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Hypno Sleep for Implanting Hypnotic Suggestions

Hypno Sleep for Implanting Hypnotic Suggestions

Product Description
Learn the power of HypnoSleep ***Includes FREE MP3 download, Hypnotize Your Lover***

Can you hypnotize someone while they sleep? Is the Subconscious mind listening to the words you say as a person sleeps? Find out how to use HypnoSleep to help your partner, friend or even your child to make deep changes. This is a simple process, and can be used for many purposes.
You can create fun and sensual experiences for your lover by suggesting they have more desire, sensations and even lusty dreams.

You can help people overcome fears, have more confidence, let go of anger and so much more.

Help you kids to feel more confident, let go of fears, be happier and braver. HypnoSleep works great for kids in creating behavior changes.
Learn HypnoSleep and discover an amazing way to influence the subconscious mind.

And the free gift is the Hypnotize Your Lover MP3, a $29 value, that has my voice putting your partner into trance, then guiding you to create your suggestions when they are in trance. This is a fun way to spice up your love life! I know you will enjoy HypnoSleep. Have fun! ~~ Wendi

    3 Hours Sleep Hypnosis Brain Booster Skill Builder Problem Solver Procrastiination

    This is three hours of the world’s most relaxing self improvement hypnosis for deep relaxation and restful sleep. The combination of IQ raising, skill enhancement, problem solving, and help with procrastination is Ronin’s choice. Thank you Ronin for your suggestion. Rest easy and sleep well.

    “Get Out” Movie Gets Facts Wrong About Hypnosis
    Hypnosis does not put people to sleep or into some kind of comatose trance … If at any time someone decides a particular suggestion is not right for them, they have complete control to reject it. Clients remain aware of their surroundings during hypnosis …
    News story posted on 2017-03-02T14:38:00
    Can hypnosis help you control your weight or is it just a parlor game? If you are like most people, the first thought you have when you hear the word hypnosis is that of a magician making someone bark like a dog.

    The word “hypnosis” is derived from the Greek word hypnos, which means sleep, although hypnosis is not a state of sleep. Hypnosis is in no way a new practice. Stone carvings of sleep temples have been found dating back as far as 1000 B.C.

    Hypnosis is nothing other than an altered state of consciousness in which a person is guided with suggestions. No, the hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything you do not want to do. You must understand that all of hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The only way you can be hypnotized is if you are willing to be.

    The hypnotherapist does not take control over you. You are in control at all times. When you’re in a hypnotic state, no matter how deep, and given a suggestion that would be against your will, morality or religious beliefs, you would do one of two things. You would either reject the suggestion and let it go or come completely out of the hypnotic state and challenge the hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapist cannot force you to do anything against your will. You must want to do it.

    Hypnosis, in the 21st century, is more widely used by those in the healing professions, such as doctors, dentists, psychologists, chaplains, pastors and social workers.

    Now, when it comes to weight loss, you know the drill -to lose weight eat less and exercise more. Burn more calories than you take in and you will lose weight. You have heard this a thousand times.

    But is this what you really want to know? Of course not, your real question is “How do I actually make myself eat less and exercise more?”

    By wanting to – sounds simple doesn’t it. But did you know that if you have resistance from your subconscious mind you cannot control your conscious desires?

    No matter how much will power you have or how much you really want to lose weight, if your subconscious mind is not on board, you will not be able to lose weight. Control your subconscious mind and you will lose that weight. By learning how to control your feelings, then you can control your behavior.

    You see, when it comes to your preservation, protection or procreation, your subconscious mind may have its own ideas that don’t support your conscious ideas. When this happens, you are unable to achieve your desired result, no matter how determined you may be.

    Proof? Well, for one thing, you would not be overweight – you would just decide to lose weight and keep it off – right?

    Now, how do you get your subconscious mind to change its thinking? How can we control our feelings and change our behavior? Self-hypnosis.

    Remember, as stated above, the hypnotherapist cannot make you do something you do not want to do. With the correct application of self-hypnosis, you can take control of your weight where every other approach failed.

    You see willpower, which is your attempt to consciously control your subconscious just will not work. By the use of self-hypnosis, you can change your subconscious mind, bring it into agreement with your conscious desires and achieve your weight loss goals easily – just as easily as it was to gain weight.

    Once you take control of your attitudes and feelings, a whole new world opens to you. So many problems we experience in life are self-reinforcing cycles. Addictions (smoking, drinking), relationship problems (arguing, fighting), success and failure procrastination, lack of confidence) and more are all behavioral responses buttressed by emotions and subconscious attitudes.

    So, is hypnosis a parlor trick or a legitimate treatment? If you want to lose weight, stop smoking, etc., then hypnosis will work – if you don’t it will not. A parlor trick? Only if you want it to be – you see, you are in control of your mind, hypnosis just helps you reach your subconscious mind to get it on the same page as your conscious. But only if you want it!

    Hypnosis changes the subconscious mind, brings it into agreement with your conscious desires. Once you are subconsciously motivated to lose weight and keep it off,you will.

    Control your mind and the world is your oyster!

    Valerie Slaughter, a veteran marathoner herself, runs a beginner marathon website and is the author of “You Want to Do What!?”

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    Hypno Sleep for Implanting Hypnotic Suggestions


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