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Golfers Guide to Mental Fitness: How To Train Your Mind And Achieve Your Goals Using Self-Hypnosis And Visualization

Golfers Guide to Mental Fitness: How To Train Your Mind And Achieve Your Goals Using Self-Hypnosis And Visualization

Product Description

In this breakthrough guide to mastering the mental side of Golf, founder of the Mental Golf Academy and creator of the Mental Caddie, John Weir, provides a wealth of information about how the mind works and how you can make it work for you. No matter your skill level, this book will grow along with you and push you throughout your entire career.

It begins with an exploration of the mind-body connection and then reviews studies that reveal the mind’s influence on performance. Next, you’ll learn all about the functions and capacities of the conscious and subconscious mind before taking the biggest leap of all—into the mental training secret that other golf psychology books leave out. It pushes beyond all of the other common mental training techniques and into the discipline of golf Hypnosis. Typically wrapped in supernatural packaging, hypnosis isn’t a state of mind but a communication process that accelerates learning through mind relaxation.

2005 Carolinas Section PGA Teacher of the Year Ted Frick says, “All the questions and answers about how to think before, during, and after a round of golf lie within these pages. This book highlights the importance of educating your subconscious through self-hypnosis and it works!”

Price: $21.76

    100 Affirmations: Golf Success. Rapid 10 Minute Self-Hypnosis. Binaural Beats.

    This rapid mind training focuses on calm centered golf playing, and creating an ideal version for positive thinking during golf games. In golf, the mental game is utmost important, and using hypnosis to train your thoughts a valuable tool to improve your golf. Sports psychologists say that developing a calm, centered, relaxed game of golf, which remaining positive and in the now, is a sure way to improve your chances of victory.

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    Who is Using Golf Hypnosis for Golf Improvement?
    Thinking about all this, I just wish a few other top golfers would admit to using hypnosis for golf improvement then I wouldn’t have to keep talking about Tiger Woods. Come on Phil Mickelson, it’s obvious you’re using self-hypnosis; you couldn’t …
    News story posted on 2017-06-20T11:51:49
    Chances are you have heard of someone who’s used self-hypnosis for weight loss with wonderful success. Because of the number of men and women utilizing hypnosis for this specific area is developing, we listen to increasingly more good results stories of individuals who’ve battled weight gain over the many years who are finally enjoying a slimmer and also healthier physique via hypnosis. Alright, you may well be asking how self-hypnosis will aid. First, one in the leads to of extra weight is that much sweets intake. Self-hypnosis tips can teach the unconscious thoughts that carbohydrates is not that thrilling. The actual result of reducing sugar consumption based mostly off the retrained mentality isn’t only weight loss but also much better sleep, far better focus, and on the whole condition of life.

    One other very common cause of fat increase is the thing that we call ’emotional eating’. How a lot of instances did you sat down, annoyed, angry, irritated, miserable, or lonely, finding your self reaching out to for the bag of potato snacks, a handful of snacks, that container of ice cream, or some other sort of food in order to help lessen the trouble. Emotional eating can be a massive issue for a lot of folks and despite the fact that you may well tell your self repeatedly that you will by no means make use of meals for comfort and ease, it becomes a repetitious issue. Once more, hypnosis may be utilized to train the subconscious mind approaches of relaxing and acquire power, and control more than the scenario so you don’t have to turn to food. With this, you will locate that you shed excess weight and/or maintain it off.

    Just like you can use self-hypnosis to cease smoking or any other unwanted habits, you’ll be able to use self-hypnosis to shed fat. The actual idea is usually to teach the mind how totransfer from one particular thought approach to yet another. Just take fastfood as a very good example. Almost all junk food consist of fat and substantial carbs, which unfortunately mean excessive consumption of calories and also excessive pounds. Nevertheless, riding past the Pizza Hut, Burger King, or Mcdonalds is nearly impossible. On the other hand, suppose you could use self-hypnosis to turn the takeaway food wants away? To tell the truth, you can and perhaps surprisingly, it really is not that hard. Using self-hypnosis, you can actually pick up control over junk food urges, looking for healthy and delicious meals instead.

    Almost certainly one among the toughest goodies to conquer is chocolate, chocolate, as well as more chocolate. As mentioned earlier, some chocolate doesn’t immediately lead to weight gain. On the other hand, in the event you eat chocolate typically, then you will likely be forced to fight the lbs. Self-hypnosis can provide you with a necessary improvement to your subconscious mind that you have virtually no desire in choosing chocolate. Bear in mind that for several individuals chocolate is an dependency which comes along with a intense demand.Again, hypnosis can assist stop that urge so that you’re not taken by chocolate.

    Of course, just as it is possible to make use of the benefits of hypnosis to curb foods addictions and needs, it is possible to also few this with the benefit to physical exercise. Clearly, the crucial to losing exercise is not just cutting back to the amount and sorts of foods eaten but in addition workout. Due to workout, you’ll shed bodyweight, tone the body, and enhance all in all well being. Workout enthusiasm is some thing often implied with hypnosis, permitting you to obtain thrilled about running, walking, going swimming, bicycling, and playing golf, or whatsoever exercise you appreciate.

    Via a hypnotic approach, you’ll discover yourself searching forward each day to investing some time doing some thing excellent for the body. Soon, time in the gym will be the highlight of the day. Self-hypnosis is going to increase your unconscious mind, putting things in drive to ensure that workout becomes a preferred pastime. Really rapidly, your whole outlook on life will alter whilst you begin to dine much healthier plus work out, experiencing the lbs melt off.

    Michael Mcintire is a Cinical Hypntherapist from Superstition,AZ. He´s been working with clients suffering from weight problems for more than a decade and know first hand how hypnosis can eliminate the link between mood and food.

    Present-Day researches have demonstrated that each one of basic weight loss plans can lead to reduce weight. Sad to say the majority of people can´t stick to them long enough with regard to their food cravings. Hypnosis for weight loss is likely to fix this leak for yourself. Read more about the difference on

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    Golfers Guide to Mental Fitness: How To Train Your Mind And Achieve Your Goals Using Self-Hypnosis And Visualization


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