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Golf: Perfect Putting- Mental Training & Hypnotherapy by Dawn Grant

Golf: Perfect Putting- Mental Training & Hypnotherapy by Dawn Grant

Product Description
Putting contributes to about half of your golf score. So, if you are ready to perfect your golf game, the best place to start is on your putting. Using the powerful tool of Hypnosis, Dawn guides you gently into this relaxed, familiar state where you are able to access the subconscious programming of your mind. Here, you are able to uncover your true golfing potential and the resources you already have for a more consistent game of golf.

What better way to address your grip, posture, stance, eye position, routine, pace, swing path, feel, and mental mind set then at the level of your mind where your habits exist?

It is now time for you to have the edge over your opponents!

Since 1994, Dawn has been professionally helping people to overcome life’s challenges; enabling them to achieve their goals, obtain personal fulfillment, and live their ideal life. She has had the great opportunity to bring these skills to over a dozen PGA and LPGA TOUR Professional Golfers. With an obvious passion for helping others, insight and creative approach, Dawn has contributed to the successes of great golfers like Vijay Singh, Laura Diaz, Will McKenzie, Cameron Beckman, Robert Gamez, Ted Purdy, and several more…

In 2008, she had the opportunity to work with PGA Pro, Vijay Singh, on his positive mental attitude and putting. This transformation ultimately contributed to his two FedEx Cup Playoff wins and his earning of the FedEx Cup Championship.

The treatment of ailments by suggestion has ancient roots but is earning widespread recognition in modern medicine. The American Medical Association recognized hypnosis in 1956 as a legitimate form of therapy. Since then great strides have been made in the field. Hypnosis and its uses in the practice of hypnotherapy are rapidly emerging as a highly effective science in solving the problems of people.

The benefits of hypnosis are profound. Hypnosis is able to make rapid and substantial change because it helps a person to access the ‘programming’ of their mind in order to make a desired permanent change. As positive change is made- a person becomes healthier mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Hypnosis is the technical term used for a very common phenomenon experienced by everyone- naturally occurring in human-beings every 90 to 120 minutes. A common example is ‘daydreaming,’ whether while driving a car, engrossed in a book, a movie, or in your work. Hypnosis is a natural state of deep, pleasant physical and mental relaxation. Using guided relaxation and/or concentration, you reach another state of awareness. With your full and complete awareness, you can then make positive, permanent personal changes to your subconscious, ‘computer type’ mind. When you are in hypnosis, you are deeply relaxed physically. However mentally, you are far more alert than in their normal state of awareness.

About an 80% success rate for the serious user. All personal change begins with your mind – your state of mind determines your success. The two keys to your success are: feel ready for the positive change you desire and resign yourself to the beautiful, deep state of relaxation called hypnosis.

Listen to the audio in full at least once a day for 21 days. It is suggested you listen at night while you lie in bed ready to go to sleep or in the morning before getting out of bed. Make yourself a priority, take your time and relax. Your hypnosis experience will be most effective when used in a calm, noise-free environment, headphones are not necessary.

Do not use the audio while driving or operating machinery. This audio will place the listener into a deep state of relaxation with profound changes proven to follow.

Not intended to replace medical advice or medication. Consult your health care provider before starting any medically related program for change.

This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply.

Price: $75.00

    Hypnotherapy Training London Online Course

    This is an overview of all of the lessons on the free Hypnotherapy Training Essentials online course. The course is designed to help students and those who are thinking of enrolling on our Ultimate Results Diploma in Hypnotherapy course. Over ten video lessons you will learn: Suggestibility Tests, Eye Fixation, Induction Technique, Deepening Technique, Three Powers, Simple Anchor, Future Visualisation, Emerging Technique and Debriefing. This hypnotherapy training video provides valuable information to help new and beginner hypnotherapists plan their first session of hypnotherapy. To enrol on the full course

    Hypnosis teaches people on how to master their own states of awareness which helps in improving the body functions and psychological responses. This is a relaxation technique that maintain regular blood pressure and heart beats.

    These days, people started pursuing Hypnotherapy training as it proves quite beneficial in some aspects of life. The hypnotherapist plays a key role in bringing positive approach to a person’s life. They teach self regulation skills which helps in reducing anxiety, fear and discomfort. Some of the symptoms that respond to hypnotherapy includes tension headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, phobias, stress, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), panic attacks, Insomnia, and many other anxiety disorders.

    Hypnotherapist training is booming up. As a hypnotherapy trainer, a person can coach the trainee with the hands-on approach. The trainer can guide the fundamentals of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy which can help in breaking the barriers of life. Hypnotherapy can be selected as a competent career for getting sweet fruits and fulfilling personal life. Some of the useful benefits that can be expected as a hypnotherapy trainer are:

    1) First of all, a person can earn professional fees for providing hypnotherapy coaching.
    2) Learning hypnosis techniques will help in gaining positive approach towards life, which will be, useful in imparting positive thoughts to the trainee.
    3) Hypnotherapist contributes a lot in overcoming the personal issues of people effectively.
    4) The utmost satisfaction people can enjoy as a hypnotherapist is the satisfaction one get while seeing clients getting rid of the issues and walking away with a marvellous smile on their face.

    Hypnotherapy training helps thousands of individuals to overcome the issues they are facing from the last many years. This training help individuals in removing the road blockage of life due to the burdens and troubles of personal life. Individuals can obtain personal development and happiness through the guidance of this training.
    Some of the useful advantages that can be acquired from Hypnotherapist training are as follows:

    1) What is hypnosis, how it works, and how is it useful in one’s life.
    2) Learning how to perform self-hypnosis which help in self-improvement by eliminating the negative part of life.
    3) People will learn about the conscious and sub-conscious mind.
    4) How to build up creative intelligence, improve personal relationship, overcome pain and apply recovery techniques.
    5) How to replace unproductive habits through the pattern of positive thinking.

    Most of the people uses hypnosis techniques to convert their challenges into success. Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique as it help people in breaking the barriers they are facing due to some issues.

    Path Light Centre is the Singapore based hypnosis centre that offer Hypnotherapist Courses. We aim at providing hypnotherapist training to people so as to bring effective, positive results in their lives. Individuals who want to take certified Hypnosis Course can contact us.

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    Golf: Perfect Putting- Mental Training & Hypnotherapy by Dawn Grant


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