hilarious niece and nephew

The Big Fella's surprise 40th birthday gift - a new flash detector

Tried blue hair - for a about 2 weeks

Went to see Me First and the Gimme Gimmes with cuz Chelsea

The Big Fella's 40th birthday at All Inn Brewing

Nanny's 86th birthday party


Caudel epidural for my dodgy vertabrae

4 hour massage session for my birthday

Weston's 1st birthday

Went to see Pokey La Farge

Had a market stall with this gorgeous dames

Fancy Dress Disco supporting beyond blue

Ceiling fan in the sewing room!!

Barons Beat 

Mary Poppins

Michelle and Ferret

The kids.

Christmas Day 2019

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"It turns out the best Janet was the Janet that was inside Janet all along." - Janet "The Good Place"


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